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  1. When I first started with the hobby I was 100% LOR. I found their products simple to use and at least for me.. they simply worked. I Started with 2 16 channel controllers and the next year bought 2 ccr ribbons. I tweaked things with what I had for a couple years but decided to do a large add on. I added some CCB strings from LOR but really really wanted to add a 12 ccr tree. Since I live in Canada, the current exchange rate kills me . $3000 + was too much for me. I checked around and found HC was selling a unit on sale for 900. I did need to upgrade by Showtime but I ordered the tree and everything seemed fine. What others has said is so true though, HC is for those with a bit more experience and more of a DIY aptitude. I had an issue with the Alphapix controller where it would stop working when it got colder than a certain temperature. I tested and gave my results to David and they did find a firmware issue with the card and he sent me an update. Since then the card worked correctly. It did take some time for HC to respond but it works fine and I have had many comments on the tree the new show. Both LOR ans HC have fine products and I would probably order from both in the future, but again.. In my opinion one is pretty much plug and play and the other needs some hands on to get it to work, and if you are like me and have to stay within a budget, sometimes LOR can be a bit pricey. But again.. from my experience LOR works without hassles.
  2. Hi James, I would really appreciate a copy of this as well if it is no troulbe. I appreciate it and Thanks!! My email is robstark@shaw.ca. (for the record.. yes my name is rob stark and I had it before the TV show Game of Thrones character )
  3. I too am new to this obsession this year. I jumped in with 1 16 channel controller and 2 CCR ribbons. I just got them a few weeks ago so I wanted to start small. I was just like you , it all seemed so complicated and how on earth could I generate a show in the time I have left. I felt overwhelmed to say the least. I found this forum and members to be a vault of information. Search through the threads, you will find info like I did. I also came across this link (posted somewhere here http://www.superstarlights.com/Software/Videos.php) that helped me immensely in learning to sequence. I have been working on my 1st song and its coming along nicely. Download some examples and see how they work, it is such a nice feeling seeing your creation come alive. I am like a little kid again waiting for Christmas! Good luck!
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