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  1. One RJ45 jack broken

    I had a couple of the rj45s acting up in a couple of my controllers last year. Turns out that some of the tiny spring loaded wires inside the female jacks were stuck in the down position and/or slightly behind the plastic frame of the jack. This kept the connections from working because there is no wire to wire contact when inserting the male rj45. Using a very small dental type pick I was able to release the sticky wires and now everything works as it should.
  2. Solid State Relays

    I'm not looking to control the lights in the inflatables separately, just want to be able to power the inflatables on at the beginning of the show then off at the end. In past years we have been using separate timers/photocells and some things would come on too soon/late or turn off too soon/late and be out of sync with the entire length of the show. I am trying to get everything to turn on at say 5pm and then off at say 10pm.
  3. Replacing a male plug

    That will work just fine. You can either solder them or use butt splice crimp connectors. I would also use heat shrink to seal up the repair. I like the glue lined heat shrink to make the repair waterproof.
  4. Solid State Relays

    I have read that it is not a good to directly turn on/off motors with a LOR controller. I would rather play it safe and the SSR's are cheap enough. We have two large inflatables (one is 9 feet and the other is 13 feet tall) and a couple of small ones along with some LED flood lights that will probably be on these two circuits and and possibly a few other light strings...
  5. Solid State Relays

    I picked up a couple of SSR's last year and got to wiring and testing them out just recently. I am going to use these to control inflatables with LOR, the idea is to have as much stuff turned on/off with LOR and get rid of the timers/photocells we are using... Basically have as much stuff automated as possible. These are rated for 25amps, so they should be more than enough for a couple inflatables each. Now I just need to find something to place these into for weather and electrocution protection...
  6. blowmolds

    They aren't mounted to the PVC at all, just sitting there... You could use a couple of small L brackets and small screws. We do anchor the PVC to the ground with some stakes.
  7. blowmolds

    @Jeffery m Here are a couple of pics of the frame I made for our candles: My wife ziptied most of the bulbs to one side since the candles are only viewable from one direction in our display. She also bunched up a few bulbs to put a bit more light into the flame part of the candle. I did have to make the hole in the candle larger to fit the pipe and bulbs through.
  8. Starting to Set Up This Year's Display

    We put out some stuff the first weekend of this month! We don't have to worry about the freezing cold and snow around here too much... Most of our display consists of lights wrapped around trees in our yard and we are changing how we do things this year. So we wanted to get a feel for how long the new setup will take. We are 'permanently' mounting the lights to plastic fencing material instead of wrapping the strings directly around the trees, this way a few bungee cords will hold the lights to the tress and make setup and tear down in the coming years quicker and easier hopefully!
  9. blowmolds

    here is a pic of the finished project:
  10. blowmolds

    not sure how those bulbs will look, might be just a bright spot like the old incan bulbs had... we used PVC pipe to make stands and ran a string of 60 LEDs around the pipe the length of the blow mold candles we have.
  11. Thanks guys! We picked up two more candles that I still have to make stands for... The projects never end!
  12. here is a pic of them finished finished, they have a strand of 60 LED's in them:
  13. We have five blow mold candles that are about three-four feet tall. They all had a single incan bulb that only light the flame. I made some stands out of PVC pipe and fittings and we wrapped a string of cool white LED's around the pipe to light the entire length of the candles. They look pretty good, sorry I don't currently have any pictures handy to post...
  14. FM Reciever

    I got this one last year and it worked perfectly setup on low power. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01JS39622/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  15. Checking and testing controllers....

    My wife and I redid this prop a couple of weeks ago: first pic is with the light in the garage on, second pic is with the lights off both as taken with my cell phone. It's about 8 feet tall and has 118 bulbs in it! When she bought it last year it had incandescent C9 bulbs in it and it barely worked. I calculated that the incans drew about 7.5 amps! No wonder all the 5 amp fuses were blown and the plugs were melted!?!?! We changed them to C9 led's in red and white. I calculated that the led's draw about 0.43 amps! No plans this year to sequence the stripes but it may happen in the next few years...