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  1. Thanks! Now I know it's safe to pay to download a sequence I can modify and be able to move it later!
  2. Ok so the LOR PC is on the fritz!!! I was going to download another premade sequence (that I can still modify) to continue to add to the show. If I do that on this "temporary" pc will I easily be able to transfer it back to the real LOR pc later? (I know the file paths for both pcs) but wonder if there is any "built-in" licensing during the dl process that will prohibit me from transferring the sequence/music onto another pc. Thanks! Jenn
  3. Thanks for the info everyone! Really appreciate it...now off to explore the options!
  4. Hi, We have decided it would be best to make our own extension cords. Anyone have any recommendations on what to use ( I.e. stp2, vampire plugs, etc). Also any recommendations on where to order supplies for making extension cords and also ordering more lights?
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