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  1. We got the garage cleaned up today, so now everything is officially put away until next season. here are the lights for the 32 trees the open clear/blue bin on the right has 6 of the 7 patio pole lights
  2. keep an eye out they seem to go on and off sale on a regular basis https://thechristmaslightemporium.com/collections/5mm-strobe-light-strands
  3. rcktpwrd


    I would say this is most likely the issue and similar to the issues we have had with our display. I also have had three controllers plugged into the same outlet. That is why I am going to be adding on additional GFCI outlets so I can spread the GFCI load out. As stated before there is a very small amount of voltage leak allowed before the GFCI trips and does its job. We are talking about milliamps, so a very tiny amount.
  4. We are adding a couple more strings of the 5mm strobe lights, got some in blue to go in our 'lake'. We will be rearranging a few props in the yard for better visuals, basically moving some smaller items forward or out from behind other props. Repairing or replacing strings that are partially or completely out.
  5. Had rain last night but today was mostly dry, so we were able to get almost everything taken down. There are still 4 props up high in the trees that I need to use the extension ladder to get and 7 patio poles that are easy to get. We got everything that goes in the shed put away, aside from the 4 props. The rest of the stuff went into the garage and will be fully put away as time allows. This is the quickest and soonest that we have taken the display down.
  6. SPT wire and vampire plugs make everything so much better! Run exactly how much wire you need to each location, then mark them somehow so they stay with that prop. Makes setup go so much easier next time too! We use the pink surveyors tape to label everything, its cheap, easy to write on and easy to tear off small pieces to wrap around the wires. Every plug is labeled for which controller and outlet it goes to. Makes connecting everything very simple.
  7. I have had good luck with refurbished computers... both desktop and laptop, Check out NewEgg or TigerDirect. I run my show of a Gateway 10" netbook running Win10. I did a clean install of Windows and only have the basic/minimum stuff on there. Only used to run the show, the programming is done on a different laptop.
  8. We went dark on the 2nd, had a few people that wanted to check it out. Started tear down today, we got about half done. All six controllers brought in. All the spt cords coiled up to each tree or prop. All the other extension cords coiled up and in the garage waiting to go into storage bins. I have the inflatables running in the garage to dry them out, we had a rain the past couple days... We also have a bunch of stuff to fix, partial strings out and what not. already bought and received some new stuff for next season too!
  9. rcktpwrd


    found a decent article with good pics of how to wire multiple outlets and GFI's https://www.do-it-yourself-help.com/wiring-multiple-outlets-diagrams.html
  10. She took a few more cell phone videos. These are loaded on Google Photos. She created a New Years sequence with parts of 5 songs https://photos.app.goo.gl/RyCxZqPygUPWV7g4A Mr Roboto https://photos.app.goo.gl/3bPUvZRZthqo1XqD8 Wheels On The Bus https://photos.app.goo.gl/2X8FeAAUWEkS5HTZA Right Now https://photos.app.goo.gl/f9XK9KNT7Z996AKv6
  11. rcktpwrd


    We also have issues with popping the GFI's in the rain. I think our main issue is that I have 3 controllers all on the same outlet and the voltage leaks add up... I am planning on adding additional circuits to separate the controllers. I will also go over everything as we take it down to check for nicks/cuts in any of the wiring. Power/amp wise we don't need the extra circuits but spreading out the GFI load should help. I have the tomato cage trees off the ground on pvc pipe, all the plugs are elevated on stakes and any female plugs that are facing up have the outlet cover plugs in them.
  12. And the show has been running fine since I last posted... I'm gonna be on the lookout for a 'new' more powerful computer to run the show.
  13. My wife took some videos with her cell phone tonight...
  14. So I rebooted the computer today before the show started. I opened the task manager to watch the CPU, RAM, Dick usage. The entire time the ram was steady at 1gig out of 2 being used, the graph never noticeably changed. On the other hand the CPU usage spiked to 100% or close to it when the sequences first started up and then quickly settled down to 20% range or so during the sequence. The disk usage also increased noticeably but not near maximum. After the show ran it's first full run the spikes in CPU usage was less but still pretty high. When the third sequence started the entire show/display went dark for a second or two and then most of it came back on. Several channels on a couple of the controllers did not come back on. When the next sequence started everything went back to running normally and I haven't seen it happen again today. I took a couple pics of the monitors with my phone. Maybe I just need to upgrade to a more powerful machine?
  15. Unfortunatly that is all the ram the computer allows for. I also only use it to run the show. Yesterday was the first time we have seen this glitch happen. I wonder of that is what happened? Ran out of available memory and it had to reset it self... I used the same computer in previous years with no issues. Only change this year was adding another controller, six total and using about 90 of the 96 channels. I suppose I can run the task manager and watch the ram and cpu usage and see what it shows.
  16. No idea on the age of the computer... It was a hand-me down. It's a Gateway netbook that started life with Windows 7 starter edition, a couple years ago I upgraded it to Win10. It has 2 gigs of ram and also a 1gig sd card in ready boost as extra memory. Win 10 was a clean install and there is nothing else on the computer but LOR. I have the wifi switch turned off. The computer was rebooted the other day, we had a power outage. I will do a reboot after the show ends tonight and before it runs again tomorrow.
  17. Twice tonight the entire display shut off for about a full second then came back on. This happened in the middle of a song/sequence. Everything was running normal and then complete darkness for a moment then back to normal. The control panel status shows normal. We haven't changed anything recently.
  18. I run my show from a Gateway netbook that had Win7 starter edition on it, ran no problem. The computer was painfully slow to use for web surfing and what not. I have since done a clean/new install of Win10 (computer is much faster and better to use) and only have LOR on there and it works great. We run 6 controllers using about 92 channels.
  19. A local guy I know is still using some of the original LOR controllers in his display. He only uses incandescent lights so all the updates in the Gen3 controllers are of no real benefit to him. He buys new and used from other locals who are getting into pixels and other controllers, so he has a mix of them all... His display is pretty big, 65-70 controllers! He even runs 2.xx software. But like everyone else mentioned be careful who you buy from...
  20. is the blink all the lights going off after the sequence then all the lights turning on at the start of the new one? or like Orville suggested just a few random ones?
  21. did a cat5 cable get damaged somewhere between the computer and first connected controller? stepped on, animal bites, ect.
  22. Are the music files in the LOR audio folder? Are you using a FM transmitter or just speakers? Are they plugged into the headphone jack or audio output from the computer?
  23. I figured it out. The folder is on my D drive not the C drive... I navigated to there and then it saved with no issues. Thanks for the help
  24. I am the only user/account on this computer. I had copied and pasted sequences into this folder, which is the default LOR sequence folder. My wife created most of them on her computer. I did a test like you mentioned and that worked fine. Very strange...
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