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  1. Just wanted to post and say JR Dibble and James Morris contribution’s to this forum are invaluable. You guys set the bar and thank you for all what you do!!! Rock on!!!!
  2. 🙋🏼‍♂️ Yes please! Thank you sir!
  3. You know, looks like your solution did the trick. Thanks again!
  4. Hello, I’m having an issue with a background animation sequence that operates my “Tune to” sign. When the sequence is installed in my show, all my RGB lights on the E1.31 network flicker uncontrollably and do not work properly. If I remove the background sequence from the show, everything works fine. I am running S5 with the latest update for software. The channel the sign is plugged into is not in conflict with other channels and is running through an existing LOR controller that operates other channels fine in my show. Thank you for any help.
  5. Would love a copy of this one please Sir! RedWhitingBlue@outlook.com
  6. No worries JR. Email is RedWhitingBlue@outlook.com Thank you!
  7. Would love a copy of Thunder please sir! RedWhitingBlue@outlook.com
  8. Hello, I have multiple sets of 30/10 12v RGB strip lights that I am having a minor problem with. It seems that on quite a few of my runs, I have 1 individual diode that is always rouge as in not the same as others. Any ideas as what would cause this?
  9. Thank you for the reply and tip on how to add it using the picture effect.
  10. Any chance you could put an American flag effect in S5? It woukd be great to have this effect for matrixs! Thanks!
  11. If there is not already (I haven't been able to figure it out) is there a way to add a "select all to end of sequence" option in S5 that would start where you choose rather than the entire row? It would be very nice to have this option instead of having to click and drag to the end of the sequence. This would come in very handy when trying to match up singing faces to songs for example.
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