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  1. Thank you for the immense help.
  2. Is there a good tutorial for visualizer? I'm in version 3.9.. And is it a stand alone version?
  3. I was in your exact same position last year....Two bits of advise.... #1 Read ,Read, Read....#2 Find a experienced LOR light person to ask questions...This is the busiest time of the year for most of us so relax and ,though I'm sure this might be disappointing, be prepared to postpone the show til next year when you have a better "handle" on all the different aspects ... FWIW..facebook is a valuable asset in finding real time answers.. Dave
  4. Thanks dgrant !! Answers my question...I should be alright with 9 CTB16 boxes..All LED...
  5. I am using Easy light Linkers...Last year I ran 7 CTB16PC boxes with 100% LED,s off of 1 ELL...I am adding 2 more CTB16 boxes...I just recently saw a post indicating only 3 boxes per ELL.. Was I just lucky or can I run 9 boxes off 1 ELL? Dave
  6. What is the highest amount of boxes that can be run from a ELL ? Last year I had 7 running off one ELL.. This year I will be adding 2 more...Still possible? Dave
  7. I honestly like the pure white bluish tint...Warm white has a yellow look..to me of course...You will ultimately be your harshest critic...
  8. I was curious how long it would take for this subject to come up...I feel a mix will always be more visually engaging... Dave Stoler
  9. Thanks guys...I,m still in turmoil .This will be the first year that I even thought about Christmas lights past January 1 or before October so the learning curve is steep...Your advise will be heeded...I will be headed to a Christmas seminar next week and fiquire the big push will come after that for me...But my real objective is to have 95% of my display completed by September... Dave Stoler
  10. Correct me if I,m wrong someone,but we,re plugging into the female "dongles".
  11. Thanks for the reminder ! I,ll get out there tonight..
  12. Dave S

    SPT 1 or 2

    I was leaning toward the SPT 2 because of the claimed higher amp rating ...But it didn,t make sense that they were gaining higher amp through thicker insulation with the same guage wire...
  13. Dave S

    SPT 1 or 2

    I,m new...Starting to buy for next year...I need SPT wire and was going to spend the extra for the SPT 2 ..Is there a valid reason not to?
  14. I have felt that way for the last month, and my show is mostly static !! I always felt that I was brain damaged.. But I found this forum and feel less "damaged."
  15. Dave S

    Thank you

    I have to second that...I,m late to the party this year so my focus is on next year...But I can not thank a few on this forum for going above and beyond in giving help...Thank you.... Dave
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