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  1. bbrescia

    Preview Problems

    Thank you, Matt - I think the S5 is going to be a great way to program our lights and thanks for putting it together. Of course, it's essential to get the import function to work correctly because OMG I can't do all that effects programming all over again! Bob
  2. bbrescia

    Preview Problems

    Sorry, came out all blurry - here's a corrected one: https://youtu.be/8_d59RggMZU
  3. bbrescia

    Preview Problems

    Hi Matt, thanks, I do get that dialog box about loading PE props to grid view PE but I still don't get any props or data. See:
  4. bbrescia

    Preview Problems

    Thanks - it imported all the SE traditional stuff fine - just not the PE RGB props and data.
  5. bbrescia

    Preview Problems

    Thank you so much for helping, Bob! I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and re-input everything but my intensity data will still be lost (unavailable) and I would need to somehow copy it from my S4-built sequences and paste it in the correct rows. Can't see a way to do that because S4 and S5 can't co-exist on the same machine. Maybe create an additional virtual machine on the same PC? You would think that the migration to S5 would have considered migrating the previews as a first step. Anyone else encounter this? Thanks again! Bob
  6. bbrescia

    Preview Problems

    After installing and trying S5 (018 version), I imported a perfectly working S4 LMS file as a first step. This sequence has a both traditional Sequencer and Pixel Editor data / props. In S4, there are no problems - the preview has no errors, the song plays and the props light up in the preview window the way that they are supposed to. In S5, a great many of those same preview props are lost when I apply the same preview that is used in S4. Also - the dialog box that asks for me to initially assign a preview says I am using the "imported" preview found in the sequence... not right - it should allow me to specify the preview to use. I have attached images of what's going on. When the preview plays, all I get in the playback window is some scattered colored squares everywhere. Please help!
  7. I am just now beginning to toy around with S5 - love it. However, I am not getting any effects playback against my house background in the window for that purpose. Song plays, video plays (I use MP4's) but nothing else. Ideas? Thanks! Bob Shiloh Road Lights, Odessa, TX
  8. bbrescia

    Spoke Prop Definition for a Windmill Fan

    Thank you Matt - I am proud of this 10-foot tall heavy windmill also - the 3 sides and all of the crossbars have dumb RGB on them, working great - I will rewire the bulbs on the blades - thank you so much for your speedy reply - Bob
  9. I have done up a windmill prop for this Christmas. The top fan has 10 blades. I have placed 5 smart RGB lay-flat nodes on each blade AND 1 node between the blades so I wouldn't have to cut the wire. So there are a total of 6 smart RGB pixels per blade. 10 x 6 = 60 pixels or 180 channels. I've chosen a spike design in my PE preview to model this prop and I've also assigned it to one unique DMX universe. My problem is that not all of the nodes are lighting up. I am using "bars" effect. It does light each blade to simulate left or right blade motion but not all the nodes light up on each blade. It certainly can't be hardware - it's all one string with every 6th node covered in black tape. Any ideas here? Thanks - Bob
  10. bbrescia

    Arch Design in PE (preview)

    yes, using the whole strip...
  11. bbrescia

    Arch Design in PE (preview)

    Thank you Matt - Bob
  12. bbrescia

    Arch Design in PE (preview)

    I have selected prop type arch in VI and also in PE (when modifying my preview). Please tell me what values I should place in the "# of sections" and "Exact # of RGB nodes per section" blocks. I am using a 30/10 RGB strip from HolidayCoro, 5 meters, so 150 LEDs total.Does that mean I have 50 "pixels"? So should I input 10 section of 5 RGB nodes each?Thanks - Bob
  13. bbrescia

    Doing a Smart RGB chase in PE

    Thank you. I have selected prop type arch in VI and also in PE (when modifying my preview). Please tell me what values I should place in the "# of sections" and "Exact # of RGB nodes per section" blocks. I am using a 30/10 RGB strip from HolidayCoro, 5 meters, so 150 LEDs total. Thanks - BOb
  14. bbrescia

    Doing a Smart RGB chase in PE

    Much as I search the effects and the forums, I can't find how to do a simple chase for smart RGB in PE. I have a windmill on which the top fan has about 10 blades. I am putting smart RGB pixels (separate 8mm nodes connected in a string) on the fan blades, probably 3 to a blade. I need for 3 to fire on a single fan blade, then fire the next 3 on the next fan blade, etc. so as to give the impression that the fan is turning. Can you help?
  15. Yes, try setting up your legacy stuff all as Universe 1 - map all channels, even the ones you may not eventually use so that the correspondence is perfect. Good luck! BOb