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  1. I am currently running version 3.9.0 and would like to update to the newest version. I have updated my license and am ready to go but........how do you do it? Do you have to delete the older version from your computer and download the newer version, inserting your license into the new version? Thanks for the help! Don
  2. Fantastic ideas everyone. I truly appreciate every suggestion. Looks like I have some work to do
  3. Hi! I am working on a new idea for my Christmas show and am having a problem designing a feature I need. In the show I want to have a singing animatronic deer head. This deer head will actually be inside of a box, made to look like a small barn with two swinging barn doors on the sides. The problem is, I'd like for Light-O-Rama to be able to open and close the small barn doors for me at certain times during the show. This would mean that applying power would open the doors and cutting the power would close them. Closing I could probably do with a spring, but how in the world can I design something that, when power is supplied, would smoothly open the doors? Any ideas are welcomed...no matter how crazy! My brain hurts. Thanks, Don
  4. Thanks for all the ideas. I appreciate it. I'll get a ticker going and see what comes from it. Thanks again!
  5. Believe it or not, I just deleted the program completely, downloaded a fresh version,and it is doing the very same thing.
  6. Everything is exactly the same. I haven't touched anything since the last time it was working for Halloween. Very strange.
  7. I checked and under PLAY I have Control Lights and Control Visualizer (just in case) deselected.
  8. My Halloween show worked great this year and now I am working on Christmas,.but I am suddenly having an odd issue. When I try to open any of my lms files, including the Halloween files that worked great a few weeks go, I get a box that pop up that says 'light-o-rama sequence editor has stopped working. I have tried clicking on an LMS file to open the program and I have opened the Sequence Editor myself and the tried to open the LMS. In both cases I get the error. It seems like I had the issue before but I can't remember what I did to relive it. Ay ideas? Thanks in advance! Excited about my first Christmas with LOR!
  9. Okay, thank you for the answer. I will stick to the computer for now
  10. I am adding video to my show this year. Can I use an LOR director to run the show or do I have to use a computer if I want to play video files? Thanks!
  11. Excellent. I'll go on a search and see what I can find
  12. Hi, I would really love to do something different this year and thought about purchasing a midi-operated skull to add to my Halloween show. I know that programs like Reaper are often talked about, but is there any way that you can program one of these using LOR sequencing software? How would the skull be connected to the controller? I would love to know anything you might be able to share about this. Thanks!
  13. Thank you! wish the PLAY options had a way of saving your preference as a default. It needs to be set to your preference each time. Checked the default options and this one wasn't listed. The space bar tip is awesome. Thanks to the both of you
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