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  1. thanks nasa1952. I figured out most of the problem. I haven't confirmed this yet but it looks like the Software S4 requires a firmware upgrade on the units. I uninstalled S4 and reinstalled S3 and then created a new sd card. 3 out of the 4 boxes are working fine. Tomorrow I will hook up the Cat 5 to my laptop and check out the hardware comm and see what is happening. Happy Holidays back at ya-
  2. I have been using the same equipment for the past few years (1 - LOR1602-G3-MP3 and 3 CTB16PC controllers, same PC. I did upgrade to the latest version of the software S4. I am also using the same sequences that I wrote last year (I have verified that the controller addresses are correct in sequences). Yesterday I installed everything, connected the boxes via my Cat5 cable and I never can see all 4 boxes via the Hardware Diagnostics. Sometime I can see only 1 box. Sometimes I can see two. The position of the boxes mean that I need to daisy them in the following network order: (4 (1602-mpr) - 2 - 3 - 1) I didn't think this would make any difference - does it? I have swapped out the Cat5 cables, rebooted everything multiple times, prayed to the LOR gods... I can't figure out what is wrong...Exact same setup as last year and this is driving me crazy! Any idea? JE