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  1. If you are still sharing, could I have a copy please? dns1234@embarqmail.com
  2. If anyone has a sequence for Deadman’s Party and Party Rock Anthem with faces, I’d appreciate the help. Thanks to all you people who are kind to share to those of us that haven’t learned programming yet. Without your help there’s a batch of us that would have equipment and songs but no sequences
  3. It appears you have all the sequences I’m looking for. If you would share this one as well I would be very appreciative. I’m hopeless at sequencing faces. Dns1234@embarqmail.com
  4. If you are sharing, could you please send a copy? Thank you very much dns1234@embarqmail.com
  5. If you are still sharing, I would appreciate a copy as well. Thank you very much dns1234@embarqmail.com
  6. If you are still sharing,please send a copy of your Disney sequences are all the audio easily attainable from Amazon? dns1234@embarqmail.com
  7. Please provide a copy also much thanks dns1234@embarqmail.com
  8. You do such a nice job on all you've given us. Could I also have a copy? dns1234@embarqmail.com Thanks so much Oh and btw: Sounds of Silence was a huge hit here Thanks again for that one
  9. I would appreciate a copy also if you're still sharing dns1234@embarqmail.com
  10. Would it be possible to have the link also? Thanks so much
  11. Thank you James got the copy of Sounds Of Silence. I so appreciate your generosity.
  12. OH MY GOODNESS! So much power. Could I also have a copy? dns1234@embarqmail.com Thank you so much
  13. If you are still sharing , I would appreciate a copy also. Thank you. And all my grandchildren thank you,too DNS1234@EMBARQMAIL.COM
  14. May I have a copy too? We Just watched the movie last night. Now I see what all the kids at Disney were singing. Our grands and grands' friends will love it DNS1234@EMBARQMAIL.COM Thank you very much
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