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  1. Geez if I had seen this earlier I could have saved myself tons of time. That took a lot of work and patience. Nicely done. Would appreciate a copy if you're still sharing. rebecca_chatfield@hotmail.com Merry Christmas
  2. I'm new to lightorama this year and I'm learning the ropes on how to do things, watching a lot of tutorials and trolling the forums and reading about questions that others have, what others recommend doing in a situation...btw, I'm very impressed with how helpful the forums are members are. I've found my progress to be slow, but I can pretty much manage things until I get an error message. Sometimes I can figure it out in the Help tab. Sometimes I can't. Obviously, I'm going to be someone that things slow down to a standstill when I run across an error message. Long story short...I'm wondering if there is reference guide that lists what error messages can be encountered as you progress through the system. I've tried using the search option under Help, but it doesn't yield any results when I try to type in specific error messages. At least, that's been my experience. I don't want to be one of those people that constantly drains the patience of others by asking a lot of questions when I'm willing to put in the time and figure it out for myself. I just need to know where to go for the information. If its been staring at me on the board for the last month right in front of me, then I'm a lot blonder than I initially thought.
  3. How many channels were you looking at?
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