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  1. Here is a link to all the different LOR licenses so you can compare the different levels: http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-suite-levels/ Here is a link to the SuperStar info then you can go to the LOR store to purchase: http://www1.lightorama.com/superstar-add-on/
  2. Once you add channels to the bottom of a sequence you can use TRACKS to rearrange the channels. Remember that Tracks are your friend.
  3. Yeah it sucks. Just make sure you ALWAYS add channels to the bottom.
  4. You can't merge, you will have to open an existing sequence add the channels you need then Export the Channel Configuration. Then you open your other sequences and import that saved Channel Configuration.
  5. You actually need an Advanced or Pro license just to use the Pixie16 as the Pixie will use 16 Unit ID's just to program it. When programming the Pixie16 you will assign the first Unit ID and the software automatically assigns the next 15 in order. Also, what SuperStar license do you have? That will affect what SS can export. Your Basic Plus license is only for LOR and can handle four Unit ID's. SS is a seperate program which requires a seperate license.
  6. Channel Configurations

    Oooops, sorry, I just noticed that you are using S5 and it may not be the same.
  7. Channel Configurations

    In the Sequence you want to save: Top menu "Edit" and click Export/Import Channel Configuration then Exprt Channel Configuration. Save the file in a location you want. Open the other sequence then Top menu "Edit" then import the channel configuration that you just saved.
  8. Need Help configuring PixCon16

    I have to agree, if this is a new board then there is a problem with it and should be replaced. You shouldn't have to configure the board every time you apply power.
  9. LOR Pixie16 Setup

    Okay, make sure the Control Panel is running then open the HU. Set the Unit ID, the Pixie16 uses 16 Unit ID's, one for each port. You set the Unit ID for the first port and the software sets the ID's for the next 15 automatically in order. So if you set the first port to Unit ID 1 then the rest will go 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 9. 0A, 0B, 0C, 0D, 0E, 0F, 10 automatically. Once the ID is set click the Refresh button so it finds the Pixie16. When found click the Config button on the bottom then click Cosmic Color/ Pixie Config button. In the Config you must know the type of pixels you are using, normally WS2811 (800 or 400). Put in the color order of the pixels, RGB, BRG etc. (this info should come from the pixel manufacturer) Channel Mode should be Triples. Put in # of pixels per port, 50 or 100. Click OK Back in the HU main page, click Pixel Console button on the bottom. When Console opens click Pixel type in bottom left, CCB/CCP/Pixie. Set the Unit ID, 01 for port 1, 02 for port 2 and so on. Click on Controller buttons on bottom for the corresponding color you want to turn on or All Off.
  10. LOR Pixie16 Setup

    Perfect, now we know that your software can handle the pixie. You say you tested, how did you test? Through the HU?
  11. LOR Pixie16 Setup

    First, you need to fill in your profile so we know what version software you are using and what your license level is.
  12. Also keep in mind since you are doing 100 pixels per channel that the pixie's are only 4 amps per channel. I highly suggest that you check the pixels you are using and ensure you don't go over the 4 amps or you will have to power inject. watts / volts = amps
  13. The CMB24D can do 4amps per channel so you will have to do some basic math to see how many nodes you can use. Watts / Volts = amps
  14. I just happen to think that power supplies are a crap shoot anyway. I understand that everybody swears by Mean Well but I have over 30 power supplies in my system and I for one can't afford $50 a pop for a Mean Well. All of my power supplies have cost $12-$18 and some I have been using for six years with no issues (knock on wood). I figure if you ensure they are regulated, keep them cool, wire and ground them properly and never run them continuously over 80% even the cheaper ones will do the job.