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  1. I think jr needs a computer with 50 USB ports 😁 Maybe that new Pixie adapter will help him since he refuses to use E1.31 😁
  2. This is why you always add a new prop to the bottom of an existing sequence that you are already using. Then you export the configuration and save the file then import that configuration into your other sequences to add the prop. If you create a new sequence with just a new prop then there is no way to import it into your existing sequences.
  3. Now that you are getting into pixels you may want to think about upgrading that mini director. Your new pixel tree will need higher speeds and since the mini director only supports one network you won't be able to put the pixel tree and your ELL's on the same network as the ELL's can't do high speed.
  4. Just to expand a little on what Phil stated, a pixel is made up of three channels, red, green and blue. If you use a fade on the main pixel channel it will always come out white as it places the fade on all the RGB led channels. You have to open the channel up and show the red, green and blue led channels and place a fade on the individual RGB led channels. If placing a fade on the main pixel channel then your best bet is a color fade. In the pic below any sequencing placed on the black main pixel row affects the three RGB led channels below it.
  5. I have a section of yard on the opposite side of my driveway, I use my driveway arches to cross over.
  6. You may want to go in and black out some of your personal info, email address, telephone and address.
  7. As stated, they are for pixels. However, the pixels, controller and the power supply are all included. http://store.lightorama.com/rgbprops.html
  8. Just to add, you need a Pro license in order to do what you are asking. Your profile shows a Standard license.
  9. May work fine when testing by itself but won't work once you add it to a show. Once you start sequencing chases with thousands of commands going out for your show that network will not keep up and you will start seeing lag and flashes that you didn't sequence.
  10. Can't use ELL's on CCC2. The CCC2 require a high speed network and ELL's can't do high speed.
  11. I remember a few years ago when the hottest items would sell out in the first minute of the sale. Talk about having to be fast with your order. We would jump in when the sale started, buy the hot items and check out. Then we would have to come back in and buy the regular items that we wanted.
  12. That's the thing about the Spring Sale, limited quantities and lower prices. You have to be there when it starts or you may not get what you want. The Summer Sale has unlimited quantities but higher prices.
  13. Those normally go at the Summer Sale, the Spring Sale is usually controllers at lower discounted prices.
  14. On the LOR sale flyer there is a button you can press to have your stimulus check sent directly to them. 😁
  15. I believe that UV wavelengths need to be between 200nm-300nm for it to actively kill germs and bacteria. The LOR lights aren't true UV, if the are they are on the high end at 390nm.
  16. Yes they do look good, I am painting before I lay the new floors so paint on the walls, trim and ceiling then rip out the old carpet. I am also changing out all new light fixtures, wall switches and outlets while I have them off. So far I have laid about 3,000sf of maple floor plus I am staining and sealing as I finish a room. I don't think it's ever going to end.
  17. They are determined not to let this video get out. I got something for them.
  18. If it goes against the government then I guess it's a violation.
  19. A very interesting interview that everyone should watch.
  20. Not buying anything this year, I have enough stuff that I could actually run two shows. I spent this years allotted show money on new hardwood floors which I have been installing since I was stuck in my house. I will do a few more songs and make a few props out of my spares this year.
  21. One more time: LAS is an Animation Sequence . LMS is a Musical Sequence . LSV is what saves your visual preferences (zoom level, etc) within the Sequence Editor. . LCS is the compressed sequence. LSC is the schedule files. These are created/edited when you adjust your schedule. LSS is the show file. This is the file that contains information to run your show. LCC is the LOR Channel Configuration file. SUP is a Superstar Editor file. LEE – Visualizer file. LFF – Visualizer fixture file . LPF – Visualizer prop file . LPE – Pixel Editor file . LID – Intensity Data file. LOREDIT – This is the file that is used in the LOR S5 Sequencer. BAK is a backup file.
  22. What controllers? What lights? If going RGB or pixels then you may need a license upgrade and some faster adapters. We need more info.
  23. Glad the money is going to people who can use it. My wife and I don't qualify as our income is above the threshold but at least we still have jobs and income coming in.
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