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  1. Sign Project

    That looks amazing!
  2. Google Really Does See All

    that's pretty cool and slightly scary at the same time! LOL big brother is always watching!
  3. strobe light strings?

    I got the same email today as well! Amazing customer service right there! I emailed them and asked to apply the refund to another string of lights, Darren replied back with no problem that makes it easier for us!
  4. strobe light strings?

    I'm still waiting on them too....
  5. Going Dark sorta . . .

    We look forward to seeing the new display/show!
  6. strobe light strings?

    That's why I ordered 6 sets as well! I'm glad I posted a question asking about these lights and caused so many people to spend money!
  7. strobe light strings?

    I just ordered 6 strings of the 50 count from the second link posted, I think they will look really cool in our mega tree!
  8. Did you guys see this?

    from the Blog :
  9. Did you guys see this?

    very cool!
  10. strobe light strings?

    Has anyone seen or used strobes in a string like these: 5mm strobes I'm looking to add strobes to our mega tree next year and maybe a few other places in the display...
  11. Box store LED dimable lights

    We use mainly LEDs from WalMart, BigLots, HomeDepot, Lowes and where ever else they are on sale... We do have some of the 'professional' LEDs as well. They all work just fine with the LOR soft/hardware. Some do fade off at different rates but it's not that big of an issue.
  12. Has anyone ever encountered this...

    how close to power cords are the cat5 cables running? I have heard of issues if the cat5 and power cords are running parallel to and close to each other... might be worth a try to separate them as much as possible.
  13. updating a song during a show?

    Thanks for the info guys I tried it out and there was no change in the sequence, so what you said seems to be the way the program works. Once the sequence is loaded into memory it keeps using that info. Only way is to restart the show or wait until the next show is scheduled to run. Not a big deal, was just trying to see a change in sequencing without disrupting the running show. I'm not using SuperStar or Pixel Editor or intensity files... I have the Advanced license.
  14. Lets say you see somethings you want to change in a song and make those changes to the sequence. Is it possible to make an update to a song while a show is running, so the next time in the show when that song comes on the changes are in place? Or does the show have to be stopped and restarted for a sequencing change to take place?
  15. When do you just stop...

    WOW sorry to hear your have such troubles with traffic! Might be a good thing to take a break for a season and then do a smaller display later on...