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  1. Sorry to hear your Santa was stolen. I have one of those Santas, its my favourite piece.They can not be bought here in the UK so its quite a unique thing to have in our dsplay . I was always afraid it might be lifted during the night so we screwed it down onto a heavy wooden pallet. I also remove his head each night after the lights go off so it wouldnt be any good to a thief headless I replace it early each morning so as not to traumatise the kids walking past to school:)
  2. You are recognised here in the UK. Well done http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3890586/Best-Halloween-decorations-ever.html
  3. MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEAR from across the Pond Linda & George
  4. I am the winner of a local radio station competition for best light display . Although I have been decorating for 10 years this is the 1st time I have entered a competition. Donations for my display go to the Breast cancer resource fund that helps sufferers in the Norfolk area. As I have a walled front garden( yard) I can not get all the display in one shot. I must also try a get a decent video this year. This is the picture I submitted. Thanks to everyone on this site for the help and knowledge I have gained. Linda Attached files
  5. George Simmons wrote: George I can see why, that is an amazing show. I love the face. What a great idea. Linda
  6. Thanks Jeff Edited... should have looked at screen dump it answered my next question. Sorry but it has been a long day. Linda
  7. I could not get my show to start earlier this evening. I believe it was because one of my sequences did not have all details filled when viewed in chanel properties which I have since rectified but can not now test as its too late here in the UK. I noticed the circuit shows as ' 1 ' for all chanels and units , is this correct? If not when is circuit number allocated? I am using CTB16 PC controllers. Thanks Linda
  8. Madhatter wrote: I am a very happy LOR user with 4 CTB16PC controllers. I did not reply to you 1st post as I did not import mine , I picked them up from the States. Linda Norfolk England
  9. Hi Pete. Welcome to this forum. I am another UK user, used 32 channels for 2007 and have another 16 channels so far for this year. I am trying to get my Husband to treat me to more channels as a retirement present. Promising to have a dinner on the table every night when he gets home from work isnt working as he says I will be spending more time glued to the PC sequencing Watch out, this is very addictive Linda Nr Norwich, Norfolk
  10. Dan There are no other circuits on (that are not normally on) when the lights are flickering? The lights that flicker are on channels that are supposed to be off for the full sequence. These 'off ' channels do a quick flicker when sequenced channels start to fade on. Linda
  11. Dan I will take another look tonight and determine what is on / off / shimmering etc when this happens. I will get back to you. Thanks Linda
  12. Being a complete dingbat with regards to upgrades etc I feel in my comfort zone with ver 1.5 and do not want to upgrade until after the season. Further inspection of lights showed all swags flicker not just the mid one ,+ lights on 2 other channels. I can only see this happening during the first seq in show. Only noticed this because the seq only uses clear lights and the flickering channels have coloured ones. These channels are all in box 2. Would the upgrade fix the flickering? Could it be something to do with the Communication cable from PC to Box 1 or cable from Box 1 to box 2? Do I sound like a real idiot? ( no need to answer this one) Thanks Linda
  13. This was the 1st night running our display. We have 2 x CTB16PC controllers. We have three swag lights wired together that are on one chanel. During a sequence that does not include this chanel the middle swag sometimes flickers. I re checked the sequence and animation and the chanel is clear. Why would just the middle one flicker but not the end two when they are all connected? Also have two other chanels do the same in the same sequence. It isnt a big problem as perhap only I notice it as I know what should and should not be on . But I would like to know what is causing this. Using 1.5 version with XP. Checked all the channels sometime ago in the Hardware utility and they worked fine. Any ideas? Thanks Linda
  14. Thanks for replies. I am using flood lights to brighten up some inflatables in certain parts of music so the intensity setting will be good for this . Linda
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