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  1. chandalen

    Pentatonix Hallelujah

    Im looking for the light sequence for this song, hopefully with arches too. I have the 16CCR that I will happily trade for it! chanvgap@gmail.com
  2. chandalen

    Drummer Boy Pentatonix Lms Faces Pixel Tree Matrix

    May I get a copy too? chanvgap@gmail.com Thanks!
  3. I would appreciate a copy if you could send it! Thanks! James chanvgap@gmail.com
  4. Hello, May I get a copy please? chanvgap@gmail.com Thanks!
  5. chandalen

    Pentatonix Hallelujah

    May i get a copy of this? Many thanks, chanvgap@gmail.com
  6. The other post seems to be dead so... Does anyone have this available? I have the CCR, but am lacking the time to do the lights! Thanks! chanvgap@gmail.com
  7. If anyone has, I would love to trade the light sequence for the CCR sequence. (I have the CCR and need the lights) chanvgap@gmail.com
  8. Looking for the CCR pixel animation 12 or 16 for " I'll be brave this Christmas" by Big Daddy Weave. (I know crazy artist name, but great song) I have several 16Ccr that I would be happy to trade for this one. Thanks!
  9. Dave and Big. I'll send it tomorrow. Big, I need your email
  10. Ahh the memories. I ended up making my own sequence 16 house channels, 16 channels for arches (2x8), 24 channel 'dumb RGB tree' and now 16 CCR mega tree animations. I can send the sequence without the animations to anyone who wants.
  11. chandalen


    I am also looking for this sequenced for lights, I have the 16CCR version and would be happy to swap. Thanks, chanvgap@gmail.com
  12. chandalen


    I would love these as well chanvgap@gmail.com
  13. chandalen

    Christmas Shoes Song

    I would GREATLY appreciate the Shoes sequence. James please chack your message box chanvgap@gmail.com