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  1. Could I get a copy of this also might try and throw it in there for New Years Eve, thanks. cattkevin@gmail.com
  2. Sarge, Send me a copy also, please. I think there is more on here then the last one you sent me. Thanks in advance. cattkevin@gmail.com
  3. Could you send me a couple please love the song take a look and I might run it for New years eve neighbors will love it lol. thanks cattkevin@mail.com
  4. Dan, could you please send me a copy, thanks cattkevin@gmail.com
  5. Bryan, Could I get a copy to please, thanks in advance. cattkevin@gmail.com
  6. I was doing a sequence and all tool bar were colored, pushed and they all went black which they should but the stop button usually doesnts, but this time it went black also and cannot use it. I have to up to play ket drop down open and then pick stop. How do I get it back the old way. Thanks
  7. Just received my mini director and yes I'm a newbie so i have no idea how to use. I used my LOR sequencer and made my sequences and have saved them to my SD card, what do I need to do next or is it just plug and play. I have the manual but not much help. Also when it get thru all the sequences does it loop back or how does that work. thanks for the help
  8. I started having this problem about 2 weeks ago, can anyone give me any info on what I need to do or what has happened. I can get into all other Light O Rama items just not the sequence editor. The error I get says "cannot find file or folder C:\users\family\documents\Light o rama\sequences" Thanks for the help.
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