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  1. Finally got my videos on YouTube. Uptown Funk https://youtu.be/GbNCk8FAngg Wizards in Winter https://youtu.be/LW938GAmIQA Alvin and the Chipmunks https://youtu.be/v2lT7Ma-prk The Matrix https://youtu.be/ZJcqIhHK7tM Christmas Vacation https://youtu.be/E6TQ6Tkm4QQ You are welcome to download any of these here. https://goo.gl/5dwcIo
  2. Here is a link to all of my files in Dropbox. https://goo.gl/5dwcIo
  3. I had very little RGB last year when I sequenced Let It Go. You are welcome to look at what I have in the 2014 folder in Dropbox.
  4. Michael, use this link to get to my Dropbox. https://goo.gl/5dwcIo
  5. I also added a quick Matrix sequence to my Dropbox link. https://youtu.be/LCE_EA4hn8I
  6. Ok, here you go. I'll add a few more in the coming days. https://goo.gl/5dwcIo
  7. Sorry for the delay, for some reason I wasn't following my own thread. Everyone that requested a copy should have my Dropbox link. Is there any reason I can't post a Dropbox link on here?
  8. Wizards in Winter was heavily inspired by the original. https://youtu.be/nB5LFpG2R2U Uptown Funk was because I'm still not tired of that song even after sequencing it. LOL https://youtu.be/L8IJsIJt1FU Here is what the windows and garage doors have on them. The roof line has two sets of icicle lights and smart RGB bulbs. The same bulbs from this video. https://youtu.be/D6n3EVjXR3g The left of the video is the front of the house. The right is the end of the house, we live on a corner. The eight mini trees on the left and right will be about 3' tall. The RGB matrix in the middle will
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