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  1. Pixel Matrix Questions

    me Too !!!!
  2. Pixel Matrix Questions

    @Little_b great display. What do you use on the tree just behind the Tune To sign to create the falling light effect? thanks- Jeff
  3. Pixel Matrix Questions

    All my photos go to Amazon, great service, plus a lot of extra bonuses
  4. Pixel Matrix Questions

    @caniac, doesn't look like your photos uploaded correctly...can't see them.
  5. ShowTime Software Beta 5.0 Question

    I think the Pixel Editor (mostly) is the same between version 4 (existing) and version 5 (beta). of course version 5 is more integrated into the Sequence Editor, and is the way LOR is going forward. That said, if you started using version 4 Pixel Editor, it would not be hard to jump to version 5.
  6. Pixel Matrix Questions

    @caniac Do you run your displays from inside the house, or have you created weatherproof enclosures for outdoor use?
  7. ShowTime Software Beta 5.0 Question

    If you are going to jump into RGB pixel programming, I like the Pixel Editor, and with version 5.0 it is integrated into the Sequence Editor. Since 5.0 was recently released, and is in beta (bugs and all), I have opted to stick with version 4.0, which forces me to Sequence all my non-RGB in Sequence Editor, then import into Pixel Editor to do the RGB channels (and back and forth, back and forth), until I have a final show I'm happy with. In version 5.0, the back and forth between Pixel Editor and Sequence Editor is gone, but at this stage in 5.0, I won't jump into it until next year, when they have most of the major bugs worked out.
  8. Matrix size?

    yeah, the more I look at your P10 displays, the more I think we will eventually just be using "old" Flat Screen TVs (probably cheaper if you think about the cost / time it takes to hand build P10 displays).
  9. Matrix size?

    Sounds like @Caniac should give a presentation on what he has done with P10s I'm curious. Jeff
  10. Matrix size?

    I had to look up what P10's were. I just built my first pixel matrix last year using HolidayCoro's setup. The P10 displays look promising. Is there any support / companies around them, or is it DIY from the ground up. I can see in the near future folks putting water proof LCD TVs outside for their "matrix" display. Jeff
  11. Love LOR - Trying Raspberry PI B + w/ Falcon Pi Cap

    Creating your own light controller is interesting, but interfacing it to LOR software may be a challenge. The base LOR protocol is proprietary (back in the day, there were a few who reversed engineered it). The LOR enhanced protocol is proprietary and requires the PRO version of LOR software. You could interface your hardware using DMX (E1.31) (which is more of an open protocol), and would require Advanced or PRO LOR software. I think what you are asking is to interface via their standard LOR protocol. That would be great, but would require someone to reverse engineer the LOR protocol. Once that LOR protocol was documented, think of all the open source unique software that could be written on top that. I would expect the majority of users of LOR products use the base LOR protocol format. Then some use the LOR enhanced, and others use the DMX. Sounds like a fun project!!! To me it's like when Microsoft got more closed and more proprietary, Microsoft actually inadvertently promoted LINUX adoption. Although a much smaller customer base, LOR is ripe for creating an open source copy (I guess that's what xlights is). I think Pixel Editor and SuperStar started that way, then got rolled into the LOR family. I could be wrong. That's just my speculation.
  12. S5 sequencer Stuck at initializing effect generator

    My original problem appeared to be stuck in "initializing effect generator", but after trying it a few times I realized that another dialog box comes up, but was buried under my multiple windows. Perhaps dialog boxes from S5 need to be forced ontop of all windows. However, this is not a "stuck" issue, more of a window being lost in the clutter on my desktop issue :-)
  13. I wanted to be in the "meaty" reports group, digging in, and only reporting true problems, and then realized if I spent my limited time doing that, I wouldn't have time to create my new 2017 show. Therefore, I will remain in the "I like the idea of S5, combining Pixel Editor and SE, but will have to wait and play with it next year (2018)" group. Good luck and will be excited to start on S5 in 2018!!!
  14. I double clicked on last year's sequence file (something.lms), which had a new icon associated with it (S5). Apparently it was trying to load the sequence into S5 Sequencer, but stuck at "Initializing effect generator.." See attached screen shot. By the way, as we keep finding DEFECTS, do you have a defect tracker (that tracks the defect in an orderly way). As we report bugs, we could enter them into a formal system, so it's easier to track. And we'd know if it was fixed or not. How do you plan to track all these issues? Also, as issues come in, some would be trivial, and some would be deemed more critical. I could see you would want to prioritize these issues. Also, a formal bug tracking software would allow us to enter more system info (like what computer we are running on, ram we have, OS version, etc). I could see so much variation in equipment used, that depending on which windows system we may be seeing different issues.
  15. Installation problem

    Previous dialog box error wasn't due to network drive, got the same error installing on C drive, without changing any defaults. Attached is new dialog box error message.