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  1. Hi All, new issue for me. When leaving for work this morning, I noticed one mini tree channel was acting up: light went on and off several times randomly. It would be full on for a second or two then turn off. Then flashed a few times. I’m assuming triac or cat 5 as I’ve had an issue during the show a few years ago, but that was DURING the show. The strange thing is since we were out and about last night I had the show disabled. Suggestions or ideas?
  2. Meegan

    Speaker activation

    Thank you sir. I may just take you up on that. Takedown happening Jan 6. When I pack it away and clear the bench, this may be just the project to work on this year. Sounds like a fun project
  3. Meegan

    Speaker activation

    Thanks for the feedback! I would love to make it interactive down the road but for now I was thinking of having it simply activate a set of speakers so the neighbors (or passers by) could listen to the current selection. 🤔 but now you’ve got me thinking interactive, and there is time for me to look at that.
  4. Meegan

    Speaker activation

    I was wondering if anyone has set up something along the lines of a small platform where people step up and can activate the speakers? I was thinking of utilizing an old Halloween pressure mat prop inline with the audio so that when they stepped up, the music would play. Anyone willing to share ideas of what they did along these lines? I get a little traffic nightly, but lotsa neighbors and their kids in the neighborhood who like to walk. I would like to set something up for this reason. Ideas? thanks allen
  5. Meegan

    Rgb in SE

    Thanks Sax! That helps a lot. I am going to grab my other laptop when I get home and start playing with the SE and visualizer and then get the bosses blessing for the more plug and play type unit (LOR CCbulbs or bullets). i appreciate the tips and advice!
  6. Meegan

    Rgb in SE

    I want to dip my toe into RGB but I am unsure about how to proceed. Currently running 64 channels (4 AC controllers) with S4 basic plus V 4-3.18 Can I program a ccp + unit in SE? I hear varying info on this? Is SE or visualizer limited in any way for RGB? I’m not sure I want (or am even allowed by the boss) to invest in a CCP unit or 2 AND a pro upgrade including PE. I appreciate any insight I can get al
  7. Hi all! It's been a while so I hope this hasn't been addressed, although I did not find anything on it: i want to fill dead space on my walls (not just lights on window and roof edge) with vertical runs every 3 or 4 feet. I want to do 3 colors with one channel for each, can I run a single stp1 for each channel under my eaves with female vampire plugs spaced out along the length for each drop? The lights will be 50 and 100 count LED lights. Anyone see issues with doing this or would it be safer/ better just to keep the lights in series and hide or camouflage the excess? Hope that makes sense. thanks Allen
  8. Meegan

    Who else has a 2016 budget of $0?

    The budget is always been ridiculously low by order of the wifey. And I'm all about keeping her happy and agreed to keep the budget low and only spend on things around the house. Tomorrow I'm off to buy a $75 plunger for the bathroom
  9. Meegan


    Yep!! I totally agree with thecomments and feedback above. I PM'd Mr. Talley in October while I was putting mine together. My solo efforts werent turning out very well (definitely not like I envisioned). He graciously offered advice and an example. Mine went from looking like some sort of deranged yard Lava lamp to a pretty good facsimile.
  10. Hey all, I have been taking advantage of the Walmart after Xmas sales the last several years buying up MANY, MANY of the 50 count- 12ft LED SETS AND have a question for the electrical guys out there: Aside from the obvious potential issues of wet connections, are there any downsides to having so many plug interconnects? Thanks in advance and happy new year everyone!
  11. Meegan

    Merry Christmas

    Well said Larry! Merry Christmas and happy new year
  12. Meegan

    Dubbing lag

    Good tip! I can't say I remember setting that. I'll check it out
  13. Meegan

    Dubbing lag

    I don't have a large display but still want to have video and sound so I am using movie maker for editing. Everything seems great with timings and final product looks good. However when I share them with friends and see it posted, there is some lag (not a lot, but definitely enough). Am I missing something? Audio file type, etc? Any feedback would be appreciated. Oh, and Merry Christmas everyone!
  14. Meegan

    Sorry I had to

    My neighbor isn't a big fan of my display. His wife said he doesn't like the lights shining thru the windows. This year he has one of these lazy light setups aimed at his house. Yep it's much better to have 100 laser pointers blowing thru his windows
  15. Meegan

    Our 2015 Haunted house video

    Well done! Looks like a great time