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  1. rcktpwrd

    strobe light strings?

    as an accent line I think they will look awesome! We are going to add them into our mega-tree as an accent/highlight. Probably not quite as bright as the C9's, they are only 5mm bulbs so the amount of light is smaller and more concentrated... still pretty sharp looking.
  2. rcktpwrd

    strobe light strings?

    got ours today and my wife did a quick cell phone video of a string on the floor, daylight and lights on in the living room: https://www.facebook.com/GoldmanFamilyLights/videos/946405758865062/
  3. rcktpwrd

    strobe light strings?

    I also got my shipping notice and should have them tomorrow. Also waiting on vampire plugs from them that were ordered during a different sale.
  4. rcktpwrd

    Controllers and pixels/rgb for sale

    Orville, I have 3 used CCC and 1 new CCC. Would be $425 plus shipping for all of it.
  5. rcktpwrd

    Controllers and pixels/rgb for sale

    Thank you for the info DevMike! Yes the dangles for the light strings are four pin sockets.
  6. rcktpwrd

    Controllers and pixels/rgb for sale

    Here is a what the CCC boards look like, this is the new one but the rest look the same,
  7. rcktpwrd

    Controllers and pixels/rgb for sale

    Sounds good.
  8. rcktpwrd

    Controllers and pixels/rgb for sale

    Thanks for the info. I will open them up and look at the boards...
  9. rcktpwrd

    Controllers and pixels/rgb for sale

    I just tested the three CCC's and they all work as do the six light strings. I tested them with the hardware utility, both dongles on all three units also work. In the hardware utility the controllers show up as 'CCB100 Ver 1.21' I'm thinking $100 for one unit and two strings, plus shipping cost. I also have a brand new in the box controller with two 50 count bullet strings. Thinking $125 plus shipping for this one.
  10. rcktpwrd

    Controllers and pixels/rgb for sale

    okie dokie!
  11. rcktpwrd

    Controllers and pixels/rgb for sale

    Here are some more pics of the CTB16PCG3 controllers, these two are mounted to stands with removable legs and are about 30 inches tall: The third controller is in a new style case and has no stand.
  12. rcktpwrd

    Controllers and pixels/rgb for sale

    I got some pictures of the Cosmic Color Controllers. I'm not sure if these are V1 or V2, is there any way to tell be looking at them? And the light strings: two (2) 50 count bullets four (4) 50 count bulbs Each controller will come with two stings of lights.
  13. rcktpwrd

    Controllers and pixels/rgb for sale

  14. rcktpwrd

    You Need These Pliers

    I have a couple of pairs of these flush cutters and they are great! And got these for the wife zip tie gun for rewiring deer and general zip tie uses.
  15. Helping a friend sell Christmas stuff. Her husband passed and this was his display stuff, all LOR. We have started to help her sort through what he has, they moved last September from NY to NC and he passed in October. I have not tested anything yet but I see no reason that they wouldn't be in 100% working condition as most of it was used two years ago and packed away nicely. I'm not sure I can test any of the pixel/RGB stuff with my level of the LOR license? I can get better/more pictures of these items if needed. three (3) CTB16PCG3 controllers, two have metal stands attached with removable legs. I'm thinking $150 plus shipping each. one (1) CMB24D controller and power supply mounted in a large grey weather resistant box along with eight (8) rgb flood lights and associated extension cables, unknown lengths at this time. like this with a different encloser Not sure on asking price, new this was about $480... There is also three (3) pixel controllers, might be more of them, and strings of bulbs and pixels, I didn't get any pics of these but I will. Not sure yet on the length of the strings. I'm not exactly sure what the controllers are, they are green boxes with no ID info on them except for the LOR logo. They look like these CCR controllers: http://store.lightorama.com/newcococopac.html Not sure on asking prices on this stuff... Also have two (2) Spright Smart laser lights in blue, new never used: Again I'm not sure what these are worth?