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  1. These are what I am planning on using (each pre-wired led has a resistor). I have done some testing with them, and am pretty confident they will provide what I need. I originally was looking to see how many amps per channel as a 'max' to help me determine how many CMB16D controllers I would need for the project. I have now decided to go with 3 instead of the original 2 I was thinking to help spread some load around. Thanks for all the feedback.
  2. Smith - Yes, 12v dc running pre-wired 12v LED diodes
  3. K6 - are you talking about attaching 16 of these to the controller...one on each transistor? Would that be enough of a heat sink? The CTB08 heatsink that allowed 8A on the CTB08 boards seems to have a lot more metal surface.
  4. I don't see how 2 sets of CTB08 heatsinks would even fit on a CMB16D controller. If anyone has pictures, please share. Has anyone in the forum actually added the heat sinks to the CMB16D controller? I'd appreciate info on where you got the parts and pics of the controller with the heatsinks. Thanks.
  5. THanks K6, but as I said I’m looking to use individual led diodes, pre-wired with resistors for 12v. Question now is the amount of these diodes per channel, and where to get the heat sinks Ducks mentioned.
  6. So approx 200 diodes per channel without heatsinks 400 with, correct? Are the heat sinks available in the LOR store or somewhere else?
  7. The CMB16D says it has 2 - 20 amp inputs (per 8 channels). How many amps are available on each channel, or maybe I should ask how many LED diodes at 20 mA each can run on each channel? Thanks in advance.
  8. Testing out the miniDirector today and it seems to have a problem. For my test I created a show with a single animation sequence and associated it on trigger 1, and a second show with 2 musical sequences associated with trigger 2. Trigger 1 works fine...turn it on and all the lights come on immediately as expected...the issue is with the show with the musical sequences. I turn off show 1 via a switch, wait a few seconds, and then turn on show 2 via a second switch. When the second show starts with the musical sequences, it "appears" to begin playing as I see lights coming on and off (but no music). This continues for about 3 seconds with no music...then all lights go dark for about 3 seconds...and then the music/lights start up again and begin playing about 6 seconds into the song just fine. The same behavior happens when the second sequence in the show starts playing. Any ideas? Thanks.
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