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  1. Can you mix LOR Devices with DMX on the same network or do they have to be on separate networks?
  2. Is this adaptor capable of 500k? http://store.lightorama.com/uscoadwivobo.html
  3. This is my second year. Last year I ran everything on One (1) network, but I am thinking I should have more. My show ran well for the most part last year. Although a couple of times I saw things lag a bit. Here are the number of devices I have: 4 times CTB16-PC 2 times CMD24D 10 times CCP/CCB for outline of house and yard 6 time CCP for MegaTree (new for 2014) I have done some searching around, but couldn't find any recommendations.
  4. I created a 10x15 grid (10 pixels vertical and 15 pixels horizontal) in visualizer which uses three (3) CCP strings (50 lights each). I am trying to import that visualization into SuperStar so that I can use the text wizard. However, I can't seem to configure the sequencing grid to mirror my visualization to ensure the text function will work? Any ideas or suggestions? I have attached my visualizer so you can see how the CCP is setup on my grid. Sign.lee
  5. So I take then each controller box for the CCRs will have two different base unit IDs? Sorry I get my first set of CCRs tomorrow. Trying to setup in visualizer so I can start working when them in Super Star and see what my light sequencing looks like. Want to make sure I am sequencing my roof lights correctly since light 1 will be close together ie: 50 - 49 - ... - 2 - 1 Roof peak 1 - 2 - ... - 49 50 So I take in visualizer I will have to setup each 50 light CCR string with two different Base Unit IDs. This is my first year doing a light show so I am a newbie. 8)
  6. I am having the same problem. However, I can't seem to find the option to set 'Dual Normal' in the visualization software.
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