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  1. I am running leds from fleet farm home depot and Wal-Mart and I seem to be ok with dimming and such now I do not have more than 6-7 strings attached together on one channel if that maters
  2. if you buy the controller you have an excuse to add on next year
  3. my problem is not cord ends in water it is the wire frames stuck in the ground when the ground gets wet and soft I trip gfis with random props and beside they should stay out of the yard LOL
  4. I took out all my GFIs I have way to may problems with them over the years even with my static displays I fund they do not like wire frames and moisture at all. So anyone that comes in my yard with the show on beware I figure if there was a short the breaker or the fuse will blow or worse case I fry a board but I think LOR may have a few more they would like to sell
  5. old school 6 controllers and all LED or incan strings nothing smart here not even me
  6. Well Just when I thought everything was starting to go smoothly and could see the light at the end of the tunnel we get some snow and wind. I wake up to go to work and Bam my mega tree popped both pulleys all the lights are on the ground so now I need to round up some troupes to help re resurrect the thing and hopefully get the lift back down there (may need my tractor) Thank god for some nice temps predicted this weekend so I can get everything done for launch the first weekend in DEC SO what kind of problems have anyone else experienced over the years that had them go O great just what I needed
  7. 13 degs and windy as heck like -3 wind chill or so. all I need to know is I need to find some different zip ties as I keep breaking them because they are to cold. package says only good for 32 deg
  8. Mega Arch I know your feeling we were blessed with the birth of our son this summer now I am still building my show I am still working on getting my mega tree built I have made light bundles to make arches already but I too am trying to get things up and running and wife is like you need to get this done your behind now I am glade she is supportive also but Come on don't remind me that I'm behind so now during the week I program while my son sleeps or is happy in my lap although I do have some glitches where I must have kicked my hand. But I will agree that I am blessed to have my son along with a supportive wife
  9. WOW Jim I have seen that button there and I have never used it or known what it was for this would and will save some time on certain things wish I would have known this sooner o well I suppose that's what happens when your a second year newbie
  10. God Child asked if I could do this song I would love a copy if I could slipperyclam@lakefield.net Thanks
  11. Wish I would of down loaded the clipboard flipper a long time ago
  12. this is my second year doing this and was wondering if there is a way to copy a chase and then paste it in a mirror image so that say my arches would chase one direction and then back. Or is there an easier way to do it than counting cells.
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