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  1. About 5 minutes ago, Channel 5 just showed our display. I had no idea they were going to! They used a video from Vimeo or You Tube. They said our street name and town(they also mentioned our charity, which was nice). Just curious from those of you that have had this happen to you. How much time do I have before the traffic gets crazy? We are already seeing near our maximum capacity of cars(about 600-800 each weekend night). I don't know if I should be happy or worried about traffic. Our display is already fairly well known in town and nearby(thanks to social media and Let It Go from frozen a couple of years ago).
  2. gmac, don't quit so easily. There is still a lot of good that comes from what you do. You can beat this. I know there are great outdoor security cameras with NVR that you can use POE. Easy set up, just run a Cat 6 from NVR to each camera(at least two real ones) and one data connection to the NVR. These days you can access the NVR from a computer or phone as well. Post a bunch of "Smile, You're On Camera" signs. File a police report. I am willing to bet the police can quietly drive by your house while on their routes to show a little police presence(regardless of if you file a report or not, just call them or visit). Finally, you could even call the local news to do a story on it. Someone did that in my state(local news coverage - destruction of property to their display) a couple of years ago and the support and outreach they got was huge. Don't give up. Don't give in to the darkness! You have given and shared with so many people good memories, traditions and happiness. Once all of these good people find out what has been happening, you will have created a lot of support for your show and I wouldn't be surprised if everyone started their own little "neighborhood watch" for you. Driving by and paying attention, even when the show isn't running. I know it's a lot of work, but you have done 100 times more work with your display! I wish you the best, Merry Christmas!
  3. That is awesome! I wish I had neighbors like yours! I had to decline the media yesterday because we can barely handle the 700+ cars we already get on a weekend night. I can't imagine how many you must get for your street! I know I would come by if I lived close. Merry Christmas and keep up the great work!
  4. Works great for me so far. First year with it. I did have to do a firmware update. No issues.
  5. Update, I believe it had to do with the Chinese text that appeared in the status log last year. I thought it went away, but this year it has returned. Once the Chinese text appears, the events prior to that line are wiped from the status log and all future text contains slightly different font. If you try to copy the log and paste it anywhere, it appears as bunches of question marks. The only way I can fix it is by unloading LOR and re-opening it. It is now happening every night during a show, usually 6 hours after the first show begins. I have found at least two other people through these forums that are having the same symptoms/issue. This year I have to run compressed sequences and use the load sequences before they are needed option as we have added RGB and Pixels. I have also downloaded the newest software this year from LOR, 4.2.10Pro. I hope we figure out the Chinese text issue soon
  6. Update: I upgraded the firmware and have not had any issues since! Solid controller.
  7. I have tried running two shows last night and it happened one hour into the second show(approximately the same time, six hours, from when the first show began). The second show did not even have any of the same sequences or animations running as the first show. I unloaded LOR and re-opened for it to go away. It seems that it only happens during a show. I have opened a new ticket with LOR and they are sending it over to the Software Development Team. I really hope we can get it resolved soon. I could not copy and paste the log either, it just pastes as bunches of question marks to Notepad or Word.
  8. I just got Chinese writing on my status log today. I stopped my schedule, requested a show on demand and the first line was Chinese. The font of the text from that moment on changed slightly too. I watched one sequence and it appeared normal. Last year it happened once and the sequences were all acting up with lights coming on randomly, early, late, not at all, etc. I unloaded, rebooted, and it went away. I thought it was gone, but concerned I saw it just now while testing. My computer was disconnected from the internet when it happened. I am running 4.2.10Pro this year. Bob or DevMike, if you have any information related to this I would love to know what to do. I was able to take a picture of the screen using my phone before I re-booted today. It also seems that the entire log from last night's show disappeared. Thanks
  9. Pixels are blinking randomly in standby mode even with no data wire connected. I recently purchased a PixCon16 controller. After configuring the controller using PixCon Assistant Utility properly(Pixel IC: WS2811/12 and set the outputs) and set the LOR Network Configuration to use E1.31(specified IP address that shows up in Avatek Assistant Utility since I am connecting directly to the computer's Ethernet port - not using internet router), I ran the built in hardware test and a couple of sequences in SE then put everything away until now. Yesterday I set up my pixels, connected them to the PixCon16 controller and powered the controller without any data wire connected. I put the controller into the built in test mode and everything functioned properly. After I stopped test mode the random blinking began on single pixels across all strands(so I'm using 16 strands with 50 pixels each) and saw one pixel in a particular color across all sixteen strands. Completely random, different colors, different sections, etc.. The random blinking at this point would only stop if I put the controller back into test mode. I proceeded to disconnect power, connect the data wire from my computer's Ethernet port and re-apply power to the controller. No blinking at this time. I loaded the PixCon utility Assistant and made sure the configuration was still correct. I ran a few musical sequences and they ran fine, no random blinking even when the sequence ended. I thought the problem resolved so I began closing windows on my computer. At this point the random blinking began with no commands being sent to the controller. I opened a sequence to play and the random blinking was still occurring during the sequence. I decided to open the windows that I closed(Utility Assistant) and the blinking stopped(coincidentally?). I played a couple musical sequences and no blinking. I closed the window again, but could not get the blinking to start up again. I gave up because it was almost midnight and freezing outside. Put everything away. I have a video but it is too large. I hope someone knows what the problem is and has a solution.....
  10. Pixcon 16 controller, brand new, is having similar issues with random blinking on single pixels. Configured properly, ws2811 pixels being used. Issue happens even when no data wire is connected to the board(that is actually when I first noticed the problem during the first test to see the pixels). Powered the board from a clean dedicated circuit breaker. Used built in hardware test and did not notice any random blinking or abnormalities while in test mode. Took the controller out of test mode and random blinking occurs while in stand by mode. Then Connected PixCon16 to a lap top ethernet port(turned off internet), checked out configuration then loaded sequence editor. Random blinking occurs during sequence. At one point it stopped after opening the pixcon assistant utility, even while running the same sequence from earlier. When I thought the problem was gone and began closing some windows, it started again and I could not re create events to start or stop the random blinking. I just bought this equipment and am extremely disappointed. Now Thanksgiving is almost here. What is the fix Lightorama?
  11. Thanks, that's what I was thinking. I am just going to extend the pixel strips longer than the pixel strands to reach the ground. I hope I don't need any spares this year...
  12. This is my first time using a pixel tree, or any pixels for that matter. I'm using sixteen strands for a 360 degree tree using E1.31 and pixel nodes. I went out to measure the distance from the center pole(proposed location) to the bottom of the strand(where it touches the ground). From one side of the tree to the other, there is a difference of about 2 feet or so measuring along the ground from the pole to the end of the strand. That's when I realized the ground is sloped, slightly, creating this issue. I need to come up with a solution, because I am assuming if I just make them all equal to the shortest distance, that would create spare pixel nodes that can't be used which would make the tree look uneven on some animations/sequences, or will it? If I just allow the strands to be different distances from the pole in order to use the entire strand(one side will be about 110" from pole and the other about 80" from pole) will there be any noticeable undesired results? Maybe I am worried about nothing? I was going to use some pixel strips with 1" spaced holes(will space pixels at either 4" or 5") to keep tension off of the wires. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I plan on setting the concrete for the base this week.
  13. Just installed that fix file. Worked for me. DevMike, you should somehow make that fix file more readily available and searchable for others with this problem to bypass the Help Desk Ticket procedure. Hope that new version, S4.2 is good enough to release soon as October is already here.
  14. I ran the show through verifier, it came back fine except for "old MC-P compatibility enabled" . it recommended I disable that in Network Configuration under options tab since my oldest controller is from 2011. It said that it could create a lag in the show. however, I did not have a lag as one of the symptoms. I did disable that anyway. Should I de-select the "use compressed sequences" option?
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