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  1. Been using Vegomatic for a couple years now and love it! Thanks Bob! I'm trying to create a LOR config file with several DMX strings. The first export works and can be imported into LOR 4.2.12 without issue. When I add the second string and export the combined config file I can't import it into LOR. I get an error stating "invalid procedure call or argument." Any help you can offer is appreciated.
  2. I wish I had pics or video to share. I guess depending on the amount I could recreate it. :-)
  3. We moved last June and had to work our butts off to get ready in time. We of course took that opportunity to move nearly everything to RGB. Each window and garage door have brilliant bulbs and LED strips, kind of hard to tell in the video. The physical build wasn't too hard, although the 19' mega tree was crazy. The first year of programming in RGB was tough.
  4. Over the last several weeks I have spent more time and money than I would like to say, attempting to make these. First I tried to boil a 10' piece of 3/4" schedule 40 PVC in a 10' section of gutter with a turkey fryer. FAIL Second I boiled enough water to cover the PVC pipe in the gutter. Closer, but still a FAIL Next I attached a box fan to 15 feet of 4" galvanized dryer vent. Inserting a propane grill burner closest to the fan. Seven feet of the ten would get very pliable, which isn't enough. The end closest to the burner also scorched and expanded. I purchased a PVC bender online that will heat 9' of PVC at a time. It heated the PVC wonderfully! So easy to shape after heating it properly and evenly. There were several restrictions for my build. I wanted 16 mini spiral trees so the length of strip had to be limited to half a strip, about 8' 4". I also didn't want to use more than one piece of 10' PVC pipe. As you can see, the jig had to go through several iterations, ending up much smaller than I originally thought. Our first attempt was pretty sad looking. The jig was too big and we didn't let it get hot enough. The second attempt was much better but still not what we were looking for. Here is the final product. The top will need to continue around rather than pointing up. The pixel strip doesn't want to bend that way. PVC pipe being heated. It came with three 3' pieces of insulation.
  5. Let me know where you found the 6' spiral trees for cheap.
  6. Hot glue. They pop off every now and then. A few seconds with a lighter and they are good to go.
  7. Here are a few pictures of my process. Make sure you read the comments on each pic. https://goo.gl/photos/iPHtNKxHZiCNmFdw6
  8. Each of these will probably be 3-4' tall. Only using one LED strip per tree.
  9. Each strip is 8' and a few inches. I'm thinking about using 1/4" copper tubing so I can collapse them down for storage. This tubing isn't terribly expensive but more than twice what 1/2" conduits costs per foot. I think 1/2" conduit would be too rigid. Any other ideas for ways to support a spiral tree that don't include fishing line?
  10. I also use PVC pipe for the frame. I use clear silicone caulk to attach the strips to the PVC. I use pieces of network cable to connect the solder points on the corners. I fill the strip/boot about a half inch deep with silicone, and coat all the connections with silicone. Mine have held up very well in the weather. If you have a large window or large garage door opening like I do, I screwed a piece of 1/2" conduit to the back of the PVC pipe. The screws need to go all the way through the conduit but only needs to penetrate the back side of the PVC. If I had known it was going to sag beforehand I would have put the conduit inside the PVC. One screw would be enough to hold the conduit in place.
  11. There is an arch Wizard and I think I understand what you are saying. I used the arch wizard to physically draw the arch. Then I used the pixel string tool to draw an arch right over the arch wizard. Then deleted the arch made by the wizard. You can always draw single bulbs and make them RGB, then arrange into an arch. But then you will run into your fixture/prop limit pretty quick.
  12. This feature alone makes the $30 upgrade worth it.
  13. Where has this feature been all my life!? I should be able to draw my entire RGB simulation in a matter of hours, rather than days. http://www.lightorama.com/help/limits.htm
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