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  1. Test each cable you are planning on using by connecting one end of the cable to the 485 adapter and the other end to the controller.


    Run a test to make sure you can detect the controller using the hardware utility and can turn the channels on and off.  Unplug the network cable from one connector on the controller and plug it in the other connector.  Repeat the test.


    Do that for all of your cables.  Get rid of any cable that does not work.

    Thanks That seems to have solved it.

  2. try moving the first controller to the last spot in line if it's not too difficult, you could have one bad cable jack but that won't matter if the controller is the last one in the network

    I tried that i ended up unhooking all the controllers to test the jacks and rj45 cables. Both Jacks on all the controllers work when plugging one controller into the rs485 but when I Plug any of the other 3 in the lights never stop blinking and they dont show up in the HWU.


    Did you assign different unit id's to the controllers?

    If not and they are all set to the default unit 1 that may be your problem.

    Yes I changed the Unit IDs


    Try different cables too the cable off the first one going to the secone may be bad.



    I tested the cables


    One other thing, if these are Gen 3 controllers, you should be fine checking the above things. But, if you have mixed, Gen 2 and Gen 3 controllers and running on the HS (red) RS485, that will be your problem.


    I found the older boxes won't run on the HS adapter. All of the Gen 3 controllers I had last year ran just fine on the HS network.

    I have the Black adapter but I do have a mix of Gen 2 and 3.

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