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  1. Here are some other threads with people who had the same problem, maybe there is a solution in one of them:
  2. You need to turn all the dip switches off then set the ID in the HU. You will set the base ID and the software will set the next 15 automatically in hex order.
  3. I can't see myself doing it just because it is The Ohio State. 😁 Just kidding, I don't have S5 or I would do it.
  4. The original CCRs were LPD6803 4-wire pixels you can check the specs or if someone else knows for sure you should be able to replace the strips with WS2801 4-wire pixels. I always replace pixels in batches so the colors remain the same. Colors can be off from manufacturer to manufacturer even batch to batch from the same manufacturer. So if you have a 12 ribbon tree make sure you order enough ribbons plus a few spares when you replace them.
  5. If you are really wanting them and have money to burn then they are about $1,000 each on sale. Not sure if the weatherproof dome is included, if not then that is another $800. https://magicallightshows.com/collections/products/products/magicolour-hg230b
  6. DMX spots and yes they are expensive.
  7. ***STOP UPGRADING TO S5*** If you are currently using S4 then please wait to upgrade until after this Holiday Season. Too many posts starting "I just upgraded to S5". S5 is totally different then what you are use to using and you will not learn it fast enough to run a good show this year. Run your show with what you have been using in the past then upgrade next month. This will give you a full year to learn the new software and work the bugs out of your show. No sense in going through all the frustration now and risk the chance of your show not playing. You have been warned.
  8. Well lets see. You placed the order today so they will order the parts from China tomorrow. The parts will take 3-4 weeks to arrive, 3 days in customs depending on weather. They will take 2-3 days for assembly, 2-3 days for testing. Then 2-day shipping out to you, so lets say end of January. 😁
  9. 30 & 31, 32 & 33 are singing trees on a two Pixie2's I believe.
  10. Yes, I would get two just in case. Out of what you listed the CTB16 will limit your network speed at 500K but everything else can do 1000K.
  11. Here is what I am figuring for your network: CTB16PC - 16 channels Pixie16 with seven stings of 50 - 350 pixels/1050 channels First Singing Tree - 200 pixels/600 channels Second Singing Tree - 200 pixels/600 channels Pixel Tree - 400 pixels/1200 channels Total Channels - 3466 channels That is a lot of channels even for an enhanced high speed network.
  12. What are you running this on, a computer or director? If computer what usb adapter? You are running quite a few pixels there so you will need an enhanced high speed network which will require a Pro license.
  13. You can't disable old license seats, just contact the Help Desk and request more license seats.
  14. I agree that as networks get larger and faster terminators may need to be added. My point here and now is someone comes in asking a question on why something isn't working, they have four or five controllers and one of the main things brought up is did you terminate your network? 99% of the time the problem isn't going to be if the network was terminated or not. My show is larger then most on here and I have never terminated a network, not saying I might have to some day but most on here do not need to worry about terminators at this point.
  15. Mr. P


    Normally when lights act up like that it is usually one of two things, the network speed or the cable run from the controller to the first pixel is too long. Seeing as we don't know your network speeds or cable lengths you could try raising the network speed and/or shortening the cable run or installing a null pixel.
  16. I have been doing this for a number of years now and I have never used a terminator or terminated the last controller in my networks and have never had any problems. I do understand that it is recommended and I believe it was k6ccc who mentioned something about larger networks should be terminated but most people here are not using dozens of controllers. I also believe that if terminating was so important then you would hear more about it from LOR or they may even provide these terminators with their controllers. The only terminators that are provided are in the newest Pixie's which is just recent so I think the excuse of terminating is actually overrated for most peoples shows. In my opinion.
  17. If lights are coming on as soon as you apply power then start the Control Panel in LOR. Starting the Control Panel will normally gain control of the boards and shut the lights off.
  18. You no longer need to download LAME for the newest version of Audacity as the software patent has expired.
  19. LOL, if you post a pic you know someone like Ducks is going to call you on it. 🤣
  20. I think it was your second year and you were very motivated to get things done. Plus I will always help a brother in arms.
  21. I usually run unless it's a downpour. But for some reason my 35' arches over the driveway go out every time it rains no matter what I do.
  22. I think between you and I we cleaned them out. 😁
  23. I found a great deal on MeanWell 750w PS so I replaced 8 350w PS which are now spares. I swapped out 14 alphapix controllers for Falcons so those are now backups and traded out four CMB24D controllers for pixel controllers, repurposed two CMB24D's so two still sitting.
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