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  1. i second what george said mine being 9' tall and 16ch all red c6's but i will say that im not overly impressed with my red leds all of my lights came from HLE but the red just doesn't seem nearly as vibrant and in your face as blue and green, but to some that its a good thing?? i may add a few colors to mine for next year but i havent decided yet
  2. Im having the exact same problem but with my candy cane spinners if they are chasing or spinning they stay on but as soon as the whole wheel lights up it kicks the gfci but i do have some canes full of water so ill see if it gets any better with seep holes in them to drain, and mine are also on a wooden structure so no grounding issues and all the plugs are up off the ground
  3. It is a Phantom 2 vision plus. and its not vibration or anything he does lots of day shots and videos for people professionally but this is the first time trying night shots
  4. Alright guys my brother has a drone and it is a really nice one with a gimbal and hd camera and also has a mount for his go pro we are trying to get some footage of the lights and it was blurry kinda fuzzy he was going home to research it like settings for video and still shots but i told him i would ask you guys as well thanks for any and all input!!
  5. bhunt240

    Strobe amperage

    Nvrmd i seen where don said if each strobe is .5amps each strobe is 4-6 watts so i ahould be okay
  6. bhunt240

    Strobe amperage

    Theres a few conflicting answers in here don replied to my question and said something about only putting 16 per channel.... but whan i do the math i come up with 5amps per 100 strobes so i should be fine with 100 on 1 channel correct?
  7. Old school here 2nd year LOR 8 controllers and about 50k leds i have plans of adding rgb floods next year to wash the house but my wife doesnt like the look of ccb or ccrs so we will keep adding led strings hahaha
  8. Did not say mine suggestion was the best nor only option just easiest and most likely the cheapest
  9. Extend the audio signal cables and do yourself a favor and order a ferrite filter to put on each end of the cables they're stupid cheap so why not go ahead and get them
  10. I tried to post some details on my pvc trees i built in my thread, hopefully it is of some help to you http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/33099-pvc-window-frames-and-9-pvc-spiral-trees/#entry304854
  11. bhunt240

    Strobe amperage

    So the c9 strobes, how many can you load up on 1 channel??
  12. ok im not sure ill be much help but i made the PVC spiral like the video i attached and i kind of made my own adjustments to the size to make my base a little larger. specifications: *9.5' tall and the base is almost 4.75' across *my tree is 16ch 1 50ct red led per channel for this year (next year adding 16ch or green and 16ch of blue) *i started by going under the pvc fitting at the top and measuring every 4" and placing a screw that the led strand can rest against and then i only ziptie at the bottom ill try to post a few pictures to further explain it
  13. Can I get a copy sir? Palletco@gmail.com
  14. Wow lights has a decent deal on a 100pk I just bought them
  15. would you happen to have a picture of them lit up???
  16. hey everyone i know most are really busy but this year im upgrading my roof out line and doing all the peaks and the gutter line withRed Green and Blue LED C9s i will be mounting them to pvc so my main question is whats the typical spacing i got enough bulbs to cover if i did 6" spacing that was my original plan but im just wanting some opinons?? my hope was that the 6" spacing and putting the bulbs either in a triangle on top of eachother or side by side will create a nice bright (FULL) looking line almost as trying to imitate an rgb strip thanks guys Blake
  17. you can down load a free version of MP3 Rocket they have an option on there to convert web address (www.) to audio files its easy to use just open the youtube page highlight and copy the web addy and past it in the file converter bar
  18. Anyway I could get a copy of your wizards in winter? Palletco@gmail.com
  19. 3 strands 1 of each, Red green and blue c9 LEDs on sp2 6" spacing stringers
  20. This year im adding pvc to the roof outline and im planning on doing 10' sections and going uo and across the ridges this year, but my main concern is what is everyone doing to fasten the pvc to the roof? I want it to be fastened down tight so nothing happens during storms like on my windows this year ill probably be using broom clips for them to pop in place and leave the clips up all year but on the roof I just cant see myself screwing broom clips into my shingles?? Any ideas before I get started on this and also as far as opinions would you do the pvc on the gutter line actually on the gutter or shingle line or would you put the lights down under the gutter by the eve's?
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