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  1. Now that Christmas 2013 is in the books,and storage, I would like some insight into a problem I experienced this year. I was running a brand new, Gen.3 LOR Showtime 16 Ch. controller for some of my elements. The element in question is a 4 section tree, which stacks one on top of the other. Each section is on a separate channel and the lower three sections performed beautifully. However, the top piece, which is the smallest and uses the fewest number of lights, would not dim smoothly.BTW, all sections are strung with professional quality lights and from the same vendor. So, what gives? I might expect this problem with a Gen.1 controller, but not with a Gen.3.
  2. My original Gen.1 LOR controller has had problems at least twice with a stuck triac. So, this year I want to avoid those problems with snubbers; while I understand the concept, I am wondering what is the easiest way to use them. The old controller runs a 16 ch. mega tree, all LEDs. many thanks in advance for your input.
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  4. While I only buy commercial quality LEDs from PC vendors,I've had some failures.Some were brand spanking new out of the box.Most of the failures were with retro fits,but this year I did have two new strands that quit within a week and one quit after one year.With the cost of these lights I would expect zero failures.
  5. Christmas LEDs also carries smaller strings in LED as well.
  6. If you live on a corner lot,as I do,you'll find zoning laws will prevent you from erecting any type of fencing.Therefore,I simply stake plastic candy canes every three feet and string C6 lights between.
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    "Boogie-Woogie Santa Claus" by Brian Setzer Orchestra--it rocks!
  8. That's exactly what I did;cut a pass-through in one garage wall and installed a dryer vent that can be closed and locked during the off-season.
  9. Sorry to interupt,but I have bought about a bazillion lights from CDI and had only one defective string.Paul replaced it zippity-do-da with no questions asked.
  10. Hey guys,thanks for the quick replies.I assumed that my new computer was good to go with the SD writer,but I wanted to be certain before the sale ended.
  11. Thanks for the reply;the reason for my question was the LOR website mentioned needing an additional SD writer.Because I have a new computer,with all the bells and whistles, I'm wondering if I need to buy this software.
  12. This year I'm seriously comptemplating adding the Mini-director to my set-up.Are there any other accessories that will be needed?
  13. While we're on the subject--I bought SPT wire and vampire plugs to make my own customized light strings in C9 and C7.What I didn't get were instuctions!So.is there anything I should know before I burn-down the Priest Pallace?
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