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  1. I keep getting this protocol and carrier thing all confused so I do the best I can. I just know RS485 and E1.31 😁 <------ Lookee there, 3,000 posts 😁
  2. Actually there are really only two: RS485 (LOR) - good out to 4,000 ft., may need multiple networks as network is limited on channels due to slow speed (even high speed LOR is slow and limited) E1.31 (DMX) - which is good out to 300ft unless you add a switch to regenerate signal, practically unlimited channels due to much higher speeds.
  3. Mr. P

    circular tree

    More lights 😁 Seriously, don't do it. It starts out as one then two. Then the next thing you know you have 10-15, spending a ton of money, you're sleeping on the couch because the wife won't speak to you. A few years from now you file for bankruptcy and die alone. However, that's all okay since you had a great lightshow. 😁
  4. M.2 is just the connection type, sata or PCIe is the interface. Both interfaces can connect M.2 but the NVMe PCIe interface is much faster then sata. Sata = 600 mbs PCIe = 2,000 mbs
  5. If you have the connections on the MB then get a PCIe SSD as they are 2.5x faster then the sata SSDs.
  6. Nice setup James, similar specs to the laptop I got last summer with the I7-8700. Sometimes I go into my theater room and connect my laptop to my projector, ever seen SE on a 180" screen? The timing squares are as big as my head. 😁
  7. The pixels do run in a specific order however, you can change which pixel is #1 by reversing the order in the Pixcon setup.
  8. Works on mine but then again I am running Win 10 Pro and not Win 7. Let me pull out my show computer as it has Win 7 on it.
  9. Take heed people, see how easy and quick that was when members fill out their profile properly? Thank you DavyPenn.
  10. It's a Windows Installer error. Go into your CMD Prompt window as an administrator, you will see something like this: C:\Windows\system32> type in - net user administrator /active:yes It should look like this: C:\Windows\system32>net user administrator /active:yes Hit Enter Okay, he figured it out, I hate reading long posts. 😁
  11. Yeah, about 4k a month but that is my play money. You know what they say, "Big boys have expensive toys."
  12. 67YO? Dang, I retired 10 years ago and still have 16 years before I collect?
  13. Canny Systems is having a 30% off pre-sale for those who like their ridge hooks. https://www.cannysystems.com/
  14. I'm just scouring the web for pre-sales. New year so wife gives a new allotment for show spending. I have a lot of cash burning a hole in my pocket.
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