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  1. Can i get a copy also?Thanks in advance. maggiev4@yahoo.com
  2. Hi Bill can i get a copy also. Thanks maggiev4@yahoo.com
  3. Hi james can i get them also.Thanks maggiev4@yahoo.com
  4. Hi James May I have a copy? Thanks Jeff Maggiev4@yahoo.com
  5. Can i get a copy of that also? Thanks Jeff maggiev4@yahoo.com
  6. Hi Bill can i get a copy also thanks! Maggiev4@yahoo.com
  7. Hi James can i get a copy? Thanks Jeff maggiev4@yahoo.com
  8. Hi Sarge can i get a copy?How many channel is your mega tree? Thanks Jeff maggiev4@yahoo.com
  9. could i get a copy also please. maggiev4@yahoo.com
  10. can i also get a copy thanks! maggiev4@yahoo.com
  11. yes forums of all types help so much because there is always someone who knows more than you! thanks again guys for the quick response and the help. Jeff
  12. EUREKA! You should work for LOR support! That was the problem just received almost the same email from support today.Still don't understand why it would work in HU it still goes through comm 6 for me. Thanks for all the help and patients . I always get a comm error when i open both so i always close one but that is good to know. We have 3 plasma cutters 600 amp,1000 amp and a 100 hidef machine.
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