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  1. Yep, missed the step to use DMX instead of LOR in the Prop Definition. Hope this at least helps someone else later.
  2. Ok, looking at it again after a short break, it shows that the channels assigned in the screenshot are not my DMX Universes. So let me look at that.
  3. I am having trouble getting the Pixel Editor or the Sequencer with the PE Prop inserted to control my lights. I have a MegaTree with 16 strands of lights. I have tested LOR and the E1.31 device and it works correctly when I add DMX channels into the Sequence Editor and do simple things like I have done in the past. But when I follow the LOR Tutorials 1 and 2, I've never been able to get output to the lights as shown in the tutorial. I have attached the Verifier output, but it basically says "Description: Intensity file uses undefined comm network" 16 times which seems to make sense based on the number of strands. So I'm not sure why the Pixel Editor or PE Prop is not using the defined setup in LOR seeing how the config works with direct RGB channels I add directly into the Sequencer. I also added a screen capture of the Props List from the Editor. Any help is appreciated. I did google and search, but only found the generic LOR article that just states that it depends on your situation.... LORVerifier Results.txt
  4. I've looked at Bob's stuff and Nut cracker to try to figure out how to create a chase sequence but I'm confused and running out of time. Are these the right programs to try to create a arch chase sequence? Or is there one I don't know about? I have a 200 pixel arch I need a starting point for.
  5. I had a controller I could not get to talk to the network. I tried multiple cables and had the same results with every cable. All cables would work find connected to my second controller without issue. While troubleshooting, I noticed I could get intermittent conncetivity and finally narrowed it down to the RJ45 connector. If I push up on the bottom of the connector, it would work and I wiggled the cable and had not issues. I placed a cut off tie wrap between the socket and the board and it works fine for now. The strange part is when I went to plug in the second controller. the socond one started showing the same symptoms. I ended up sticking a tie wrap between the socket and board on that one and all seems to work. I'll be opening a ticket with LOR on both controllers but wondered if anyone else has had thos problem.
  6. Hey all, I'm ne here and just got my first controller this week. I am putting together a simple Halloween display this week (took off work), but have already started to think about Christmas What I'm wanting to do as a start this yer is take 8 channels and put together a 10' or so light tree in the front yard.. I'm just wanting a sanity check and any tips based on your experience. So I have read that 100 mini light strands are usually around 23 foot long. This is just a general planning length and the tree will be the height dictated by using on strand to go up on one side and down on the back side. (Don't fell like doing the math). I can use a thick PVC in the middle to provide a center pole, but I'm not sure how to build the round base. Any pictures/tips/ideas would be good., Yes, I am already seeing the need to get another controller
  7. toy4x4


    I got my first controller this week. I agree, this is one of those products you buy and are extremely pleased with the product. I already see the need for more channels...
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