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  1. I've been asked by some friends to put some of my Christmas display lights up in a barn for their wedding in a few months (think very simple - lights will be all on all of the time) and I am using my Ray Wu RGB icicle lights run through a ECG-P2 controller. Has anyone got any suggestions on easiest way to set the colour in LOR to obtain a warm white colour? The couple don't want the stark white colour that they normally emit. For my Christmas displays I usually just have full white all on in my sequences and have never experimented with intensities, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you all :-)
  2. Thought it would be just easier to ask the question then try to find it on the forum (have already searched for an hour). Just wanted to confirm that when I set up my 24 channel RGB LOR controller in Sequence Editor that I set it up as Device Type Lightorama Controller, the Unit ID then the channels (circuits are as follows): Eg. Unit ID 01 1 Dumb Strip - Circuit 1 - R, Circuit 2 - G, Circuit 3 - B 2 Dumb Strip - Circuit 4 - R, Circuit 5 - G, Circuit 6 - B 3 Dumb Strip - Circuit 7 - R, Circuit 8 - G, Circuit 9 - B 4 Dumb Strip - Circuit 10 - R, Circuit 11 - G, Circuit 12 - B 5 Dumb Strip - Circuit 13 - R, Circuit 14 - G, Circuit 15 - B 6 Dumb Strip - Circuit 16 - R, Circuit 17 - G, Circuit 18 - B 7 Dumb Strip - Circuit 19 - R, Circuit 20 - G, Circuit 21 - B 8 Dumb Strip - Circuit 22 - R, Circuit 23 - G, Circuit 24 - B Thanks!!
  3. Just a newbie to CCR sequencing - what is the easiest way to fade up/down CCR's - I try and choose the colour and then fade (or vice versa) and it always defaults to white when I choose fade second or just puts solid colour when I choose fade first............. I know I am missing something simple just wondering who can help out? Thanks!
  4. Just wondering if anyone has used the memory hold lights with LOR? I am in Australia and we are limited with the lights we can buy here that plug straight into the LOR (I have the AC controllers). It seems that this Christmas all the lights in Australia have come out with 8 memory controllers with a memory hold (not much range of "steady-on" lights available). Alternately if anyone in the US knows of suppliers that will customise lights to 240V and send to Oz? Thanks!!
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