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  1. Mardi Gras Sequences?

    Does anyone have any Mardi Gras sequences?
  2. Blue Christmas Elvis

    Anyone have a sequence for this? Including faces? It was a last minute request for my show so if you can help, thanks! REddie721@aol.com
  3. Does anyone have Rocking Around the Christmas Tree sequence with dancing arches? I am looking to add them to my current sequence and am running out of time. Any help is appreciated. reddie721@aol.com Thanks, Rob

    Can you send me those faces? reddie721@aol.com Thanks!
  5. Does anyone have a sequence for this song? Just looking. If so and can share, reddie721@aol.com
  6. Amazon Download Issue?

    When it is analyzing the media file, it causes it to crash
  7. I am trying to create a new sequence from a song I downloaded from Amazon, but it shuts LOR Seq editor down. It gave a timing error issue one time. Any clue what to do? Rob
  8. Glee O Holy Night

  9. Can I get a copy as well? reddie721@aol.com
  10. Does anyone have this sequence they are willing to share? Looking for singing faces as well.
  11. Do you have the Glee O Holy night?
  12. Glee O Holy Night

    If anyone can share, please do If singling faces, even better. . REddie721@aol.com
  13. Which sequence would that be? I have Let it snow if you would like. I'm lookinf for singing faces for this one as well to add
  14. Now Accepting FREE Singing Face Seq Request

    There were two songs I'm looking for. 1. Let it Snow by Harry Connick Jr 2. Good to be Bad by Pentatonix. Let me know if you would have time for those. Thanks, Rob
  15. Looking for: O Holy Night, Point of Grace

    No, sorry. I have tried to find another o holy night