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  1. TSO 2017 tour dates are out

    We went last night here in Raleigh, what a show! Glad they changed it up from the last couple times we saw them. The lighting, video and stage are amazing as well as the music! I kept looking at my wife saying we need this.... Lasers, flame throwers, lights,...!
  2. Lights still on after show ends for night

    You can create a short shut down sequence with everything set to off to be sure there is nothing left with some sort of on command... Also try checking the box that says turn used lights off at the end of each sequence in the show editor.
  3. Basic light setup

    That should do the job. For my show I created a shut down sequence that runs for a few seconds. It starts with everything on then a second of everything off to make sure all lights are off when the entire show ends. I do this using the show builder and running from a laptop, I have no idea on how the G3-MP3/director/SD card setup works...
  4. Basic light setup

    Like stated above in the show editor check the box that says turn used lights off at the end of each sequence, otherwise you end up with lights on all night...
  5. I made PVC stands for our candles, these serve two purposes. One is to hold the candles from blowing over and the other is a way to run a strand of LEDs inside them.
  6. We use bulb stakes to hold up as many of the plugs/sockets as we can, I try to have them either horizontal or with the female socket facing down. I also put baby plug covers in all the female sockets that face up, the ones that face down I leave open to allow any moisture to drain out. https://www.christmaslightsetc.com/p/7.5--All-in-One-Light-Stake-100-Pack-40005.htm
  7. We just ran into a similar issue where one channel wasn't working. I thought it was a wiring problem, so I went into the hardware utility and turned on all the channels on the controller that had the issue and everything light up! Then I remembered there is a sequence verifier function in the software. I ran this on several sequences and found an issue with the nonworking channel. Turns out that somewhere along the way during channel setting of color/naming the network type was changed from regular to something else... We reset that channel to regular network, update the channel configuration and reloaded the fixed configuration into all of our sequences and everything works as it should now.
  8. Who has a firm publicized start date Poll

    We will be going live on Friday after Thanksgiving. We might not have everything 100% but it will be very close. We are using the same songs from last year with minor tweaks to accommodate the changes we have made. We may add a song or two as we work on sequencing...
  9. Video Cameras

    Yup! We put lights on 28 of them this year!
  10. Video Cameras

    Cool we might have to try that out also!
  11. Video Cameras

    We did the videos later on in the evening when there was no one around. The quality isn't the greatest but it works well enough. We had a friend fly his drone over our display a couple years ago and it look really cool! He took mostly pictures. A big problem for us is all the large tree in the yard, so there is really no way to fly in close and around the display... Here are a couple of videos from last year:
  12. Video Cameras

    We use our digital camera ( Lumix FZ70) to take videos of our display. We sit in the car with the radio on and video from there...
  13. "Lights On" in two weeks!!!

    We have about 1/2 of the lights and props setup and still have to tweak the sequences for the new stuff in the display. We had planned a few big changes but have run out of time for them this year. We should be good to go for Friday after Thanksgiving... If not we''ll run whats done and finish up as needed!
  14. Best lights to wrap trees

    here is how we are doing the lights now:
  15. Best lights to wrap trees

    we use mainly M5 style LEDs on all of our trees. We wrap about 30 trees in our yard! I posted in another thread our new process for wrapping the trees. We use a mix of smooth, faceted and the small nub bulbs and they all look about the same from the street, which in our case is over 100' from the closest trees... Most all of our lights have come from Big Lots or Walmart.