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  1. Thanks Phil - will check again. I don't use the scheduler, just show on demand but I'll check that too. Bob
  2. When I use "Show on Demand", I check the box that is supposed to turn it off at a certain time, like 11:45 PM. This never has worked for me - in the morning I see that it is still playing. What's the secret? Bob
  3. Matt, thanks very much for your help. I went ahead and deleted the group altogether - problem solved - heck, I'm not even using those trees this year! I appreciate your fast response and I should have remembered that most arithmetic errors are a result of out of bounds arrays in software. Bob - Shiloh Road Lights - Odessa, TX
  4. I tried a simple name "new", which did not work - same error. By the way, this sequence has all green check marks - no errors or even warnings. I haven't come across this error before but it's very frustrating because I still have two more songs to add to my set.
  5. Further - whenever I create a new musical sequence, if I assign my "2019-11-20" preview (attached), I get the error: AN ERROR OCCURRED WHILE CHANGING THE PREVIEW. YOU SHOULD IMMEDIATELY CLOSE THE SEQUENCE WITHOUT SAVING. Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow. This same preview works with all of my other existing musical sequences. 2019-11-20 BC.lorprev
  6. Oh - but the show does not play properly - several sequences skipped - and Verifyer not reporting any errors
  7. Verifier is reporting 18 "application not found" eros - I can't play my show tonight. I've completely removed and replaced the LOR software, both 5.20 and 5.22 - same result. I've rebuilt the show - same result. And this is on several computers.Pic attached - please help right away - I've got a huge show and can't play it!Bob
  8. Thanks Matt and Mr. P - and that's how I realized my error. I prefer to do the design of a prop totally in the S5 definition. Bob
  9. yes, that was it - 144 total nodes, 3 folds did the trick! Thanks - Bob
  10. I think I may have found it - in S5, they use "folds" as a term to mean a string folds over into the other direction - but same string.
  11. Hi Mr. P - using a HolidayCoro AlphaPix 16 controller. Same port for entire string series because 30 x 4 = 120 total RGB nodes so no need for different ports. Bob
  12. I have a post made up of 4 vertical rows of 30 RGB nodes on each row - starting position is bottom left. When I use the "bars" effect with highlighting, I expect to see a moving row of 4 white lights - all moving down the post together (see attached mp4). Instead, on the real prop itself, I get first row white highlight moving down, second one moving up, third moving down and fourth one moving up. I've attached the appropriate files - what am I doing wrong? 2018-11-18_7-14-50.mp4
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