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    Ich habe im Internet die Videos von Richard Holdman gesehen... Die haben mich fasziniert und ich wollte die Steuerung kennen lernen.
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  1. Werner Horst

    Drummer Boy Pentatonix Lms Faces Pixel Tree Matrix

    Can you sent me a Copy? 45jahre@gmx.de
  2. Werner Horst

    Singing face prop for S5

    Hello Jim, somehow the file got lost with me, can you send it to me again? That would be great...
  3. Werner Horst

    Jaws Lms Faces Pixel Tree Matrix

    .... can you sent me a Copy? 45jahre@gmx.de
  4. ... I ran it with an AlphaPix 16 controller under DMX. I can not get the assignment.
  5. Werner Horst

    Wrong Side Of Heaven Lms Faces Pixel Matrix

    Sent 45jahre@gmx.de
  6. .... my problem lies in the order of 200 channels, which I do not get. Last year, I acquired a sequence from Mr. Bruderer for the tree and the globe. When I load the, I also have the channel mess, no LED on the globe agrees with the controller
  7. Hello, I built the CCP Tree with Globe by Brian Bruderer. If I over now Previews / Add Item / Superstar(online) SuperStar Pixel Tree 24x50 with 8 row globe topper. First string is on the left. loading, then he messes up all the channels, at the Pixel Tree, you can just reassign it, but I can not get the matrix for the globe, no matter how I try it. I can customize it so that my old sequencers from the S4 work, But if I want to create something in a new project with the Pixel Editor or the Superstar Sequncer then the assignment is not correct again. I just can not find a setting that matches the old S4 and the new S5, or I make a mistake. My DMX channels for the Globe are 41,42,43 and 44 but no matter what I do the 200 pixel channels that are then given to me are messed up. Does anyone know a simple solution? Werner
  8. Werner Horst

    Can't Delete Duplicate Channel button

    Hi.... is the delete feature included in the latest version of the sequencer already? I miss that too. It gets very confusing. Werner
  9. Werner Horst

    The Greatest Show Lms Faces

    Can you sent a copy? 45jahre@gmx.de
  10. Werner Horst

    S5 submenues disappeared

    Thanks Matt for your answer, I'll try it tomorrow. I think I make some mistakes in the S5 version. Let's see how far I'm coming. My problem is and remains my bad English. Werner
  11. Werner Horst

    S5 submenues disappeared

  12. Werner Horst

    S5 submenues disappeared

  13. Werner Horst

    S5 submenues disappeared

    When I finally open my MegaTree, all submenus disappear, and the channels are no longer sorted. Was I wrong? Can you Help me? Werner
  14. Werner Horst

    S5 submenues disappeared

    1. I've loaded an empty sequence into the sequencer that's just a 32x50 MegaTree on DMX. 2. When I open that, I have the 32 submenues of the 32 strands. 3. When I open it again I have the 50 pixels for each strand 4. If I now upload a Prop via "Assign Preview", this fall Unit 01 (has 16 LOR channels) 5. Then I get this message, which I confim OK 6. After that, my channel list looks like this.
  15. Werner Horst

    Singing face prop for S5

    Hi Jim Did you also send me the Prob File from the Singing Trees? That would be great !! 45jahre@gmx.de