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  1. RedWhitingBlue

    RGB strip lights

    Hello, I have multiple sets of 30/10 12v RGB strip lights that I am having a minor problem with. It seems that on quite a few of my runs, I have 1 individual diode that is always rouge as in not the same as others. Any ideas as what would cause this?
  2. RedWhitingBlue

    American Flag Effect

    Thank you for the reply and tip on how to add it using the picture effect.
  3. RedWhitingBlue

    American Flag Effect

    Any chance you could put an American flag effect in S5? It woukd be great to have this effect for matrixs! Thanks!
  4. RedWhitingBlue

    Select row to end option.

    Thank you Phil!!
  5. RedWhitingBlue

    Select row to end option.

    If there is not already (I haven't been able to figure it out) is there a way to add a "select all to end of sequence" option in S5 that would start where you choose rather than the entire row? It would be very nice to have this option instead of having to click and drag to the end of the sequence. This would come in very handy when trying to match up singing faces to songs for example.
  6. RedWhitingBlue

    Error Message INT32

    Thank you!
  7. RedWhitingBlue

    Error Message INT32

    Report Number: JPW01 Module: S5 SequenceEditor Software Version: 5.06 OS Version: Windows platform Description: Opening of existing sequence produces the following error message: A problem occurred while calculating intensity data. Please save your sequence and exit the program. Value was either too large or too small for an INT32. Repeatability: (Try to repeat the problem and if you can, list the exact steps to cause the problem)
  8. RedWhitingBlue

    Error Message when opening sequence

    Any one have any info on what would cause the above message?
  9. RedWhitingBlue

    Halloween singing face rock songs.

    Haha! I will take you up on the Marine Corps Hymn as I plan on doing a special show this year on Veterans Day and the Marine Corps Birthday! The songs I really want are Enter Sandman, Hells Bells and Time Warp.
  10. RedWhitingBlue

    Matrix size?

    I would go P10 panels if I knew I could get them to run with LOR, but I'm still kinda new to all this and might just go with a pixel matrix.
  11. RedWhitingBlue

    Halloween singing face rock songs.

    Looking for Halloween type rock songs sequenced for singing faces such as Enter Sandman and Hells Bells. Thank you in advance.
  12. RedWhitingBlue

    Now Sharing ~ Christmas Canon Rock ~ TSO singing faces

    Yes please and Thank you! Redwhitingblue@outlook.com
  13. RedWhitingBlue

    Drumming and Guitar playing Skeletons

    Will do. Thank you!
  14. RedWhitingBlue

    Drumming and Guitar playing Skeletons

    I'm looking for visualizer prop files of the HC drumming and Guitar playing skeletons. If any one has one they would care to share please let me know. Thanks!