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  1. I am having difficulty getting the lights to work when creating a show with the Show Builder in the Hardware Utility. Only the music plays, no lights. I hit play in SE and nothing at all plays when hooking to my PC with the dongle. Control Lights is checked in SE. I just purchased pixels this year and created 2 different networks, one for my pixel controller and one for my 3 AC controllers. If I test the lights in the HU they all play. I am able to play all the pixel lights in the PE program. I used to use the mini director before I got the pixel controller. I created a show with the Simple Show Builder (minus the pixel lights) for the mini director. That has worked for years. I just bought a G3-MP3 Director so I can run the 2 networks. When I put that SD card in the G3-MP3 Director all of the lights work (except for the pixel lights, obviously). From what I understand I have to create a show using the Show Builder in the HU since I now have 2 separate networks (56k and 500k). The old show for the mini director works just fine for the non-pixel lights which makes me think that everything is setup correctly. Need some ideas why I only hear the music and the lights don't work when creating a show in the HU. Thanks Jason Pro license 4.3.24
  2. griswoldjr

    Frozen- Let it go sequence

    Could you please send me a copy? Thank you jhueschen@cox.net
  3. griswoldjr

    Who wants a free sequence?

    I would like a copy. Thanks Jason jhueschen@cox.net
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    Light of Christmas by Owl City ft. Toby Mac

    I would like a copy. Thanks Jason jhueschen@cox.net
  5. griswoldjr

    Frozen- Let it go sequence

    Can you please send a copy my way? Thanks Jason jhueschen@cox.net