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  1. anyone willing to share a sequence would be great. kklug21@yahoo.com
  2. and you tried sending it to kklug21@yahoo.com? James you have sent me sequences before. Maybe I can try send you and email and you respond?
  3. Hey Bill, I didn't get an email from you. Would you try resending? Thanks
  4. thanks, my wife is trying I figure out how to make one of the talking faces so this will be helpful.
  5. Can someone help a brother out with a 16 channel Thriller Sequence? I don't have a talking face so if you have one with out that I would appreciate it but I won't pass one up with it if I can't get anything else. My email is kklug21@yhaoo.com. Thanks in advance. If you got any other good ones and want to share. I wouldn't mind those as well. Thanks again.
  6. Hello Vinchief, would you pleas provide me the sequences as well I would appreciate it. email is kklug21@yahoo.com Thanks
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