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  1. bbrescia

    Load time in 5.24. RC2

    Then I'll wait till the "final days" before creating the show because I always make last-minute changes, etc. Thanks for posting! Bob
  2. Thanks - they are locking down the final S5 release version at the moment and perhaps this isn't a bug at all - don't know yet - Bob
  3. bbrescia

    Load time in 5.24. RC2

    'nuther question - I assume (usually gets me in trouble) that if you make any change at all to a sequence in S5 Sequencer, that you then need to go back and re-create updated play files - right?
  4. bbrescia

    Building a show under 5.0.24 RC2

    Just as a follow-on note to close this out, I have now tested the compress-to-create-play-files logic and it worked - absolutely no wait time between songs - yay!
  5. bbrescia

    Building a show under 5.0.24 RC2

    Thank you Jim - Bob
  6. bbrescia

    Load time in 5.24. RC2

    Alan and Jim, thanks to both of you for the fine explanation. I've been running S4 shows for quite a while but just never paid any attention to the compression that was taking place behind the scenes. Alan, you mention that on the show PC, you only need the S5 compressed files as you show in your well-done video - but what about the media files - don't they need to be there too? Thanks! Bob
  7. When I go to build a show under S5.0.24 RC2, it does not recognize the "loredit" suffixes yet - so I can't load the sequences. Thanks! Bob
  8. It seems to me that the load time on a musical sequence is fairly long under RC2. You get the "time wheel" with the little dots circling around until finally you can play the sequence (green arrows ON). I assume that this is the light intensity data loading. My concern is that when we go to build a show, that each sequence will take that same amount of time to load so you will have extraordinary wait times between songs. Or will it buffer the data in advance? Thanks! Bob
  9. Report Number: (RB01)Module: SequenceEditorSoftware Version: 5.0.24 RC2 OS Version: Windows platformDescription: When you shorten the length of a media file (from the length previously used), S5 does not ask the question about whether you wish to also change the length of the sequence to match the new shortened media file.It will only ask that if you select "media file" from the menus and then assign the newer, shortened media file. I use mp4 for my media files. Repeatability: Repeatable. Hardware Used: N/A.
  10. bbrescia


    Matt, that is exactly the case and thank you! I had an invisible timing mark so close to the beginning that it caused this to happen - removed it. Thanks - Bob
  11. bbrescia


    disregard - worked on another sequence - guess I have a bad sequence...
  12. bbrescia


    When copying Track 1 rows (Select row - copy), the resulting paste-row does not properly paste the first cell of the row to be filled in.
  13. bbrescia

    Recommendation for next release

    Thanks, Matt - here's another recommendation: When exporting props or groups to a local computer file, the default save name should be the name that it has in the preview. That would save me a lot of typing. I save (export) all of my props and groups just in case! Thanks! Bob
  14. bbrescia

    Recommendation for next release

    Another recommendation is to change the nested star predefined prop to allow for selectable colors for each star in the group.
  15. When you add a group item, the window that displays the various props that you place a check mark in front of for that group is too narrow. It doesn't display much of the name of those props (especially if you have long prop names like I do!). Please make it wider or stretchable. Also the word "Preview" is misspelled on that window (see attached).