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  1. LOR S4 and Windows 10 issues

    Did you ever find out if it was the HDD's? All my computers use SSD's so I wonder if that will make a difference?
  2. LOR S4 and Windows 10 issues

    I have been running 4.3.24 on Windows 7 since it came out. A few weeks ago my windows 7, LOR programming computer crashed and windows stated it could not be fixed and to insert the orginal Windows install disk and reinstall windows. Well my computer came with windows 7 installed but came with a Windows 10 install disk so I couldn't reinstall 7 and had to put 10 on it. I remeber people having issue when 10 first came out so once the computer was up and running again the first thing I did was put 4.3.24 on it to see what happens. So far everything is working fine, Windows has done all its updates and everything seems to be fine. Now my programming computer is Windows 10 and my show computer is Wndows 7 and so far I don't have any issues going back and forth, KNOCK ON WOOD!
  3. Alphapix vs Falcon?

    You can do a comparison of the most popular controllers here: http://nutcracker123.com/nutcracker/rgb_controllers/
  4. Length of Network

    Data pair are pins 4 & 5 in the cat 5. Your very last controller in a network will only have one cat5 cable going in so you make a terminator and plug that into the second rj45 port.
  5. Length of Network

    I use to use Alphapix but they have been failing at an alarming rate so I have slowly been changing everything to Falcons as they fail.
  6. Length of Network

    I don't know about the Pixies in detail because I don't use them. I know other controllers have temp monitoring where you can actually see the temp they are running at in the software.
  7. Length of Network

    Do the Pixies have temp monitoring?
  8. Length of Network

    When you build your Pixie enclosures if you put one of the power supplies in the box with the controller it will help with the cold.
  9. Length of Network

    Daisy chains are allowed if you have a controller with a built in switch as some of the Falcon controllers do. But as a rule the standard controllers do not.
  10. Time to start

    My Halloween Show has 11 and many stay for the entire show but I only run it for a week.
  11. Powering a pixel mega tree

    I only have one word to say about Falcon,,,,,,,,,,,, F48
  12. New to Pixels

    I would also like to ask about your musical. Is this a live musical that you are wanting to sync with? If the musical is live then that makes the situation that much more difficult. As stated by others, this is really not plug n play as in take it out, connect and it plays. This sytem takes some input from the user especially if jumping right into pixels as pixels has a learning curve.
  13. random channels

    Theye are normally located in "important Announcements" at the top of the Forums.
  14. How to test amps on Pixel String

    The second one you listed states max power as 0.8w but the working power is 0.24w.
  15. Playing Devil's Advocate

    I think the forum is broke, it keeps posting the same thing over and over.