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  1. Yeah I set the id on five. I ended up unplugging five all together but four is not working at all. One thru three are working fine. Very frustrating. The guy at Home Depot said it was the same cable I was using but now I'm doubting. Here is a photo of the package. Controller 4 led1 light is flashing when the program is running. One thru three are all solid when running. Getting very frustrated but still new to this. Thanks for any help. Hope this is enough info
  2. I went and bought a cat 5 chord to run from our fourth controller to the fifth. We have been running shows on four just fine but when I plugged in the cable, five won't work and now four isn't either. The light in the boxes are still flashing so I'm really confused. Any ideas. Thanks
  3. Here is a snip it of the visualizer. Don't know if this helps
  4. Sorry. Dont know the lingo to well. But I'll give it a shot. We have five controllers (80 channels). Last year we purchased our sequences but we decided to do our own. Finished it and it looked great on the visualizer. However the live show, fade and twinkles don't work and then there are instances where none of it works. Everything is plugged to the right channel. We have two arches, a mini maga tree house, bushes, tree etc etc. we have a sequence we purchased that all that stuff works fine.
  5. We designed our first sequence. It looks great on the visualizer but doesn't match up during the live show. All the lights are working on other shows that we purchased just not in the one we designed. Please help.
  6. We have 5 controllers this year (3 last year). We are still working on creating our own sequences but will need to purchase some as well. We are having a tough time finding sequences that run on 80 plugs. Seems like everything goes from 64 then skip to 108. Anybody know how to make those sequences work on 5 controllers? Thanks!
  7. Just finished our tree. We tested the bow before and it worked. We had a cold snap down here so we only got two of the three controllers going before it hit. So now about two weeks later we are back at it but the third box won't turn on. I tested the outlet, moved it to different outlet and nothing. All I could find was to change the fuse. I have no idea where to even start. Thanks!!
  8. Just about have our lights show complete. Hooked up the FM transmitter to our laptop using the USB cable provided. Attached the antenna but can't hear the music on our car radio. Before I hooked it up the station was static. Once I hooked it up the static went away but no music. Am I hooking it up wrong? Thanks in advance!
  9. Thank you. The verifier is giving me 9 warnings that channel is completely off. Ithe sequence is not changeable so the directions it's giving me won't work. I did run the hardware and the lights worked just fine. Ugh!!
  10. I finally was able toe get my lights up and running in sequence (made it harder then it had to be I think). We purchased music and one pre set sequence. I as able to schedule a show, but when the music started the lights did nothing. I went they the tutorials but can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm sure I skipped a step, but don't know what it is. Help please!! Thanks again!!
  11. Thank you very much Orville. Worked like a charm. Newbies!! What to do with us.
  12. Trying to get going with LOR, but I'm getting a "windows could not find driver software for your devise". What am I missing??
  13. Thanks for the help on the previous post. After reading your replies we decided we needed 48 channels to do what we wanted. So we were going to purchase two of the 16 channel add ons. Is that all we would need or is there something we are missing. Thanks in advance.
  14. Just purchased the starter 16 channel starter kit. Now I'm wondering if this will be able to put on a quality light show. We were hoping for multiple arches, the large tree, 6 windows, 4 bushes, our garage doors and some other misc. items. Will the 16 channels be able to handle this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!
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