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  1. The other post seems to be dead so... Does anyone have this available? I have the CCR, but am lacking the time to do the lights! Thanks! chanvgap@gmail.com
  2. If anyone has, I would love to trade the light sequence for the CCR sequence. (I have the CCR and need the lights) chanvgap@gmail.com
  3. Looking for the CCR pixel animation 12 or 16 for " I'll be brave this Christmas" by Big Daddy Weave. (I know crazy artist name, but great song) I have several 16Ccr that I would be happy to trade for this one. Thanks!
  4. Dave and Big. I'll send it tomorrow. Big, I need your email
  5. Ahh the memories. I ended up making my own sequence 16 house channels, 16 channels for arches (2x8), 24 channel 'dumb RGB tree' and now 16 CCR mega tree animations. I can send the sequence without the animations to anyone who wants.
  6. chandalen


    I am also looking for this sequenced for lights, I have the 16CCR version and would be happy to swap. Thanks, chanvgap@gmail.com
  7. chandalen


    I would love these as well chanvgap@gmail.com
  8. chandalen

    Christmas Shoes Song

    I would GREATLY appreciate the Shoes sequence. James please chack your message box chanvgap@gmail.com
  9. chandalen

    Pixel tree help

    As mentioned, stay away from a 16x100 tree. I have seen NO sequences for sale or trade for them. however, I make a 16x50 (x2) tree. Its two strings of 50 pixels per string of the tree. this allows me to have a larger tree with closer pixel spacing, as the pixels are laid out like 1-1 2-2 3-3 etc per string. Keep in mind that if you are using LOR you will likely HAVE to have the Pro version. Also keep in mind, that a pixel tree can not run on the same network as the regular LoR controllers. you either need 2x RS485 adapters or have some network skills and have the tree on its own router (e1.31). NOTE with the router idea... MOST pixel sequences come LoR compatable. Which means they are NOT in e1.31 configuration. This means you have to manually change EVERY PIXEL three times for every strand over to the 1.31/DMX style. OR... you can buy and upgrade SuperStar Sequencer to 16ccr and it can make the conversion instantly.
  10. Hello, If I could get a copy as well i would appreciate it. chanvgap@gmail.com
  11. chandalen

    Show runs once, only

    Yup... was set in Startup... rookie mistake
  12. chandalen

    Show runs once, only

    Sigh. K6 you are a god among men.
  13. chandalen

    Show runs once, only

    I built a show and put it into Schedule editor. I run the schedule, and everything works... once. All the songs are played as I set them up, but at the end of the songs, instead of restarting, it just stops. This also happens in Show on Demand. Runs once, then stops. No messages, nothing.. Ideas?