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    Computer, Beleuchtung, Steuerung, Foto, Video
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    Ich habe im Internet die Videos von Richard Holdman gesehen... Die haben mich fasziniert und ich wollte die Steuerung kennen lernen.
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  1. Hello I'm looking for the Lms Face Pixel Matrix, for my Singing Trees from Little Drummer Boy of WhiteHeart. Can someone help me? 45jahre@gmx.de Thanks Werner
  2. Hello James, can you sent me a Copy? Thats a great Song 45jahre@gmx.de Werner
  3. Hello I wanted to buy 2 LOR controllers in Summer Sale (CTB16 PC with 240V (Card Assembled add option)) for 2 x $ 140.95. Unfortunately, always when I want to pay with PayPal, the following error message. Yahoo - Help The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server. The proxy server could not handle the request POST /yhst-1552586516070/ymix/MetaController.html. Reason: Error reading from remote server Please check the URL for proper spelling and capitalization. If you're having trouble locating a destination on yahoo, try visiting the yahoo home page or look through a list of yahoo's online services. So, you may find what you're looking for. advanced search Please try Yahoo Help Central if you need more assistance. Copyright © 2019 Yahoo Inc. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy - Terms of Service I'm from Germany and do not speak English, so I wrote this text with the Google translator. How can I order the controllers? Or does it not work anymore from Germany? With best regards Werner
  4. Hello I'm looking for sequencing of "Trance Attack - Pour Elise [State Of Trance Remix]" I would like to have a look how you did that, it's a great piece of music. I still have some problems with the Pixel LED's. Would be great if you could possibly provide me with your sequencing and send. Thank you
  5. ...have you a Copy for me? 45jahre@gmx.de Thanks
  6. ...have you a copy for me ? 45jahre@gmx.de Thanks
  7. ...can i get the Copy? 45jahre@gmx.de Thanks
  8. the construction manual for the globe, which you can find in the internet on the page (I hope I can write this here) www.superstarlights.com I myself have taken a tin vessel for it. In Germany, we have a pressure equalization tank on the heating system. The fit very well. I hope I helped you. Merry Christmas Werner
  9. Hello Unfortunately, I do not speak English, so I write the lyrics here with a translator. I hope you understand it anyway. Merry Christmas
  10. ..... sent via Google Drive speedym@gmail.com theducks@sonic.net  jetmech4aa@gmail.com Have fun, and hopefully it will work for you Merry Christmas from Werner
  11. Hello I have pulled down some sequencing from here. Mainly by James Morris. He makes fantastic sequences, he has a good feel for the beat. That's why I want to set a sequence here. It is 2 colored blue and white. I run 1 Mega tree with 24x50 pixel LED's. That's 1200 pixels. There is also a globe for the top. He has 200 pixels. In addition there are 4 circles with a total of 200 x 3 pairs, ie 600 pixel LEDs. There are also 4 singing fir trees.The version of this year still has 4 Pixel Arches, with a total of 200 Pixels. And a whole lot of other stuff here. Maybe someone likes this sequence and he wants it. Have fun and Merry Christmas from Trappenkamp / Germany by Werner Horst Sequence Video :
  12. If you are still sharing, could I have a copy please? 45jahre@gmx.de
  13. If you are still sharing, could I have a copy please? 45jahre@gmx.de
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