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  1. Dang, didn't know that was there, thanks Matt.
  2. In the show editor I have the box checked to turn off lights at end of sequence, does this not refer to pixels or is there a better way to get all the pixels off.
  3. I'm sure that there are a lot of folks that have no clue about mapping network drives. Being able to type in or cut and paste would be more in line with every other dialog situation. Just my opinion, of course.
  4. When choosing the effect "picture" or "movie" it would be great if you could edit the path and not have to browse. This happens when we work on PE on one machine that is mapped to folders and it may be a different drive letter than the actual show machine, so you have to browse rather than just typing the correct drive letter in the path.
  5. I assigned 03 and did use the manual. But the LED doesn't light at all.
  6. Just tested cable and had this observation: With ethernet cable connected to controller (ctb16pc), i attached cable tester to other end of ehternet cable and without turning on my tester, pin 6 was lit up. Is this normal for 485 coming from controller?
  7. Anyone have any ideas what could cause CMB24D to fail and not be recognizable in the hardware utility. I know the comm chip can fail, but what can contribute to this failure?
  8. If you take the first controller and connect it directly to the PC does it find it then. This year I had my USB485 adapter fail as well as a couple of comm chips in 2 controllers.
  9. I may not have initially but must have after that, because it copied fine then. Is there anyone that has created a library of techniques for doing special effects currently not found in PE?
  10. I created new prop groups on one PC and then copied LORPixelEditorData to a different PC and the groups aren't there on a sequence I had already started working on. Tried updating preview, still no go, what am I missing? Did the copying process again, closed everything and now its OK.
  11. Thanks Matt, it did roll over to 22.
  12. I have a prop that has 200 pixels running on a AlphaPix 4. How do I configure the prop in PE to use all the pixels properly? When I configure it all on Universe 21, I end up with 90 carryovers, what do I do with them?
  13. Should you start each universe at channel 1?
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