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  1. leds wanted

    No. I have too much going on. I can't make time for it. Where are you coming from? I am one hour east of Doug just off of US64.
  2. leds wanted

    I would sell all of the new for 250.00. = 4.00 per box. I would like to sell all at one time. Make room for other clutter. *** And I will give you all of the C9 I have which are not in the box. I trimmed the house in red one year and some random opened whites. I have some other similar which will also be thrown in. I am just not doing lights this big. These would need to be a local pick up. I am sticking with M6 and domes.
  3. leds wanted

    I have C9 retro in Red, Cool White, Warm White. Some are used, most are new in the box. How many of what are you looking for? I will need to climb up in the loft and take inventory... I have at a bunch. I had plans, but then decided to go a different route. If you were going to the TN Mini, I am not far from Doug's house. But a long ways from St. Mary's, GA. My brother in law was stationed there. I got to check out his sub. It looks like I have: C9 - 31 Red - 9 Warm White - 6 Cool White C7 - 16 Warm White And Not sure how many used strings.
  4. Xmas Rhapsody

    Could I get a copy of this Please? MikeE@RideWNC.com THANKS!
  5. Looking for snoopy vs the red baron

    I would greatly appreciate a copy. Thanks so much. MikeE@RideWNC.com
  6. Easter lights?

    PINK - Entire month of October for Breast Cancer. Save the tatas!
  7. HEADLIGHTS !! voice file

    I don't have a formal one, but I stick this in my show and it works well. "Psssst... Hey - you in the silver car... Turn off your headlights." Even if the people don't have a silver car, they think I am actually talking to them. When I come out with candy canes they apologize and I laugh and tell them that I am watching TV in the house not watching them. Here is a link to my sequence: http://www.ridewnc.com/Headlights.zip
  8. Shorten LED Lights

    You can get the 100 count Home Accent LED from Home Depot. These strings can be cut into three sections. I don't know if 33 LEDs fits your project. For me it allows a 8.25 foot span. The cost is cheaper than buying 35 count sets.
  9. Being original.

    Cheeseburger was meant to be a joke... I forgot how tense this place gets in November.
  10. Being original.

    I am the guy who builds the technology which found your blow out, did the measurements so your stent vendor could build the proper sized stent and shown the endo-vascular/ cardio-vascular surgeon the proper placement of the stent. Sometimes your health and well-fare are more important than me doing sequencing... Glad you are still alive. Put down the cheeseburger! Small world. Eleven years ago I worked for the original company which founded CHI the healthcare company which owns Good Sam in your neighborhood. I have a few servers in both Good Sam and Kearny Regional.
  11. Being original.

    I used to build my own with 32 channel is wasn't bad but very time consuming. Work laid off all of my co-workers so I have to pick up the slack. Time is a commodity I can't waste. So I have been begging forum member for sequences. It still takes a lot of time to populate the graph when you have 25 controllers. Not all of us are retired or have 40 hour per week jobs.
  12. Candy canes? Anything different?

    I don't hand those out either because they don't taste nearly as good as candy canes.
  13. Shake up Christmas By Train

    Could I have a copy please. Thank you. MikeE@ridewnc.com
  14. Looking for Lights of Christmas by Owl City

    Can I get a copy of this? Thanks. MikeE@RideWNC.com
  15. Recording With a GoPro

    GoPro has GREAT marketing... Look at http://contour.com/ I have been using them for too many years. Lack of marketing killed them once, but they are back.