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  1. stanward wrote: Stanward, You have to remember 4 things. 1. First come first served. 2. Early bird gets all the worms. 3. 2nd is just another loser. Do not be sucked in by soft people giving awards for 1st - 100th place. 4. The most important one. What! You only need five boxes, you can wait and pay full price next year. I am buying in bulk so I will also need to commandeer your cart as well.;)
  2. Robin wrote: Robin, We have only lived here for 3 years, one of many states I have lived in over my 40 years of life. I transfered in with my job but we do like it, although we do miss the big city's due to more versatility of goods readily available to get at a moments notice. Go Mountaineers!
  3. Just got back from WalMart today. Hit the front door at 0630 with the wife and we just needed some more garland but started look at some 50 ct lights and this is what happened. 60 cents a box and we could not stop until we had all the clears, reds and greens on white and green wire. 4 carts later and even I said dang thats enough lets go. Half way home I realized we forgot to get some garland so we had to go back. Yea I got one more box of lights. The trip! The wife going after some blue lights for her project for next year. Doty
  4. Thanks Dale, I got your answer over on PC for this. It will also pull up in Excel 07 with all kinds of info. Doty
  5. Is their a way to print out channel configuration from sequence editor or does LOR have a program that will let you do this? Thanks, Doty
  6. I just got some more lights last night. Well actually the wife went and got them. 25 sets of clear on white wire. 14 sets of green on green wire. 14 sets of red on green wire. She is the best!!!!
  7. We loaded up on lights today for next year. 103 sets of red on green wire 100 ct bulbs each. 103 sets of green on gree wire 100 ct bulbs each. 147 sets of clear on green wire 100 ct bulbs each. 25 sets of red on white wire 100 ct each. 25 sets of green on white wire 100 ct each. 4 sets of clear on white wire 300 ct each. 8 sets of clear C9 on green wire 25 ct each. 11 sets of clear icicle lights on white wire 300 ct each. 18 9' sections of garland. Grand total of lights is "pause for dramatic effect".............. 52,500 With adding the lights we already have up now makes 63,500....:D:D:P The people at the store were very curious as to why we were buying so many lights three days before Christmas. We told them we were under orders to not talk about it . One lady said good lord, I said yes he is and she said I better get some more lights myself. That was cool!
  8. The Capital has two 15' Nutcrackers out in front of the governors house. They also have two 6' Toy-soldiers at one of the security gates. Man, I would like to have all four of them... Take a look at the link below.. That is my wife standing beside one of them so you can see the size of them, she is 5'8". http://www.montroselights.com/About43.htm
  9. They are for next year, already planing ahead of time for FY09. Just seeing if you guys have someone you get your stuff from in the off season for a good price. Oh, guess what the two things they are for.. Hmmmm
  10. Where can I get my hands on 105 sets of clear 100 count 2.5" bulb spacing, 80 sets of red 100 count 2.5" bulb spacing and 80 sets of green 100 count 2.5" bulb spacing? At a reasonable price... Thanks, the Dotys
  11. Madhatter, The deal is that two members tried to help you out. You got an attitude because you did not understand what they where saying to you to HELP YOU out. Then one member tries to let you know LOR is compatible (which it is) and that the issue just might be YOU not doing enough research on what to get or what to do now. Pointing the finger at LOR (they did not make you get the 400 LED’s with independent controllers) will not get you any ware on this site. The right thing to do now would be to apologize for getting rude. We have all been in your shoes with these kinds of issues and our frustration got the better of us. Worst case scenario is that you do not use the 400 blue LED lights that you got this year. You said you have over a million lights and have hardly even touched your stock. If I only had your issue!! I do hope things get better for you. The Dotys
  12. That was great!! Still laughing...
  13. Man that’s great I thought about making an Excel program too. I make a lot of them at work for all kinds of things to make the job easier. It really only makes it easier for everybody else because I spend all my time making them and they just click and run. So I really appreciate the time you put in making it. Good light mojo for you...
  14. So is it safe to say once you hit 40K you just stop counting and just estimate from then on? To tell ya the truth with just over 11K I really got tired of keeping track and thats not a lot of lights standing with this group. Plus it seems like to me once everybody passes 40K it really does not matter anymore. Don't worry more stupid question/statements to come...
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