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  1. Thanks for the ideas. I decided I will use a seperate 12 volt battery for the dc board and run a charge wire from generator along with the solar charger, That should eliminate any voltage spikes. The electricians at the mine I work at are also looking for 2000 feet of weather resistant 4 wire, If I had that no generator would be needed. Everything is L.E.D. so I would have plenty of power. My idea is to put a 25 foot mega tree on top of a 500 foot high rock outcroping on a old telephone pole that is already there. Wish me luck, Also going to be at Vegas Jumpstart training next week. If any of the fellow forum users are going to be there let me know... Thanks again
  2. Hello all, I am considering putting a display on a hilltop about 500 feet away from my house, unfortunately it is across a highway with no way to get power to it. I want to use a servo dog and easy light linker wired to the generator battery so I can program the start and stop, It would need four circuts. 1.Ignition on 2. ignition off 3. Choke, ( going to use a door lock solinoid ) 4. Start. Hope some of you folks can tell me if this would work. The easy light linker uses 9 volt supply so I can step down the generator battery voltage, and the servo dog can handle both supply power and control power. I would just have to leave the servo dog and linker energised. all the time, I have a 12 volt solar battery charger to keep generator battery charged. I live in Nevada so sunshine isn't a problem. Any and all ideas on this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, I may have posted this in the wrong category....sorry
  3. Sure would like to know when these little gems (CMB16D-QC) are going to ship. It's way past the end of the month. Ease our pain Dan....
  4. Well, er, It will only work for a while, think I toasted my sign.
  5. I order to run lor controllers at max amperage, they are designed to run two 120volt inputs from say two seperate 20 amp breakers, simply put it divides a sixteen channel controller into two 8 eight channel controllers at 15 or 20 amps depending on the controller. At least that is my understanding. I may be full of soup.
  6. I am sure this has been asked, but can I run my Beta Brite scrolling sign from a LOR channel?
  7. Thanks Chuck. Got it fixed on the first reply. Boards are fixed and I'm getting the rest of the egg off my face..........
  8. Ok, it's the fuses. If I would have had one board with this problem the first thing I would have done is check the fuse, check the fuse, check the fuse, What are the odds of having two bad fuses on the first two boards on the same side. I think Dan is testing me to see if I am worthy. lol check the fuse check the fuse check the fuse Thanks it's the fuses it's the fuses. lol Light-o-rama is making me a little more humble
  9. I have completed the build of my new ctb16pc kits, I am now doing a Halloween display with the first two kits, but channels 1-8 on both boards are dead. I have double checked all the jumpers. Channels 9-16 on both kits work great. I am sure it's something simple but its got me stumped, any and all help will be appreciated.
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