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  1. would love a copy please. adamhinrichs@hinrichssupervalu.com thank you
  2. if you are still sharing I would love a copy please. Thank you adamhinrichs@hinrichssupervalu.com
  3. May I please get a copy Thank you adamhinrichs@hinrichssupervalu.com
  4. would love to check out a copy as well, thanks adamhinrichs@hinrichssupervalu.com
  5. hey James also a fan of your work was hoping to get a copy as well thanks in advance adamhinrichs@hinrichssupervalu.com
  6. James would I be able to get a copy as well thanks so much adamhinrichs@hinrichssupervalu.com
  7. hey sorry I forgot the link ya that is what I was looking at. I appreciate the info and think I will try them I am going to attatch them to pallets and put them in my front yard so should work good. thanks
  8. Was just starting to work on my Halloween display and checked these out on the web. was wondering if anybody has used these seen these and how they are quality wise and to work with. If they are good would be a nice time saver instead of making my own which would be nice but like with everybody time is always a factor. thanks for the input.
  9. I am having a Christmas party this weekend so I am wondering if there is a way to watch the sequence playing on the pc screen while the show is playing outside. I'm sure there will be questions on how the lights work so it would be nice to show them the sequence editor going instead of just my home screen. thanks and Merry Christmas.
  10. Newbie here and i plan to run my show on an fm transmitter I believe that i understand the f c c law that it can't be heard farther than 200 ft. and has to be under .5 watt of power or something like that but I talked to a radio station owner and he asked me about the public performance tax or something. I know when a business plays music they have to buy a service to play music at their place of business and can't just play the radio. But do i get around this because it is for private use at a house not commercial location and because i own the music. I purchased all the songs i am using off iTunes. just wondering as if someone would get in trouble it would be me. thanks
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