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      1/18/2018 - LOR has resumed operations after the fire   01/17/2018

      As of 1/18 we have resumed operations.  On 1/16 a fire occurred in the same building that houses the main LOR offices and manufacturing.    More information can be found in 'Important Announcements'.    

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  1. I got an email

    Wow! I got one of the infamous and rare LOR emails. Seeing as how they don't send them out very often the first thing I thought when I saw it was "fire sale." Well unfortunately it wasn't but it is nice to hear from them once in a while.
  2. LOR1602W Controllers for sale - 3 total

    Good point, I am so use to seeing "Buy it now" on Ebay you rarely see an auction like the old days.
  3. LOR1602W Controllers for sale - 3 total

    I'm still only seeing the local pickup
  4. LOR1602W Controllers for sale - 3 total

    The Ebay ad says "Free local pickup, local pickup only."
  5. LOR1602W Controllers for sale - 3 total

    That is an awesome price for all three, they won't last long. It's a shame you won't ship, they would go much faster.
  6. Fire at LOR

    Alright, so when does that fire sale start?
  7. Fire at LOR

    I know LOR comes up with a bunch of new ideas but I think they misunderstood the meaning of a fire sale.
  8. going dark is so different...

    Will everyone please stand.
  9. Fraud

    This is exactly why I never use my debit card. A credit card is fully insured and usually only takes a phone call to get your money back, at least with my fraud experience. However, most debit cards have the card owner responsible for the first $500 and is much harder to get your money back.
  10. Pixel controller DIP setting??

    My E1.31 runs from my computer out to two 8 port switches, one on each end of the front yard. The F16V3 can be daisy chained as they have a mini switch built in.
  11. Pixel controller DIP setting??

    There are tons of videos on YouTube, just do a search for LOR E1.31. If you have any other questions just ask or pm.
  12. Matrix panels Sequencing

    You can subscribe to and follow this thread where they are discussing P10 panels.
  13. Pixel controller DIP setting??

    I use a Falcon controller on my 16 ribbon tree, very easy to set up.
  14. Extension cord storage ideas

    I use one very large tub container that stays in the garage year round. This tub holds only the outdoor 14 gauge type etxtension cords that get used only for connecting controllers. All of my props use led lights so the bulk of my extension cords are SPT wire which cuts down on 75% of the bulk and weight compared to using outdoor cords. I guess it would come down to what you are using for extension cords. Are you purchasing typical outdoor cords or are you making your own with SPT wire?
  15. Adding a Pixie4

    That is correct.
  16. New look?

    Did the Forums get an upgrade or have I been redirected to a fake site?
  17. No cutting just an easy bend.
  18. Actually, my downstairs windows are 20' around so I have to add four feet nd upstairs windows are 16'. I just do an easy bend on the corners which is fine since the ribbons are never removed and aren't constantly handled.
  19. I have used my CCR tree for five years now with no issues, believe it or not I had an issue this year with the controller burning out a chip but the ribbons are still going strong. As mentioned the ribbons are fragile so constant handling and bending will shorten their life. I have two recommendations when using the ribbons: 1) Use extra silicon on the end caps paying particular attention to where the wires enter the caps. If you have the three pin waterproof cables attached pay attention to where the shrink tube ends and put a dab of silicon there as well. I have never had an issue with water in my ribbons. 2) Mount your ribbons to something permanent and store it that way in the off season. This makes each leg about 18' long but it prevents all the handling and bending and the ribbons will be permanently straight, the #1 killer of ribbons is the constant bending. I also use ribbons on my windows and they also have been good for five years. I mount them to 1/2 inch pvc and snap them in place, less handling and they are also stored that way. I don't expect them to last forever but when you pay that much money for them you want a few years out of them.
  20. Plug & SHow Cosmic Color Packages

    Buying seperately will be cheaper but the kit will give you the LOR warranty so it depends on what is important to you, cost or warranty.
  21. Plug & SHow Cosmic Color Packages

    Just to be exactly clear, I have not found a single pixel or controller that is truly plug and show. You actually have to have a little knowledge and configure everything for it to properly work. Don't be fooled and think that all you do is plug it in and it works.
  22. Wrapping it up

    Last show of the season tonight and I hope everyone had a flawless season. Everything went pretty smooth for me with no major hiccups this year. Starting tomorrow everything will start coming down and getting packed away. Keep in mind all the pre-season sales that will start in January, I know I will be making some major purchases this year as I am planning a huge change in my show. I will be doubling the amount of pixels and converting all dumb RGB to pixels. The best part is i will still be in here picking all your brains. HAPPY NEW YEAR.
  23. cant get ccr tree to work in pe

    With SS you have the option of exporting to SE which adds the channels or saving as an intensity file. With PE you only have the intensity file option so you don't actually add all the channels to SE like SS can.
  24. Would be a lot cheaper to put them toether yourself and it only takes about 15 minutes.
  25. cant get ccr tree to work in pe

    No, not in the same way. When you create a preview it saves it as an intensity file. What you would do is open the PE program and select open file, this is when you would select an existing .lms file from SE. When it opens it will ask you what previews you would like to add to the sequence ie matrix, mega tree or what not then you would save the file again as a intensity file and that will add a single intensity channel to the .lms sequence which would be the PE portion. It does work like SS as an intensity file.