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  1. rcktpwrd

    Where to buy LED?

    pickings were very slim around here after Christmas as well... we are slowly upgrading to the professional sealed LEDs. They are quite a bit more expensive but should hold up much better as well. http://www.holiday-light-express.com is a good source and where we have lights from and will be getting more from them. They have a great warranty on the lights also! We had to have a bunch replaced and it was no problem at all and it was our fault that the lights went bad...
  2. rcktpwrd

    LED Light Repair

    I had a few strings that were half out like that, so I cut them up and connected the good parts together... then kept the remaining good bulbs as spares.
  3. rcktpwrd

    TSO Parody - sound familiar?

    looks like you are it! πŸ˜‰
  4. nice job! 😎
  5. rcktpwrd

    Gifts from people

    We found this last night next to our sign at the street: πŸ†’
  6. We didn't have anything new this year, just added more lights to some props. Our mini trees went from 150ish lights each to about 700 lights each! I did get a bunch of the mini strobes but they never made it out into the show. Mainly due to the weather, lots of rain this year.
  7. rcktpwrd

    NYE music

    I thought they usually do that when they see you in the yard! 🀣😜🀣
  8. rcktpwrd

    8 cars parked outside....

    Chill Dude! 🀐 LOL 🀣 It''ll be OK πŸ€–
  9. rcktpwrd

    Controlling Inflatables

    Not sure if you can run a background sequence with the Basic Plus license level? We have several inflatables and other items that are either just on or have the same sequence during our entire show. We just set those channels all the same in every sequence, copy and paste... Also like stated above set those channels to on/off only in the hardware utility so you don't accidentally ramp/twinkle/shimmer a motor or relay. To help protect the LOR controllers I use a couple of relays to isolate the motors. Like these: AC to AC solid state relay
  10. I bet there is a bad bulb or two in the dim section, but it may also be a bad rectifier or resistor in the string. I have run across this issue mainly with blue led's. The LED Light Keeper bulb tester is very helpful to find the bad bulbs, but it can be a tedious process...
  11. rcktpwrd

    Best lights to wrap trees

    here are two links for you: http://forums.lightorama.com/topic/47599-started-setting-up-this-weekend/ http://forums.lightorama.com/topic/44508-chicken-wire-to-hang-lights/
  12. rcktpwrd

    Fog machine relay

    thanks for the update, glad you got it figured out.
  13. rcktpwrd

    Fog machine relay

    I use a couple SSR's to control inflatables in my display. like these: AC SSR
  14. rcktpwrd

    Fog machine relay

    check out this thread: fog machine relay
  15. rcktpwrd

    Lights not shutting off

    Last year or the year before I had a similar issue with some channels not turning off. I also run a short shutdown sequence to make sure everything is turned off at the end of the evening. I set mine to turn all lights on for about 5 seconds and then everything is turned off for about one second then the sequence ends. I also have the boxed checked to turn off all lights. I don't recall if a shutdown sequence is available with the Basic Plus license level...