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  1. reddie721

    Underneath the Tree- Arches

    Does anyone have this song with an Arch sequence? I'm not liking mine and am looking for ideas. If you would be willing to share. reddie721@aol.com Thanks, Rob
  2. reddie721

    Run Run Rudolph- Chuck Berry sequence

    If you create it, I would love to have a copy. Does anyone have a sequence for the lights for it? .
  3. reddie721

    Mardi Gras Sequences?

    Does anyone have any Mardi Gras sequences?
  4. reddie721

    Blue Christmas Elvis

    Anyone have a sequence for this? Including faces? It was a last minute request for my show so if you can help, thanks! REddie721@aol.com
  5. Does anyone have Rocking Around the Christmas Tree sequence with dancing arches? I am looking to add them to my current sequence and am running out of time. Any help is appreciated. reddie721@aol.com Thanks, Rob
  6. reddie721


    Can you send me those faces? reddie721@aol.com Thanks!
  7. Does anyone have a sequence for this song? Just looking. If so and can share, reddie721@aol.com
  8. reddie721

    Amazon Download Issue?

    When it is analyzing the media file, it causes it to crash
  9. reddie721

    Amazon Download Issue?

    I am trying to create a new sequence from a song I downloaded from Amazon, but it shuts LOR Seq editor down. It gave a timing error issue one time. Any clue what to do? Rob
  10. reddie721

    Glee O Holy Night

  11. Can I get a copy as well? reddie721@aol.com
  12. Does anyone have this sequence they are willing to share? Looking for singing faces as well.
  13. Do you have the Glee O Holy night?
  14. reddie721

    Glee O Holy Night

    If anyone can share, please do If singling faces, even better. . REddie721@aol.com
  15. Which sequence would that be? I have Let it snow if you would like. I'm lookinf for singing faces for this one as well to add