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  1. Yes, magic. If you drive by during the day people swear it is a conctruction zone. However, when they return at night their expression changes, their eyes brighten, frowns turn into smiles, the ooohs and the ahhhs, it can can only be called magic. Don't we all provide a little of that Christmas magic? I mean this is what it's all about.
  2. I will admit that during the day my show looks a hot mess with cables and wires going everywhere but my show is also not a walk thru. However, at night when it gets dark and you can't see the cables and wire, that is when the magic happens. I have to be honest, if your only complaint is a little messy cables I would call myself lucky.
  3. There is a three day waiting period before you can buy. 😁
  4. Mr. P

    pixie 16 not Found in H/U

    If you are using S3 v3.10.14 like your profile states then you need to udate to at least S4 v4.3.18 or higher for a Pixie to be recognized.
  5. Mr. P

    One more time, BACKUP!!!

    We mention this several times a year, BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP. We are so close now, don't take any chances with your show. Backup all files on several sources that are not located on your computer, thumb drive, external HDD, server, NAS, anywhere but your computer. You will hate yourself if you don't.
  6. Billy Joe said he would use them.
  7. Mr. P

    USB485B Shorted out

    Can you verify if you used a patch (straight thru) cable or a crossover cable? Or maybe there was a short in your cable. Some how power got where it wasn't suppose to get, that is what we mean when you hear people say "let the magic smoke out."
  8. We preach this year after year that you should backup your files to at least three different sources that are not on your computer. Why waste all that effort and hundreds of hours creating your sequences just to have one mishap wash all that away.
  9. When you purchased the sequence did the media file come with it? Many places that sell sequences do not include the media file because the songs are copyrighted and they don't have the license to sell the music. Instead they usually have a link to where you can purchase the song for the sequence. If the music was purchased with the sequence then as Don stated you need to link the musid to the sequence using the steps he laid out.
  10. Mr. P

    started setting up this weekend

    I never start until December 1 so that gives me an extra week. As far behind as I am I need it.
  11. Mr. P

    started setting up this weekend

    Finally got some days without rain. I got the grass and bushes cut Friday and got 10 hours of setup Saturday and 10 today, I'm tired.
  12. Mr. P

    Vertical Matrix - Wiring Order Issue

    Matt, does this apply in S4 PE or is this a S5 thing only?
  13. It is my understanding that the kits are not high speed or enhanced network capable. With many of LORs newest equiment (mainly pixels) you will need the higher speed and enhanced network so you may need to have a seperate network for your kit boards.
  14. Mr. P

    G3-MP3 controlling PixLite 4

    A director cannot do E1.31 as it is lor network only. If you want to use the Pixlite then you need a computer.
  15. Mr. P

    Pixie 16 not recognizing device

    Check the pixel specs on the ribbons as most ws2811 ribbons are around 36w for 50 pixels so that is 3 amps. The Pixie has 4 amp fuses so you may need to power inject to get 100. You always have to check the specs of the lights as they vary by manufacturer.
  16. Mr. P

    New to LOR. In need of sequences

    You need to go to the Sequence sharing forum.
  17. Here is next years hot lights.
  18. Mr. P

    Pixel programming issue

    I knew it. 😁
  19. I saw those last weekend when I was in Home Depot, I shook my head and said, "only in the south." 😁
  20. Mr. P

    Pixel programming issue

    You probably have an entire library of screen shots saved in a folder on your computer just itching to use them. 🤣🤣🤣
  21. Mr. P

    switch or not

    On an LOR network they must be daisy chained, no switch.
  22. Mr. P

    Vertical Matrix - Wiring Order Issue

    Folds, that is why I was asking about the controller. An alphapix can do folds but a pixie cannot. You can also program the folds in the alphapix configuration menu.
  23. Mr. P

    Vertical Matrix - Wiring Order Issue

    You didn't mention the controller you are using. Also, is each string on a different port?
  24. You can use up to 100 pixels on 12v before needing power injection depending on the specs of the pixels, the fuse is the limit. The Pixcon also maxes out at 170 pixels per port.
  25. Mr. P

    Pixie 16 not recognizing device

    Also, a USB485B can't do the higher speeds so if you get a Pixie or get into pixels you will definitely need the red adapter.