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  1. Shorten LED Lights

    You can get the 100 count Home Accent LED from Home Depot. These strings can be cut into three sections. I don't know if 33 LEDs fits your project. For me it allows a 8.25 foot span. The cost is cheaper than buying 35 count sets.
  2. Being original.

    Cheeseburger was meant to be a joke... I forgot how tense this place gets in November.
  3. Being original.

    I am the guy who builds the technology which found your blow out, did the measurements so your stent vendor could build the proper sized stent and shown the endo-vascular/ cardio-vascular surgeon the proper placement of the stent. Sometimes your health and well-fare are more important than me doing sequencing... Glad you are still alive. Put down the cheeseburger! Small world. Eleven years ago I worked for the original company which founded CHI the healthcare company which owns Good Sam in your neighborhood. I have a few servers in both Good Sam and Kearny Regional.
  4. Being original.

    I used to build my own with 32 channel is wasn't bad but very time consuming. Work laid off all of my co-workers so I have to pick up the slack. Time is a commodity I can't waste. So I have been begging forum member for sequences. It still takes a lot of time to populate the graph when you have 25 controllers. Not all of us are retired or have 40 hour per week jobs.
  5. Candy canes? Anything different?

    I don't hand those out either because they don't taste nearly as good as candy canes.
  6. Shake up Christmas By Train

    Could I have a copy please. Thank you. MikeE@ridewnc.com
  7. Looking for Lights of Christmas by Owl City

    Can I get a copy of this? Thanks. MikeE@RideWNC.com
  8. Recording With a GoPro

    GoPro has GREAT marketing... Look at http://contour.com/ I have been using them for too many years. Lack of marketing killed them once, but they are back.
  9. Accepting donations for a favorite cause?

    We did Toys For Tots this year. It is sad that so many kids have crappy parents! But if the Toys For Tots effort can touch the life of just one child and they grow up to be NOT like their parents, then it is worth it. In our very small community, we collected 1900.00. I hand it over tomorrow. We find that the folks who take candy canes when we walk by feel obligated to donate dollar bills. However, in the donation box we usually only find fives and tens. Sometimes a random twenty.
  10. My latest Facebook post.....

    What is FaceBook?
  11. The Holy Grail of rules

    I live here in Murphy. I added a new sequence tonight. Everything when well.
  12. Yes! Home Depot marked their Christmas item off today.
  13. Copper vs Copper Clad Aluminum cat5/6 cables

    Never buy pre-made cables... I run mine to length then terminate the ends. Of course in my lifetime I have probably installed 5000+ RJ45 connectors. I use the cable below and have no issues. The cost is about the same as a cheap pre-made 100 foot cable. Buying the proper tools is the key to producing working cables every time. A good tester is a must have. http://www.ebay.com/itm/282265075567?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  14. Stupid teenagers ruining it for everybody.

    I have a Night Owl system. The thing I liked is the Power Over Ethernet (POE). If you are running wires to remote locations in your house it is easier to fish a CAT5 through a tiny hole than having to drill huge holes all over your house for the coax with connector already installed. That is what I did. I didn't use the supplied cable. I ran my own CAT5e then terminated the ends. The quality is decent on my cell phone when I am not home. The whole system is easy to install and configure.
  15. Light Rage from guests

    I have messages in my show, "psst... You in the silver car, turn off your headlights." Silver is the most popular color of cars. There is usually one with its lights on.