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  1. I want to replace my red, green, and multi color lights with LED. I was hoping to grab some after Christmas for sale but shelves were empty by like 7am! 😮 Any suggestions where to get some bulk lights at a discount? Thank you!
  2. Ah ok. I will try a different program. Thank you!
  3. Hello all. 2018 is the year of show problems for us lol. 3 boxes fixed (one had to be replaced..just got it today..whew). We have ONE song that plays fine in the sequence editor, but not in the show. The lights go off correctly when played in the editor. But for some reason in the show this is the only song that is dark for around 30 seconds..and then it's like the lights "fast fwd" ... and finally halfway through the song everything is fine and synced. We tried redownloading the audio file, we ran it through the mp3 program on the forums for getting all the songs the same. We made a new lms file and copied from the old one, so it's a whole new file and reloaded into the show. Still same result. So for now we removed the song, but we cant figure out what the deal is. Any suggestions? No other songs do this.
  4. Thank you for the help. Opened a ticket this morning. My husband checked the jumpers and transformer and said they looked good. He said based on everything he checked he has no idea why it's not working as everything seems fine and is getting power when he measures it. Will see what LOR says to do.
  5. So we looked at the Rj45 Jack's, tried unplugging the cables, no light. He looked around the board and said this was the only stress he sees. It doesnt look super bad, but you can see where the top two are a little brown on the side vs everything else is white. https://ibb.co/gWtbPv9 What would we let LOR know?
  6. Hello All. 2018 is going to be the year all our LOR boxes stop working lol Already replaced the ports on 2 boxes and now Box 1 in our show stopped working. So box #1 is not working, no channels but boxes 2,3,4 that are all connected through box 1 work. My husband checked and there is power coming in, fuses are good. But the green light is not on (not blinking, not solid, just off). Any suggestions on what may be wrong and can we fix or are we looking at a new box? Thanks you for your help! CT
  7. 64 Channels done If anyone wanted it haha I know its not traditional but my kid plays it over and over and over.... Send me your email and I'll pass it on.
  8. Hi, I was curious if there is a way to transmit so that people could listen to the show via bluetooth on their car radios or phones My friend has a radio thay actually had NO radio, it's all satellite or bluetooth or aux. That got me thinking that eventually the FM transmitter might not cut it. Anyone do this already?
  9. Could really use some help for What's This for the nightmare before Christmas. If anyone has it for 64 + channels. Or if anyone knows where I could buy a sequence too, I did look at wow lights. I would appreciate any help. Thank you! NeuroticVirgo85@yahoo.com
  10. Long Shot unless there are some Overwatch fans or LOR users with teens haha. Has anyone sequenced this song?
  11. I need more than 16 channels if someone would mind sharing with me - NeuroticVirgo85@yahoo.com But these are my 16 channel ones - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HGqeOeWPFne81IDIyIn_31RKAN-agLEC
  12. Here are some of my 16 channel ones from last year. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HGqeOeWPFne81IDIyIn_31RKAN-agLEC
  13. I know of a few websites that have sequences as well, but if anyone can link to some other ones that would also be great. Thanks again!
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