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  1. Well my stand borke when i put all 3 LORs on it eek does any ideas plans of a nice stand i build. :X Thanks Bull
  2. you are right my friend dont be sloppy with your work take your time and work hard and it will all come together Papa-LF wrote: Just remember - it's not how many channels you have - it's what you do with them that counts - be creative - be precise (not sloppy) and smoooooth with your programming. It's not how many songs you do for your show - it's how you do your songs for your show that makes the difference. 3 nicely done songs is way better than 20 sloppy songs.
  3. Crossing my fingers "TryForFree"
  4. wow nice pictures my friend looks like it took some time doing that :dude:
  5. oh boy i am very happy and broke:P lol i bought to new 16 channel LORs today just letting u all know what i got this years sale :dude: what did u all get for this years sale??? Thanks Dan LOR inc for being great people to me and my family. Jeff
  6. Who on here has the most LOR Channels and like to see how you all set it up outside? just like see all the LOR Boxes in to make me slobber
  7. Ok u guys saying i can get free shipping and handleing?????:shock: and what eles
  8. ok i got everything prudy much done but one thing i can get done is get the music saved with my sequence that i can play together can anyone give me some help here please!!!!!!!! if u have any problems understanding my sentece PM me LOL:P
  9. Tom Turkey


    Just letting all of you know i own the NORTH IDAHO CHIRISTMAS LIGHT SHOW in Kingston Idaho i am not young at this i have been doing this for many years now been a member now at Planet christmas for well lets just say i am old as dirt ha ha and been a member here to for sometime now just havent got time to reboot my membership up on LOR support page it been kinda heck here PM me if you all wont i would love to share some ideas thanks Jeff myspace page check it out it is private u have to let me know who u are then i well let u on. www.myspace/bullriderminer
  10. Tom Turkey


    Hello just wondering if any members on here form Idaho or the Northwest?
  11. Dan u can if you wont send that to me no problem with that idea.:P:P
  12. Congrats to ya T110431!!! now your family well never see you agen:P
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