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  1. Using two show computers. One for scrolling sign

    Thanks for showing!! Looks great!
  2. How did Light O Rama start?

    What is the back story of Light O Rama? How did they start? How did they grow? How did they come up with the name LightORama? What is the history of LightORama? Any insider want to compose a history of where you came from? I'd be interested! Thanks- Jeff
  3. crappy LOR green cables

    I was able to buy and receive today (on Sunday, Amazon is amazing) a CAT 5 cable tester. Thanks for the suggestion! I was able to verify that what I thought were bad cables (sorry LOR), were in fact good. It does seem that my RJ45 connector is probably the culprit. Like was said before, I probably need to protect the jack from unwanted forces due to the cable. Thanks for the input !!!
  4. I have a sequence that I want to take out the first 1 or 2 minutes. What is the easiest way to do that? I can shorten the back end, by reducing the total time of the sequence, but don't know of a good way to cut out a section from the front (and shift the remaining to the left). thanks- Jeff
  5. crappy LOR green cables

    So I assume that LOR network cable is not special (ie doesn't have different pin-outs) than regular CAT-5 cable you would use for Ethernet!?! Somehow, when I first started this, I thought I needed to buy network cable from LOR (and kept doing that). I think I will get a cat 5 tester, seems I'm doing more cabling these days with LOR and just home network in general. Probably a good tool to have on hand. I do think that our severe cold weather plays a part in my frequent faults (either cable issue or connector issue). I envy you fair weather folks. Although I give extra credit to those folks who have to put on a show in sub-freezing weather!! :-) Jeff
  6. crappy LOR green cables

    Bad. I use the cable....I get various results from hardware utility (no device detected, multiple unknown device detected , etc). I change the cable with a new one, and instantly find my device. This has happened regularly through the years. My assumption is that the cold / freeze probably cracks the wires?!? As far as root cause of the cable, who knows. Could be all the items you mentioned. All I know is that by replacing the cable everything works. Again, this has happened pretty much every year!! I have not used any other cable supplier except using the LOR green cables. (Now I define as crappy). Jeff
  7. crappy LOR green cables

    Over the years, I've started to notice that the weakest link in my LOR setup is the crappy LOR green cables. Not sure if they go bad in the deep Iowa freeze, but every year it seems I find bad cables. What are other's using for their cables (especially those in below freezing weather)? Are you having the same cable problems? Jeff
  8. Are the shell command variables supported in version 5?
  9. Pixel Matrix Questions

    me Too !!!!
  10. Pixel Matrix Questions

    @Little_b great display. What do you use on the tree just behind the Tune To sign to create the falling light effect? thanks- Jeff
  11. Pixel Matrix Questions

    All my photos go to Amazon, great service, plus a lot of extra bonuses
  12. Pixel Matrix Questions

    @caniac, doesn't look like your photos uploaded correctly...can't see them.
  13. ShowTime Software Beta 5.0 Question

    I think the Pixel Editor (mostly) is the same between version 4 (existing) and version 5 (beta). of course version 5 is more integrated into the Sequence Editor, and is the way LOR is going forward. That said, if you started using version 4 Pixel Editor, it would not be hard to jump to version 5.
  14. Pixel Matrix Questions

    @caniac Do you run your displays from inside the house, or have you created weatherproof enclosures for outdoor use?