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  1. Problem with idmx1000

    hello, where I could buy compatible with LOR?
  2. Problem with idmx1000

    thank for response 1.- the iDMX ,if just plugged into another controller gets it power from that connection. You should not need to power it separately with a 12v PS. is correct, I use the USB485B and from there to idmx1000. I put 12v only as a test. 2.- My assumption is yes. So check your CAT 5 cable, or plug the iDMX into a different controller. THat would tell you if there is an issue with the iDMX itself. yes, from USB485B an RJ45 going to the idmx1000 and the other DMX-512 LOR CONTROLLER, the PC detects the device idmx but not send the signal to the lights, change the RJ45 cable and DMX cable and follows with the same problem 3.- Another item to check. Have you added any new fixtures? What happens if you systematically remove fixtures out of the universe? Might it be a problem there? remove the device to test it only with a light, and still the problem apparently the idmx1000 is damage
  3. Problem with idmx1000

    hi, mr zman, and I have a set of connected lights, so dmx and LOR, worked perfectly, now I have problems that lights connected to dmx do not respond. I noticed that the light of idmx1000 shimmered very little, i connect a transformer 12 v, to test if it worked and nothing the program detects but does not send signal lights
  4. Problem with idmx1000

    no, I have several years using it, I'm trying a separate power supply for the Idmx 1000
  5. Problem with idmx1000

    hello, today present a problem with my idmx1000 , the lights are not receiving DMX signal, the PC recognizes the device but does nothing , I realized that the light of the device is less strong, and I put a transformer 12 v , and they lit normal, but still with the same problem , also will place a dmx amplifier and nothing. if someone could help me I would appreciate it very much
  6. Problem idmx -1000

    hi , I have a problem with idmx -1000 , the overnight I leave the lights ceased to recognize the PC detects the network but no lights , does not send the DMX signal. that could have happened ? please help...
  7. Help! setup cmd24d

    i need help, my cmb24d the light o rama harware not recognize the board in mode DMX. but in LOR yes it do. I need use it in DMX. I have it connected to a 12 V 20A. and I'm using only one LED strip thank you!!!
  8. Power supply to CMB24

    Hello, I would like you to know that power supply can put my CMB24 on amazon I get some? thanks!!!
  9. I need help with idmx1000, please

    thanks for your help!!
  10. I need help with idmx1000, please

    hello, friends... I have a idmx 1000, and I need to use the 512 channels, but I only appear to use 256, how do I work with the 512 dmx channels. thanks