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  1. I will definitely go with smart then, I guess my next research will be in figuring out what controller I will need to make them work, I welcome any suggetsions. Thanx and if (when) I have more questions I will definitely ask again.
  2. Hello Fellow light enthusiasts, this year I plan on changing it up a bit and working with RGB or RWBG* (for respect to America), I plan on having a ful 360 (maybe 270) round 15'-20' ft mega tree and 2 8'-10' ft spiral trees, but I'm not sure what is my best (cheaper) option. At first I was thinking about uing dumb rgb pixels but read that after buying the hardware needed to control them it almost comes out same as if I get the smart rgb? I'm also reading through the forum and trying to find out what I need to control these rgb lights but see many people using different ones according to what they are displaying. I do plan to expand my show as the years go by, but for now these are the additions I plan for this year. I'm taking any advice from anybody who has done this because I haven't purchased anything so far, it can be pixels or strips or anything else that is out there I haven't heard of.
  3. anybody have a frosty the snow man or Rudolph the rednose they can share? tigreloco369@hotmail.com
  4. Tonybiviano can you send me a copy please tigreloco369@hotmail.com
  5. Hello James, once again I would like a copy of your sequences, Frosty the snowman and I'm pretty sure you would have Rudolph the red nose reindeer to share please. tigreloco369@hotmail.com THANK YOU!
  6. can you share "that's Christmas to me" to me please tigreloco369@hotmail.com
  7. Please send me one also. tigreloco369@hotmail.com Thank you!
  8. I just sent a pm almost same time you posted this. I will use the link then thank you.
  9. Does anybody have Christmas can can by Straight no chaser they can share. Thank You!
  10. How did you create the pvc circle? I'm building my first spiral tree and will probably also be 15ft.
  11. VERY VERY helpful for me since this will be my first year making a spiral tree thank you!!!
  12. My son love this song thanx for sharing James
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