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  1. All pixels in the LOR clearance store are WS2801 four wire.
  2. If these are the pixels you purchased then they are smart pixels and can be used on the Pixie. These are the WS2801 four wire smart pixels. http://store.lightorama.com/clrgbbugrwi.html
  3. The pixels they purchased are WS2801 which are four wire smart pixels and the Pixie does support those pixels.
  4. Just use a multimeter and trace the wires so you know which is what.
  5. Keep in mind that the pixels you bought on clearance are WS2801 5v so all the ports on the Pixie must use WS2801 5v pixels. You cannot mix pixels on a Pixie controller.
  6. Consider using ferrules when using stranded wire. All it takes is just one of those itty bitty strands to go astray and touch something its not suppose to and you will have a short and blow the mosfet. Also, never mess with the wires while the board is powered on.
  7. A CTB16PC cannot do standalone. If you have a CMB24D or any other standalone controller you can connect a CTB16 to it and run a sequence.
  8. A mosfet is very simple to replace if you have basic soldering skills. Whichever string is affected find the mosfet that controls that color:
  9. A Pixie16 uses one ID per output so when you assigned the first output (20) the software automatically assigned the other outputs in hex order. And just so you know, if you still have a basic license you will not be able to use a Pixie16 as Basic only allows two ID's where a Pixie16 will use 16 ID's. You will need to upgrade your license.
  10. If they come on right when you apply power to the CMB24D you probably blew the mosfet and will probably have to replace them.
  11. Did they ever fix the issue in S5 where you can open RGB channels? If they did you can change a row of white easily to red, green or blue by turning channels off. Orange, purple and other colors which need special mixing can't be done only mixed channels which can be all on at 255.
  12. Sure you can, you can use any three wire plug you wish. just make sure you get the Pos, Neg and data wires correct. Tip: pick one vendor for plugs and always stay with them as there is no standard and most of them are not compatible.
  13. If I am understanding what you are asking, LOR cannot play samples, it will play whatever sequence you load. Lets say you have 10 sequences and want to play samples from all 10 then you would have to create a remix of the songs, sequences and combine them in to one sequence to be played.
  14. You can use any pixel type that the Pixie supports. LOR current pixels are WS2811 so as long as the HC pixels are WS2811 then you will be fine. The pixie can only use one IC type for the entire board at a time.
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