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  1. Where to buy Pixie 4 / 8

    Purchase them in the LOR store here: http://store.lightorama.com/pico.html
  2. 24x50 matrix sequences

    Anybody have any they are willing to share please pm me.
  3. RGB Device Not Found

    Read up.
  4. RGB Device Not Found

    If this RGB controller is a CMB24D then you set the Unit ID with the dip switches on the board and NOT the HU.
  5. Same here, I also cannot use Chrome if viewing on a laptop.
  6. I have an Amcrest system with an NVR and six HD cameras on mine. I put a 4tb harddrive in the NVR and the cameras are 1080p. Mine only does eight cameras but I also have three Foscam interior cameras that are a seperate system and record to individual micro sd cards. I love the fact that I can monitor all my cameras with my phone no matter where I am. When we visit family the neighbors kid comes over to look after the pets, they call my phone when they get to my garage so I can see them and I can open the garage remotely for them to get in. I can see them in the house and see them when they leave so I can remotely close the garage to lock up the house.
  7. RGB Device Not Found

    Did you assign a new ID to your RGB contoller? It comes set at default which is ID 1 so it will only show three devices as two devices would have the same ID.
  8. Unit ID won't change

    How are you changing the ID? Ensure you have only that controller connected. In the HU to change the Unit ID, use the drop down menu under Old Unit ID to select Any Unit (since there is only one controller connected, this is OK to do.) Use the New Unit ID drop down menu to select a Unit ID for this Color Bulb controller. Then click the Change Unit ID button. If you have set the Max Unit ID to a number lower that the ID you want for your Color Bulb, increase it so you can select the Unit ID you want.
  9. Metal spacers are fine as long as they used the proper screws. However. I would still ensure that the metal enclosure has a wire/strap attached somewhere and connected to the grounding system.
  10. Have you upgraded your license? Your profile states "Standard" so that would only contol eight ID's, not enough.
  11. Since it was a DIY I would check that the board is raised up from the metal box with insulated spacers, check that any cable/wire clamps are not over tightened and cutting into the cable/wire. Also ensure that there is some type of wire or strap connecting the metal box itself to the grounding system.
  12. If you can feel a tingle and measure voltage on the metal box itself then your grounding is bad. You should have a clip, screw or strap connected to the box going to the green ground wire and the power cord should be three wire type. The GFCI should trip if the box is grounding out properly. Once you have that fixed start checking for a short somewhere as the box itself should not have power going through it.
  13. That can be a potentially dangerous situation, you really need to check the grounding asap.
  14. One RJ45 jack broken

    Just put it last in line until the off season then you can get it repaired.
  15. S5 Visualiser

    S5 does not support Visualizer.
  16. CTB16 issues

    I did it with a PS3 a few years ago so I figured it wasn't working so what did I have to lose? If it didn't work I was going to get with LOR and see about the trade-in program
  17. CTB16 issues

    I have a CTB16PC V2 that I can't get any power out of channels 1-8. Channels 9-16 are fine and I have power going in to the unit. The fuse has tested good so what else do I need to test?
  18. CTB16 issues

    I don't think so but then again I am not sure. This was the very first controller I got when I started in LOR five years ago. It was one of three that I got at an estate sale for $100.
  19. CTB16 issues

    Well, I got frustrated because I couldn't find anything wrong so I took the controller apart. The controller is about 10 years old and most of the soldering joints were old and oxidized so I pulled out the trusty heat gun and reflowed the solder on the board. I also put new solder in about two dozen joints, put it all back together and everything is working perfect now. While I had it apart I also coverted it to one plug since all my lights are led.
  20. CTB16 issues

    I got a reply from the Help Desk, they told me to swap the fuses to see if ch 9-16 go out to check the fuse and reset, same result.
  21. Solid State Relays

    I have a 30' inflatable tree and a 20' Santa, I cut the lights and wired them seperately so I could control the lights and the blower motors seperately. Each inflatable now has two seperate power cords each. Blowers stay plugged in and I can control the lights.
  22. Detailed Shimmer question

    Shimmer is a fast preset on/off, twinkle is more random and slower.
  23. As you stated, no. As for the second question, no, you will have a pause as one sequence ends and the other begins and then back. You can always use Audacity to creat your own sound file and then load it as a musical file. I created one that has lightening, door creeks and rattling chains then created a musical file with it and use it as a pre-show sequence.
  24. The music comes from the main sequence and not the sub-sequence. So to answer your question, no it shouldn't. Flip them around and play a musical sequence with an animated subsequence. You could always just add the music to the animation sequence but it will cut the song short or lengthen it depending on the length of the animation sequence if it is not the same length as your animation.
  25. Pixel Tree sequences

    I believe the tree you bought is supposed to have the legs folded so it would give you a 16 x 25 tree. An 8 x 50 is very uncommon and there probably wouldn't be any sequences out there for a tree like that.