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  1. I would love this as well if anyone has a chance! Gonetothesnowdog@gmail.com Thanks!
  2. would LOVE a copy of this if anyone has time! GonetotheSnowDog@gmail.com
  3. Did anyone ever get this done? I have been looking for it as well jandjhatch@yahoo.com
  4. I would love a copy of this one!! JandjHatch@yahoo.com
  5. Has anyone done this? Or attempted to do this? I Really want to try to have this one for Halloween. As a tribute to Chris Cornell. And I think it's pretty fitting.
  6. You are amazing! I would love a copy! ContactSnowDogs@gmail.com
  7. I would love a copy of this! I think I might have time to pull it off with a bit of help for you epic people! JandJHatch@yahoo.com
  8. Can I get Star Wars Sent to me pls JandJHatch@yahoo.com
  9. Awesome! would you mind sending it to me at JandJHatch@yahoo.cm Thanks!
  10. Anyone want to shoot me a copy of this? JandJHatch@yahoo.com Thanks!
  11. Some of the files i am getting from people as they share, have no preview animation like usual? Am I doing something wrong? I go to animation and it says Do you want to add an image. I click no, and get nothing I click yes, add an image, and still nothing. . .
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