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  1. kwt33

    Thriller faces and Pixel

    James and JR, Please forward a copy to thompsonlou@tds.net Thank you both for all you do Kevin
  2. kwt33

    Need Coro Singing Tree Visualizer File

    I have a step by step word document that tells you how to take a sequence and import it into your SE This document if you please. Also forgot to ask where do you get the coro?
  3. kwt33

    Need Coro Singing Tree Visualizer File

    Can I get a copy also. thompsonlou@tds.net Thanks
  4. Hi Guys, Looking for copies as well for the faces and the lights for next year. thompsonlou@tds.net Kevin
  5. kwt33

    Rock N Roll Christmas

    We are looking for assistance from all the great people on this sharing site once again. Theme for the parade this year is Rock N Roll Christmas so looking for some sequences to fit the theme. Would anyone have some of the following or similar to fit the theme? Frosty the Snowman by the Ronettes, Rock and Roll Christmas by George Thorogood, Step into Christmas by Elton John Rock and Roll It's Christmas Time by Bay City Rollers Anything that might fit the theme would be appreciated Thanks for any assistance. thompsonlou@tds.net Kevin
  6. kwt33

    Rock N Roll Christmas

    Thanks James
  7. kwt33

    Feliz Navidad

    Does anyone have Feliz Navidad that they would be willing to share? Thanks, thompsonlou@tds.net
  8. kwt33

    Bruce Springstein - Santa is Coming to Town

    James would you be willing share? Thanks as your work is awesome. thompsonlou@tds.net Thanks again
  9. Hi James, Could I get a copy also? Thanks in Advance. thompsonlou@tds.net
  10. kwt33

    Sounds of Silence by Disturbed

    James, would love a copy if still sharing. thompsonlou@tds.net Thanks
  11. kwt33

    Let It Snow By Chicago

    Jim, Would like a copy also as your stuff is great and much appreciated. thompsonlou@tds.net
  12. kwt33

    Train: Shake up Christmas

    James, If you are still sharing I would love copy as well. thompsonlou@tds.net
  13. Does anyone have sequence for Joy to the World by Go Fish that they would be wiling to share? Thanks in advance for any assistance. thompsonlou@tds.net
  14. kwt33

    Looking for: Go Fish Sequences

    Mike, Would you be willing to sent the files to me also? thompsonlou@tds.net Thanks, Kevin
  15. kwt33

    looking for a sequence Run Run Rudolph

    dave, could I please get a copy if you are still sharing? thanks thompsonlou@tds.net
  16. kwt33

    Looking for Pentatonix "little Drummer Boy"

    Could I also get a copy please. Thanks for sharing. thompsonlou@tds.net Kevin
  17. I too would appreciate copies of "Do you wanna build a snowman?" And "All about that bass". Thank you in advance. thompsonlou@tds.net
  18. kwt33

    Looking For Bob Seger Little Drummer Boy

    Old Sarge, I would love a copy also if you don't mind. thompsonlou@tds.net Thanks, Kevin
  19. kwt33

    Let It Go from Disney's Frozen

    James, Could you copy me also thanks email:thompsonlou@tds.net
  20. kwt33

    Katy Perry Roar

    Could I have a copy as well, please and thank you James email: thompsonlou@tds.net
  21. kwt33

    Generator and a Controller

    Thinking about using the Controller on a float in a parade and wondering if hooking up to a generator would cause any issues or problems with the electronics of the controller. Thanks for any input. Kevin
  22. kwt33

    Generator and a Controller

    That's what worries me is the unstable power flow so I will contact LOR to see what they say also. Thanks Brian and Dave for your input
  23. kwt33

    Generator and a Controller

    Will be simulating a keyboard so mostly just on and off with the lights to show keys being pushed. Sounds like this would be OK?
  24. kwt33

    Katy Perry firework for 16 0r 32

    10jeater - could I please get a copy as well? Thanks. thompsonlou@tds.net