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  1. Will you please send me a copy? I have been looking for this for a few years now. tdames235@hotmail.com Thank you in advance!!!
  2. I am looking for Twilight Zone from Golden Earring.
  3. I would love to see your work. Could you send me a link or email? tdames235@hotmail.com Thank you in advance.
  4. Thank you James! I am terrible at sequencing so I rely on others for that piece of my display. I am willing to pay for the services if the owner requests compensation.
  5. I know it is Christmas time but crickets? I figured some one would have Twilight Zone by Golden Earring.
  6. Looking for the four faces sequence to the Golden Earring version of the song. Not interested in Rod Serling. great break in the middle of the song to squeeze in some effects! Thank you!!! tdames235@hotmail.com
  7. Please send me the link. I would love to see your work. tdames235@hotmail.com
  8. I would like you link or just the smooth criminal sequence if you are sending. Thank you for sharing! tdames235@hotmail.com
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