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    Enclosure Boxes

    Hi everyone, I would just like to know what other people use for a box enclosures. For Me this year i did not have enough to afford two boxes or make a proper box(i started late this year,typicle newbie). The way i am running my lines this year is through my window(see attached photo). but next year i want to move it all outside on because im adding more channels and two its neater in my room that way. What is a cheap affective way to make a box or any suggestions on where to buy a good box enclosure. Thanks, Charlie Attached files
  2. I have two inflateables in my display this year, what i found out i had to do with both of my inflateables which only have one cord for the fan and lights, I had to split where the cord for the lights ran to the blower and attach a male receptcle. And i have one channel dedicated to just the blowers for the inflatebles, which i have running the whole show, and different channels for both lights. So far i have had no adverse effect with LOR and operating the blowers, both blowers for the iflateables only generate about 1.5 amps. I hope this helps your situation.
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