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  1. Here is a copy of 4.3.24, same as the others.
  2. I also noticed in the network config shot that they posted that they have each port assigned a different ip address. The entire pixocon controller is supposed to be assigned a ip address so each port 10-25 should have the same ip address as the pixcon.
  3. Here: http://www.superstarlights.com/Sequences/Purchase.php#16x25LORTree
  4. Show played that's not on schedule

    A show that short may not even show up on the scheduler since it is so short. So it may not look like it is there but it may actually be there, try to delete anything in that time frame.
  5. I would also add that the USB485B is not for high speed, max is 115k. As you stated you need to get a HS adapter especially since you are running pixels.
  6. This is why we do it

    A woman brought her two year old to the show last night. She posted a short clip on my wifes facebook account. This is why we do it.
  7. Pixcon 16 to Stand alone PC

    Are you positive that the pixcon ip address is Can you ping the pixcon ip address? If you can then you should be able to open your browser and type in the very top search bar and it should open the pixcon web interface.
  8. FM Help!!!

    He is obviously transmitting on high power so maybe he doesn't know how to switch it to low power. If you go over and explain that and show him how to switch to low power then all should be good. Patrick Swayze (Road House) "be nice until it's time to not be nice."
  9. Playing sequences done in 5 in previous version

    Usually you can convert up ie 3-4 or 4-5 but you can't go down. For 1,000 pixels you would need a license for 24 CCR.
  10. Pixels you can add to or take away all you want as long as you don't overload the port. Just make sure you solder everything correctly and also be advised that pixels are directional. The data only flows one way so make sure you know the data in and the data out.
  11. Dead Pixcon Channel

    Did you check the fuse? Each port has its own fuse beside it.
  12. Networking in new Pixcon16?

    You can put them in any order you like. You must have a Pro license and make sure that the CTB16PC's are gen 3 so they work on a high speed enhanced network. The Pixcon will use 16 consecutive unit ID's, one per port, so ensure no other controller uses them. In the network config under the LOR tab make sure you you put a check in the J3/J4 box and check enhanced (mandatory for the pixcon).
  13. Lights on??

    If they come on when you plug in the controller and the show is not running then you have more then likely blown a triac if they are ac controllers or mosfet if they are 12v controllers. Was it raining or something cause a short?
  14. Networking in new Pixcon16?

    If you are using the older mini director and not the uMP3g3 mini director then you CANNOT use the pixcon on it. The pixcon requires at least a 500k speed and enhanced network and the older mini director will only go up to 115k and cannot do enhanced network.
  15. This is exactly why I decided a few years ago that I will not run pixels on the LOR network. my personal preference as Pixies and Pixcon were not released then. RS485 is great for distance but it is just too stinking slow and I did not want the headache trying to figure out what to put on what network to keep things running. I currently run two networks, one LOR (RS485) and one E1.31, all my ac controllers and dumb RGB controllers go on the LOR nrtwork and all my pixels run on E1.31. I am running seven CTB16PC's and four CMB24D's on the LOR network and somewhere around 11,000 pixel channels on E1.31 with Falcon and Alphapix controllers. E1.31 has a much shorter distance but it is way faster so I have two 8 port switches stretched across the yard. This works great for me without one bit of lag so this is one headache I don't have to worry about, at least for now.