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  1. Thanks! I think I got it figured out. Found a few pics of others.
  2. Nice! I should have waited...got let it go and others from you sequenced the rest of my lights to it, now have to get this one.
  3. Just wondering if anyone can share pics of how they mounted the star on the top? The open space in the middle seems a bit small. I can fit a block of wood in there and bolt it to the top, but wondering if that is the best way.
  4. I purchased 12 CCRs this year and was planning to build my tree out if 3/4" EMT conduit. Can others who have done it with EMT post some pics?
  5. Can I too have a copy? Jimsothermail@roadrunner.com
  6. Can I get a copy? Jimsothermail@roadrunner.com
  7. Very nice static display! Can't wait to see it set to music. My first year too, only hope mine looks half as good.
  8. If I can jump in and get a copy? Trying to figure all this out since it is my first year and kids would be happy to see it in lights! jimsother@gmail.com Thanks in advance!
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