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  1. Error Message when opening sequence

    Any one have any info on what would cause the above message?
  2. Halloween singing face rock songs.

    Haha! I will take you up on the Marine Corps Hymn as I plan on doing a special show this year on Veterans Day and the Marine Corps Birthday! The songs I really want are Enter Sandman, Hells Bells and Time Warp.
  3. Matrix size?

    I would go P10 panels if I knew I could get them to run with LOR, but I'm still kinda new to all this and might just go with a pixel matrix.
  4. Halloween singing face rock songs.

    Looking for Halloween type rock songs sequenced for singing faces such as Enter Sandman and Hells Bells. Thank you in advance.
  5. Now Sharing ~ Christmas Canon Rock ~ TSO singing faces

    Yes please and Thank you! Redwhitingblue@outlook.com
  6. Drumming and Guitar playing Skeletons

    Will do. Thank you!
  7. Drumming and Guitar playing Skeletons

    I'm looking for visualizer prop files of the HC drumming and Guitar playing skeletons. If any one has one they would care to share please let me know. Thanks!
  8. Matrix size?

    Thank you! I had thought of going with an 4' x 8' because I could visualize a piece of plywood as the screen size. Now I just need to hammer down P 10 panels or pixel nodes and net for the matrix. From one Veteran to another Mr. P...Semper Fi! ?
  9. Matrix size?

    So I'm planning on adding a matrix to my display this year ( P10 or Pixel net...still undecided). The plan is to mount it on the garage door, which happens to measure 16' x 8'. My question: Is there a standard size matrix which allows for better programming and quality viewing? I can go pretty large being I have the whole garage door area, but not really sure I need to. Thanks in advance for the input!
  10. Love S5 so Far! I am however getting the following message when attempting to open one of my existing sequences: "A problem occurred while calculating intensity data. Please save your sequence and exit the program. Value was either too large or too small for an INT32." Not sure its a bug or not, so I thought I would start here.
  11. 2017 PacNW CLAP Meeting

    Oh rats! I was out of town for the weekend. Small world, I use to live in Port Orchard!
  12. 2017 PacNW CLAP Meeting

    Hello, little late for your meeting but was curious if you have other events upcoming this year? I live in the Bonney Lake area and have been doing light shows for a couple years now. I upgraded to RGB last season and you could say I'm hooked now. Lol.
  13. This is Halloween Intro singing face sequence

    For some reason Jerry, I'm not getting your emails. Either something is wrong with my email or the yolk is on me. Lol. Here is my email one more time. Redwhitingblue@outlook.com Thanks Again.
  14. This is Halloween Intro singing face sequence

    Thanks Jerry. I have not seen the email yet, but will keep an eye out for it.
  15. This is Halloween Intro singing face sequence

    Hopefully I can get it to Jerry, Since I started the topic...lol. redwhitingblue@outlook.com is my email. Thank you in advance and for the others you have helped out. It really makes this forum what it is!!!!