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  1. They usually have so many videos to go through that you normally won't hear anything till around Halloween.
  2. I understand all that and I stated that most on hear preach about it. I just stated that I have never terminated and never had any issues with the 10-12 LOR controllers that I have on my on RS485 network.
  3. The jumpers aren't needed unless you need to power something off a controller or you are using triggers. J5 just lets you physically select the IC and color order which you do in the HU when you program the contoller. Terminating won't hurt anything and many on here swear by it. Personally I have never terminated a circuit and I have never had a issue but then again I am not running a gazillion LOR controllers.
  4. As stated in the manual J2 is for accessory power, J3 is for triggers and J5 can set the color order which you would do in the HU anyway. You don't really need to mess with them for the card to work.
  5. Not only think of your adapter as the port but also as the network. The only way you can have the AC controllers and the Pixie controllers on the same high speed network is if all the AC controllers are gen 3. Every controller on a usb network must be able to operate at the speed you select.
  6. I have lights from about a dozen manufacturers and they all have different color orders. I just keep them in their static bag as the bag has the wiring diagram on the outside.
  7. Here are a few extension files: LAS is an Animation Sequence . LMS is a Musical Sequence . LSV is what saves your visual preferences (zoom level, etc) within the Sequence Editor. . LCS is the compressed sequence. LSC is the schedule files. These are created/edited when you adjust your schedule. LSS is the show file. This is the file that contains information to run your show. LCC is the LOR Channel Configuration file. SUP is a Superstar Editor file. LEE – Visualizer file. LFF – Visualizer fixture file . LPF – Visualizer prop file . LPE – Pixel Editor file . LID – Intensity Data file. LOREDIT – This is the file that is used in the LOR S5 Sequencer. BAK is a backup file.
  8. My wife works for the CDC, she gets a daily brief on this thing.
  9. Chinese New Year ended Feb 8 but as you stated some factories are converting productions and many are just keeping workers at home.
  10. Just wondering if anyone has noticed any disruptions in orders from China. Many vendors are having their pre-sales now and as everyone knows most all led's come from China. The stock market has taken a pounding the last few days due to Coronavirus interrupting the supply chains.
  11. The USB485B, one with booster, does not support high speed networks but then again neither do the ELL's. If you want to test ELL's then just connect it to a controller you already have. As suggested, just go ahead and get yourself a couple of the red adapters as they are only a $2 more.
  12. If your license does cover your set up then you may have to manipulate the Timing Map. The instant sequencer works by frequencies in your music so you have to adjust the strings to be on separate frequencies.
  13. I only use the strips when I can permanently mount them to things like conduit or something. The strips are pretty fragile and can't take the bending, folding and rolling as easy as the strings. My strips either stay mounted on the house year round or they are mounted on 1/2 inch pvc where I can take the entire pipe down without removing the strips for storage. If you do have to remove the strips I would recommend putting them back on their original reels that they came on or carefully looping them and put them in their own storage box. If you are talking string nodes on the plastic strips then just loop them loosely as strings are pretty resilient.
  14. I have to agree, anything transitioning to S5.
  15. Also, for those who are looking for a timer who want to be able to program and control things through wifi and your phone these are great: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07KB63CYN/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  16. Your situation is probably different then most who run landscape lights. My understanding is that they are using a CMB24D and a floodlight or two so a sequence installed in the CMB24D would be fine. Plug the CMB24D into a timer and program to run when powere on and the computer can go bye bye.
  17. Since you are using them for landscape lights you know you can use the CMB24D as a stand alone and install a sequence in it and not have to use a computer.
  18. I am not following how the USB485 adapter was damaged, you mentioned these were landscape lights do you leave the controllers connected to a computer?
  19. Heck, I use 18ga ferrules and they are tight. I don't know how you are getting 14ga in there.
  20. If you are talking about two sets of dongles in each connector they won't fit. The connectors are rather small and just putting one set in fills them up.
  21. If you are going to purchase a CMB24D with LOR dongles then make sure you buy all your dongles from LOR. HC dongles/pigtails and LOR dongles do not match up as they are different sizes so pick one vendor and stay with them for the dongles.
  22. I guess the word "ANIMATION" threw me off then. You must be talking sequencing.
  23. The point is with all those pixel trees that you are wanting to run a Standard license will not run all those pixels. First you will need to upgrade to a Pro license to run those pixels and that will also give you access to PE which will help with the animations.
  24. Please update your profile because if you are still using a Standard license you are not going to animate anything.
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