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  1. Answered myself (below) I have two SSequencer props I need to merge together. I have an existing sequence that has been using a pixicon mega tree with the 16ccr graphic. I am trying to add another controller and prop, and I understand that Sequence Editor can only read one SS file. I am attempting to merge them via SS. However, no matter how I do it i ALWAYS get a "Time length of file xxxxx is different than time length of file xxxx. Failed to merge" I am using the exact same MP3 file. I have even exported each into a virgin Sequence Editor file, and manually verified the song length is 4m23sec. I still get the error. There HAS to be a way to change the file times to match. Ideas?? >>> I played with things for 3 hours before i searched for answers, then posted here. I found the answer. I had to click on the very last effect in SS and check the time it was over. I then had to goto the other file and make sure its effect ended at the same time. That resolved the issue and allowed the merge. So... next question. this has to be a loophole to fix the issue. I cant imagine that an effect must continue on every merged file until the very end. For example, what if the singing faces end at 3m23sec, but animation ends at 3m 50 sec ?
  2. Im looking for the light sequence for this song, hopefully with arches too. I have the 16CCR that I will happily trade for it! chanvgap@gmail.com
  3. I would appreciate a copy if you could send it! Thanks! James chanvgap@gmail.com
  4. Hello, May I get a copy please? chanvgap@gmail.com Thanks!
  5. May i get a copy of this? Many thanks, chanvgap@gmail.com
  6. The other post seems to be dead so... Does anyone have this available? I have the CCR, but am lacking the time to do the lights! Thanks! chanvgap@gmail.com
  7. If anyone has, I would love to trade the light sequence for the CCR sequence. (I have the CCR and need the lights) chanvgap@gmail.com
  8. Looking for the CCR pixel animation 12 or 16 for " I'll be brave this Christmas" by Big Daddy Weave. (I know crazy artist name, but great song) I have several 16Ccr that I would be happy to trade for this one. Thanks!
  9. Dave and Big. I'll send it tomorrow. Big, I need your email
  10. Ahh the memories. I ended up making my own sequence 16 house channels, 16 channels for arches (2x8), 24 channel 'dumb RGB tree' and now 16 CCR mega tree animations. I can send the sequence without the animations to anyone who wants.
  11. I am also looking for this sequenced for lights, I have the 16CCR version and would be happy to swap. Thanks, chanvgap@gmail.com
  12. I would love these as well chanvgap@gmail.com
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