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  1. Mr. P

    CF50D not playing in SE

    I am pretty sure they are smart and not dumb as they come with five channels and not three. When adding them to your sequence add them by "inserting Device."
  2. Mr. P

    Help! With Connecting Computer to Controllers

    First off before you can use the Pixie16's you will need to upgrade your license to Pro as they will need a enhanced network, plus the Pixies will use 32 unit IDs and you license only covers 4. You will also need to have the red adapter for the higher speeds, you may be able to get away with the black but the red is highly recommended.
  3. Mr. P

    Help! With Connecting Computer to Controllers

    First we need more info: What software version? What license level? What color is the USB 485 adapter?
  4. Mr. P

    CCR Tree Down

    Well you know what they say, "If you can't fix it with duct tape then you didn't use enough duct tape." *** 100mph tape for you military folks.
  5. Mr. P

    S4 Show Editor major problems

    Just a suggestion here but you stated that the new computer has been put away since last Christmas and it has Windows 10. You took it out and updated it via windows update, well the October update 1809 had some bugs so windows halted the updates until a fix was established. I don't know what the update involved or if it may have affected your machine.
  6. Mr. P

    RGB Sequence Programming

    S5 is a completely new program and there is a learning curve so I NEVER recommend that anyone change over this close to the Holidays. In S4 you could modify the channels add/delete channels and all that stuff in SE, now the channels are controlled in the previews. Unless you are a very quick learner I would recommend you stay with what you know until after the Holidays then change and learn the new stuff.
  7. Mr. P

    S4 Show Editor major problems

    All of my 32 sequences run between 1.6 - 2.3 gigs each and they all run on two networks. One LOR network for my LOR controllers and one E1.31 network for all my pixels, never had a lag or delay like you are experiencing. Must be some setting or something with your most recent update.
  8. I guess the strips aren't as smart as the nodes, just a little slower.
  9. Hmmmm, that doesn't make any sense. WS2811 pixel strings are the same as WS2811 strips. If you are using 50 pixel strings then ensure you are using 10 pixels or 30 leds per meter strips. Also confirm the strips are WS2811 and check your wiring. Try changing the 400khz and 800khz in the config.
  10. Mr. P

    Color changing Led light suggestion

    You are knd of giving a mixed signal so that is why Phil recommended the lights he did. You stated, " I want something durable and that also has a color memory so it goes back to the last color when powered back up again." The memory part tells me you didn't want something you could sequence.
  11. Mr. P

    Desk top trouble

    Since you recently upgraded you are able to download the most current version of S5. I would however caution you that S5 has a learning curve so only download S5 if you are a quick learner, being so close to the Holidays and all. If you do go with S5 make sure to backup your sequences before converting them as once converted to S5 you can't go back.
  12. Mr. P

    Desk top trouble

    Where are your backups? If you have no backups then I am afraid you are out of luck. I always recommend that everyone keep a backup of their LOR files in at least three different places.
  13. Mr. P

    S4 Show Editor major problems

    Have you tried creating a show with the Simple Show Builder? I only mention this because the SSB is pre-set it doesn't have all the options that Show Editor does so I am thinking if it runs correctly in SSB then there may be some settings in the Show Editor that may need to be changed.
  14. Mr. P

    Power Injection to RGBs

    The Pixcon can handle 340 pixels a port but that doesn't mean the voltage will be good, it just means the data will be good. You still have to power inject after the first 100 pixels (12v) or first 50 pixels (5v) not only because of voltage drop but also the fuses on the Pixcon can't handle more then that. You didn't mention if you purchased the original CCP strings (4-wire) or the newer CCP ll strings (3-wire), makes a difference because they are different voltages. Some will power inject between the second and third string and some will power inject at the end of the third string. Me personally, I live by the KISS philosophy, Keep It Simple Stupid, and will go out of my way not to power inject. To me power injecting just adds another level of complexity and more ways for something to go wrong.
  15. If this is a tree did you confirm the placement of the controller? It sounds like you may have the controller at the top instead of the bottom or vice versa. If in Vis mode then then Vis controls the placement by pixel 1.