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  1. Thanks Don. I will run the same ID this year, and work on the other 5 new controllers next year.
  2. I searched for this answer, but can't seem to find it. Can I assign a unit id number to more than 1 controller? On my 3rd unit I would like to assign 2 controllers. 1 controller will run my star spears, and the other will run my arches i just got. I have 9 controller boxes, 5 of which I just purchased from a person who is getting out of the lighting. Next year I will use the controllers for singing Christmas trees. I could have probably just tried it, but its close to Christmas, and don't want any malfunctions. Thanks in advance. Kevin
  3. James, could you please send me a copy Powellcoring@sbcglobal.net Thanks in advance
  4. Greg, if you are still sharing this song, can you send it to me? Thanks in advance
  5. If you still are sharing this copy,, mt family would love to have it as a new addition. Thanks, Kevin
  6. Can I get a copy please? Powellcoring@sbcglobal.net
  7. i would like to check it out. Thanks Powellcoring@sbcglobal.net i would like to check it out. Thanks Powellcoring@sbcglobal.net
  8. Sarge, can you please send me a copy. Powellcoring@sbcglobal.net Thanks, Kevin
  9. Bill, can you send me a copy please. Powellcoring@sbcglobal.net
  10. I am horrible with programs, at this point I have unit 01 and unit 02 programmed. When I go to sequence editor, I open a sequence, and can see my first 16 channels which work, but the other 16 on unit 02 have nothing. I thought I could just use my existing sequences to both units. I am lost at this point. I'm just trying to run the mega tree with the 2nd unit.
  11. Both green lights are on steady. I don't know how to assign. When everything was on unit 1, it wasn't a problem at all, for obvious reasons. I don't know where to get started, to program sequences to the 2nd unit.
  12. By the way, all of my sequences are 16 channel
  13. Please help, I just got my mega tree setup and went to hardware utility to add the 2nd unit. When I test in HU the 2nd unit lights up. I don't know what to do from here, when I daisy chain it to unit 1, the 1st unit works. The 2nd unit doesn't. I have found one posting on this, but everyone is always talking about a red light on the units, mine are green. I just bought my units last year, and this year. Any help, please.
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