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  1. If you are asking if you can link to an avi file or some other video file then no, the video must be a channel in another sequence. Sub-sequence will only identify a lms or las file so you can't just link to a video file.
  2. Problems with all the programs

    Simple Show Builder requires your files to be in the default folder that was set during setup. If you have moved them anywhere else they will not show. The default file is LOR/Sequences during setup unless you specify a different folder.
  3. Dying Pixels??

    Now you have gone and done it, you had to open that can of worms.
  4. Are they the same size as the ones used in the Pixie and Pixcon controllers? http://store.lightorama.com/8paofpicofor.html
  5. CMB24D Stand alone mode

    The CMB24D does not have a clock so no schedule. You would need to connect it to an external timer and program it to play when powered on.
  6. Sub-Sequence

    Sub-sequences don't work with directors as you can't map the file, you have to have a computer. Why not just copy and paste into your main sequence?
  7. 16 pixcon tree in visualiser

    There is a 50 pixel limit, read this thread. However, Saxon found a way around.
  8. Of course it is still around: http://itsmebob.com/SD.html However, there is a new program right here in the forums it's called dibblejr
  9. iDMX 1000 Help

    It's more then likely your channel config in SE if it works in the HU, what are you trying to run and how are the channels set up?
  10. Looking for RGB floods

    One word, VPN. Or is that three.
  11. Merging timings for sequences

    Yes it is hard to change sequences from one piece of music to another but as you stated it is not impossible. I changed the 16 ribbon tree for Heat Miser from Big Bad Voodoo Daddy to the original tv version because I could not stand the Voodoo Daddy version. I grew up watching the tv version and that is what I preferred.
  12. Looking for RGB floods

    Those are 120v so they would need to be hacked and Rays 10w lights are not strong enough I would need to double the lights and I would like to keep the same amount I currently have now. The 35w white one I have now work great I just can't change colors. I can chage all the other landscaping lights just not the spotlights.
  13. Merging timings for sequences

    You really don't need to change the timings if you copy and paste one into the other by using copy and paste by time. But, if you have to change the timing then just change the sequence with the 0,10 timings to 0.05 timings to match yours. Top menu click on "Edit" then "Timings" then "Switch Timing Grids" In the pop up box click on the lower left square "Switch to a new fixed timing grid" Enter 0.05 and click "OK" Look at the sequence and if you like the timing grid click "Done"
  14. Big Lots has a dragon. http://www.biglots.com/product/smokey-graveyard-gang-and-animation-collection/prod450197?N=2915497221&pos=1:95
  15. Looking for RGB floods

    Has anyone done those DIY floodlight kits? Are they any good? Are they bright?