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  1. I guess the word "ANIMATION" threw me off then. You must be talking sequencing.
  2. The point is with all those pixel trees that you are wanting to run a Standard license will not run all those pixels. First you will need to upgrade to a Pro license to run those pixels and that will also give you access to PE which will help with the animations.
  3. Please update your profile because if you are still using a Standard license you are not going to animate anything.
  4. Mr. P


    Honestly, if you just get the cords off the ground they would be fine. I hang all connections if they are near bushes or trees and I raise the ones in the yard only a inch or two. As long as the water can run off and not puddle a bit around the cords you will be fine, never had any issues
  5. Mr. P


    All one brotherhood.
  6. You can't, the HU will only control one controller at a time. You will need to create a automation sequence and turn everything on then run the sequence.
  7. Mr. P


    Keep in mind that a GFCI receptacle has a line side and a load side. If you want all receptacles on the circuit to operate or shut down individually then all wiring is on the line side only, load side will not be used.
  8. Mr. P


    Depending on how you wire the receptacle you either shutdown just the receptacle affected or the affected receptacle and everything past it. How the receptacle operates depends on how it is wired.
  9. Mr. P


    Just keep in mind that there are several ways to wire a GFCI receptacle depending on the type of protection you are wanting.
  10. December 31 is my final night and I normally start tearing down January 1. However, it is supposed to rain Wed-Sat so I will need a day of drying time so nothing is put away wet.
  11. Do you have something else open/running like the HU or anything?
  12. You must be talking about these type of pixels.
  13. LOR will only use files with a Project Rate of 44100Hz. you can open the file in Audacity and change the rate in the lower left corner.
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